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Mexico vs. Uruguay

I think Mexico and Uruguay will pass the ball to each other knowing that a nil nil draw will knock France out of the competition… The Curse of Henry strikes! If Mexico accidentally score, Uruguay just need to equalise with an OG – easily done ! It could be 12 – 12 as a premeditated joke between the 2 teams but will probably be scoreless or at least 1-1.

France vs. South Africa

The Curse of Henry strikes again – disarray in the French camp. If they score 40 goals and Mexic and Uruguay draw they will still fail to qualify. Bye Bye Henry – Go home and quit and don’t come holidaying in Ireland!

Nigeria vs. South Korea

I think South Korea will want to get one over on their neighours from the north and want to avoid any 7-0 hammerings. I think it will be a close game probably being won in the last 20 mins.

Greece vs. Argentina

Greece have a tough match and I think Argentina might knock a few past these guys.
Another hatrick for Argentina?

Probably miles off but these are my predictions for today.

Mexico 0 – 0 Uruguay
France 1 – 1 South Africa (but I Would love to see France 0 – 4 South Africa)
Nigeria 1 – 2 South Korea
Greece 0 – 4 Argentina

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