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Do you Remember a Chocolate called Two and Two Bars / 2 & 2 bars ?

I found a photo on the internet of a long lost memory … a chocolate bar called, 2 and 2 bar or Two and Two bar (I can’t remember which was more correct). It was (as far as I remember) dark chocolate bar with different fillings, fudge, coffee, etc and they were all mixed, so you never knew what you would get at each section of the bar. The funny thing is, that as a child, I was totally addicted to these 2 & 2 bars. Everytime I went into a shop, I wanted one. Do you remember 2&2 Bars? Do you recall the filling of these chocolate bars?
2 and 2 Bar - One of my favourite chocolate bars when I was young!

Two and Two Bar – One of my favourite chocolate bars when I was young!

The Two and Two bars were made by Cleeves as far as I recall, who also made the famous Cleeves Toffee bars. Now I have found that there might be a chance that these bars might make a come back. The following link perhaps hints that the famed and much loved Two and Two bar might make a come back (click the linked area for details) But I recall that in the very early 80’s, these Two and Two chocolate bars disappeared, never to be seen again. In the same way that Wispa made a come back – I wonder is there any hope that one day the Two and Two bar will one day grace a sweet shop shelf?
Update on this story – Two & Two Bars possibly making a Return Clodagh Finn in the Irish Examiner in 2022 reported that the Two and Two, “the luxurious, almost decadent chocolate bar once made by Urney Chocolates, is on the way back”. The news story went on to say that this return would not be straight away, Hazelbrook Confectionery in County Kildare has indicated that the return of this iconic chocolate bar is one of the company’s next major projects for the year ahead. One of the things I loved about this bar was the excellent chocolate and the double fondant filling – I was sure there was a coffee flavour in one fondant, although I was only 5 when they were out so I could be making that part up! The bars were also coated with plain chocolate on the top and delicious dark chocolate on the bottom. Apparently, the bar is set to return in the next 12-18 months and the packaging, styling, bar shape, and layout of the bar will all be the same as you remember from the old days. Let’s see what happens!