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Three Weird News Stories

Red Bull Pulled from shelves due to traces of Cocaine being found

Six German states have advised retailers to stop selling the Red Bull Cola energy drink. This is after tests revealed 0.4 mg of cocaine in the soft drink. German Red Bull, Really gives you wings.

Woman Stores her Mother in a Freezer for 20 Years

In the UK an elderly woman has been questioned police after apparently keeping her mother’s body in a freezer for what could be 20 years. The body was discovered at the property in Sidcup, South-East London and the body was formally identified as that of her mother Gulbai Freedoon Murzan, who was born in 1901.

Jailed male Nuns return home

Members of Bristol’s Hanham Athletic and Hanham Sunday league teams, who were jailed in Greece for nearly 48 hours for dressing up as sexy nuns said they are “relieved to be home”.

Some of the news stories on the web are really weird – place a comment if you have heard of any other ones.

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