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Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a movie about Cristina and her friend Vicky take a holiday in Barcelona where they meet a celebrated and quite a cocky painter, Juan Antonio. Juan Antonia asks both of the girls back to his room – but Vicky more is committed to her marriage and tries to get Juan Antonio to get lost. But Cristina is interested in Juan Antonio’s suggestive attitude and shw is further spurred on by the fact that he had a heated divorce from Maria Elena. Juan Antonio asks them instead to Oviedo, to which they both agree , somewhat reluctantly by Vicky. In Oviedo, Cristinas ulcer means that she has to stay in bed, and Vicky goes sightseeing alone with Juan Antonio. Vicky starts to fall for Juan Antonio and has sleeps with him (in a park). However, everything is restored to normal when Christina recovers from the ulcer. Vicky does not say anything to Cristina who moves into Juan Antonio’s home. Vicky marries Doug (a very American Yuppy). Everything seems to be going well until the very unstable former wife of Juan Antonio, Maria Elena, returns to the scene after she tries to overdose. In a weird turn of events the painter brings his Ex to his house. Things seem to go very well for the 3 in the house but eventually (Spoiler Alert — stop reading if you don’t want to know more…) Christina cannot do this any more and eventually leaves the painter and his Ex to each other. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a good laugh as well as having a half decent storyline. The ending wasn’t much, (but I’m always giving out about film endings).

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Overall : 7/10

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