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According to reports in the media your Links and photos may soon (possibly in the next 2 to 3 weeks) be ignored by Twitter and therefore would not be counted in the 140 character limit for tweets.

Proposed Changes

This radical change would come at a time when Twitter is trying to boost active user numbers and new user registrations, by simplifying the product. Ultimately users would have the ability to compose longer text commentary in their messages. This would be a radical shift for Twitter who have always said that 140 characters are enough for the micro-blogging network.

At the moment a link in a tweet will use up 23 characters in your tweet after that most users like to leave about 20 characters for retweet potential, so this new change could be a welcome boost for Twitter.

Personally, I love Twitter, I find it really useful and very enjoyable to simply dip in and out of. Although the company have declined to comment I really hope that this rumour is more than just talk.

There could even be a situation in the future where Twitter will double the number of characters and maybe release 280 characters per Tweet. What do you think? Should Twitter also increase the length of its tweets? 

Let’s see what the next few weeks bring…

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