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Learning to play the piano through online apps has become increasingly popular and convenient. These apps provide flexible and interactive learning experiences that cater to learners of all levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to brush up on your skills.


Apps like Yousician, Flowkey, Skoove or Piano Marvel are great options to try limited free content, allowing you to explore their features before committing to a subscription. Consider trying out a few different apps to find the one that best suits your learning style, goals, and budget.


Unlocking the Joy of Learning Piano with Simply Piano and Skoove

Piano learning apps have revolutionized the way people engage with music education, providing convenient and effective tools for aspiring pianists. Among these apps, Simply Piano and Skoove have emerged as prominent platforms that harness technology to enhance the learning experience.


Both Simply Piano and Skoove have played a vital role in democratizing piano education, making it accessible to learners of all ages and skill levels, regardless of their geographical location or financial constraints. Through these innovative apps, aspiring pianists can experience the joy of learning and playing the piano in a flexible and engaging manner.

Skoove or Simply Piano

Skoove and Simply Piano are two popular piano learning apps, they have some differences and similarities. Which one is better for you? Check the key differences of both and you will have it easier to choose.



  • Skoove uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time feedback while you play the piano.
  • It helps improve your timing, technique, and expression, acting as a virtual piano teacher.
  • Skoove offers guidance to help you refine your skills.
  • It focuses on giving you a structured learning experience with engaging lessons.
  • The app is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced pianists.
  • Vast song library, from classical to modern hits

Simply Piano


Certainly, here are some key points that highlight the features and aspects of the Simply Piano app:


  • Interactive Learning: Simply Piano offers interactive lessons that utilize the device’s microphone to provide and ensure an engaging and immersive learning experience.
  • Visualizations and Animations
  • Song-Based Learning
  • Beginner-Friendly


In summary, Skoove stands out for its structured lessons, wide song library, while Simply Piano offers flexibility in learning at your own pace and interactive video recorded classes. Depending on your preferences and learning goals, you can choose the app that aligns better with your needs.

Simply Piano and Skoove – Enhancing Piano Learning with Effective Features

Simply Piano offers the flexibility to play using either a MIDI keyboard or an acoustic piano. You have the option to connect a MIDI keyboard to your device or use the built-in microphone of your device for detecting notes.


Whether you choose to connect a keyboard or use the microphone, Simply Piano is instantly accessible without requiring specific identification of your keyboard type. This versatile setup accommodates different instruments and ensures a seamless learning experience from the moment you start using the app.


Skoove offers several benefits to learners, making it an effective platform, such as collaboration with piano teachers. Skoove’s development involved a team of piano teachers, ensuring that the lessons and techniques provided are comprehensive and reliable.


Skoove’s AI technology provides instant feedback on timing, technique, and expression, allowing learners to correct mistakes and improve their playing skills. With a premium membership, learners can access real instructors who can answer their questions and provide personalized guidance.


Skoove provides a well-organized curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, ensuring a comprehensive and systematic approach to piano learning. Skoove’s interactive lessons engage learners by incorporating various exercises and activities to reinforce learning and skill development.


Flexible Pricing Options for Online Piano Lessons

Simply Piano’s premium plan offers unlimited access to their entire song library, lessons, and additional features, after having the pleasure of practicing for free for 7 days. $149.99 annual fee, $89.99 a half year plan, or $59.99 a three months pack are the main options of subscription. 


Skoove also offers different pricing plans to accommodate different preferences.

You can start your piano learning journey with the Skoove free trial period, allowing users to experience the app and explore its features before committing to a paid plan.


Skoove’s Premium Membership provides full access to more than 400 lessons,monthly updates and one-on-one feedback from music experts. The pricing for the Premium Membership is available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription basis.


Final thoughts

In the comparison between Simply Piano and Skoove, while both platforms offer valuable tools for learning piano, Skoove emerges as the favored choice due to its comprehensive approach and versatile content. Skoove’s emphasis on adaptive learning, in-depth lessons, and a broad range of genres provides a well-rounded and engaging educational experience.


However, it’s important to acknowledge the uniqueness of Simply Piano, which excels in its interactive and gamified learning style, making it an excellent option for beginners seeking an approachable introduction to piano playing.


While Skoove may have an edge in its overall offering, the individual preferences and goals of learners should ultimately guide the decision between these two commendable platforms.