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Ireland has a rich storytelling tradition and a history of creative excellence, which has helped to cultivate it as a major influence in modern media, punching well above its weight in multiple categories. For decades, Ireland has been a popular choice for film and television productions, and in recent times, the same has proven true for both video and casino games. From the silver screen to the latest in cutting-edge slots, the cultural influence of the Emerald Isle can be felt.


There’s no shortage of Ireland on the silver screen, including some all-time great movies. One that could have easily been a disaster due to the extensive stereotyping (but turned out rather well) was 1959’s Darby O’Gill and the Little People. Although live-action Disney films are ten a penny these days, back then, this was something of a novelty. The genuinely frightening banshee villain offsets leprechauns and Celtic undertones. Another great highlight is the sharp-witted chemistry between Darby O’Gill and the king of the leprechauns. The film also features Sean Connery, before he hit the big time as James Bond.

The 1950s also saw The Quiet Man (1952), with John Wayne as the lead in an unusual non-Western appearance. Wayne starred as a retired Irish American boxer returning to his roots only to fall for a fiery redhead played by Maureen O’Hara. The problem is her brother is less than enthused at the prospective romantic pairing, leading to a lengthy fistfight.

Into The West (1992) is a more recent entry with Irish travelers as the cultural backdrop. The grim premise, a pair of brothers living with an alcoholic father, is contrasted by the magical appearance of their grandfather on a white horse. When the horse is stolen, the boys head after it into the west, followed by their father, who was previously King of the Travellers. Redemption and magical realism make this a unique story.

Casino Games

The Irish storytelling tradition and culture have underpinned numerous efforts in entertainment genres, and casino games are no exception. Celtic Witches, leprechauns, the luck of the Irish, and pots of gold are common themes for slots in online casinos, up there with other dominant themes such as ancient Egypt and Norse mythology. From sound design to graphical choices, musical backdrops, and sound effects, Irish slots have a captivating narrative that transports players to the Emerald Isle for betting entertainment. The smartest way to play Irish slots is to take advantage of no deposit bonuses. It’s easy to learn how to play without depositing by consulting a reputable casino review site while making use of the best no deposit bonuses for Ireland. Free spins and free cash are the most common promo types, with free spins normally being tied to a single online casino slot and free cash usable on almost every game in a casino.

Video Games

The Viking influence in Ireland is something that should not be overlooked as numerous Irish settlements such as the oldest city of Waterford were founded by the Norse warriors. This led to an Irish flavor in the 2020 smash hit video game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. While primarily concerned with the axe-laden Viking visits to England, the Wrath of the Druids chapter features clan dynamics and Dublin-based action during the city’s earliest years.

Back in 2007, Folklore blended Irish mythology with the action RPG genre and featured a pair of protagonists. The small village of Doolin is hiding a secret that the player must seek to uncover by wandering the Netherworld in a story brimming with little nuggets of Irish cultural history and folklore. In the same way, many Irish slots are imbued with the culture of the Emerald Isle and can be played with no deposit bonus codes.

Point and click is a little old hat, but in 1996, Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars added an Irish element to this old-school genre. The setting includes Lochmarne, a fictional Irish village, and plenty of stereotypes with clever dialogue (such as dispelling the inaccuracy of the expression ‘top ‘o the morning’).


One of the most entertaining instances of a television series set in Ireland is the classic comedy Father Ted, created by Graham Linehan. Although only 25 episodes, the show soon established (and maintains) a cult following thanks to its charming cast of priests and their housekeepers. Perfectly mingling comedy with nuance placed deeper meanings alongside amusing silliness. And, as a cherry on top of this televisual cake, the show had music by The Divine Comedy, including the classic My Lovely Horse.

Derry Girls started in 2018 and ran for three seasons. The story follows a quintet of teenagers living in mid-1990s Derry. This comedy put together a fictional storyline for the characters while referring to real events during the Troubles and the start of the Peace Process (another instance of putting together the profound and the daft).

From classic comedy to video games old and new, online slots to fantastic films, Irish culture has seeped into media across the board to excellent effect.