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Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Review

This was our first flight with Cathay Pacific since 2010 and our first in their Premium Economy service. We initially flew to New Zealand in 2010 in Economy and only later found out about Cathay Pacific Premium Economy. So this time we opted for it. We were flying in a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777.

The Premium Economy seats were one row behind the emergency exit and had good leg room and they were very comfortable seats.

Cathay pacific premium economy

We enjoyed Champagne on arrival followed by refreshing Hot towels also – a nice treat when you have been travelling a lot during the day. Following this, we had drinks and snacks about 20 mins into flight. A nice start to the trip.

The Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Menu was Asian oriented and very nice. It included a small chopped salad, bread roll, and the main course was an Asian inspired Cod dish. The hot meal was served with rice, peppers and mushrooms and it was of restaurant quality. If I had paid for this on Terre-ferme I would have been very happy. For airline food, this was top class and very much in line with the Premium Economy experience. We even got a piece of Green and Black dark chocolate to enjoy with your cup of tea or coffee after the meal.

Meal with Cathay Pacific Premium Economy

For Breakfast, there were Chinese noodles on the menu but I wasn’t that hungry and opted for fruit and bread. Sometimes you can overindulge when flying and I felt very much like keeping things simple for breakfast. But the Chinese noodles did look very appetising indeed.

The reason I wasn’t overly hungry was that I had I managed to enjoy 6 hours sleep so I really didn’t feel the journey. I do not normally sleep for more than 3 hours on normal flights but the comfort was very nice.

The only down sides on the aircraft was the lack of individual gaspers. (Those small air conditioning vents which you can aim / twist on and off) as the aircraft got a bit hot half way into the journey. It would be nice to control your own air flow / air con. Also in premium economy, the route to the bathroom is not that obvious as you pass from left to right you go via the bulkhead separating business and premium economy classes but you also need to be wary of peoples feet in this area.

The TV/Movies were good but since I slept so well I didn’t watch much, just a few episodes of Big Bang Theory and and an episode of Fraiser. It would have been nice to have a few recent Blockbusters but that really doesn’t have a huge impact on my overall enjoyment of Premium Economy.

The staff were very courteous and really were attentive to our needs. I would especially combed them on their smile and demeanour through out the whole flight.

I would certainly fly Cathay Pacific Premium Economy again as it is an excellent level of service.

Perhaps next time I will save a bit more and travel via business or first class.


Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Review – Overall

I really enjoyed the return flight from London to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific. The staff were amazing as was the food and I would have no hesitation on flying with Cathay Pacific again. For the extra money paid for Premium Economy, they certainly make you feel a million dollars and the food was amazing.

I have outlined my scores below taking into consideration the commentary above.

Service: 10/10

Food: 10/10

In-flight Experience: 9/10

Comfort: 9/10

Overall: 9/10


If you have any questions on my Cathay Pacific Premium Economy review and experience just drop a comment below.