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Goalkeeper Saves Penalty, Celebrates but ball rolls in (Video)

This is a great video of a goalkeeper who saves a penalty and starts to celebrate the penalty save. The goalkeeper saved the ball but the spin on the ball means that the ball continues to roll into the net while the keeper continues to celebrate – kissing his badge, even though the stadium is almost empty.

This too place September 10th, between Maghreb Fez and FAR Rabat in a decider for the quarter-finals of Morocco’s Coupe du Trone. The penalty shootout decide the winner and it was during this penalty shootout, FAR goalkeeper Khalid Askri thought he saved an important penalty and immediately began to celebrate his save. He turns his back on the goal, patting his chest and kissing his badge … what he didn’t notice is that the ball had some lots of spin on it and actually bounced and rolled back into the goal after his initial block. The referee nods and awards the goal and Askri’s team ended up losing the shootout 7-6.

A very funny sporting blooper which is sure to end up on some sports bloopers DVD for Christmas…

Crystal Swing appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show – Video

Below is a link to Crystal Swing appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Crystal Swing seem to have made it in the USA with great PR from appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. They chatted live on the Ellen show about Ireland, their hometown and how they got their start. They even presented Ellen with a bottle of 12 year old Jameson Whiskey with Ellens name on it, before performing the classic Crystal Swing tune “He Drinks Tequila.” and the crappic … sorry, classic show-band tune “the Huccklebuck”. There was of course a great plug for Midleton there also and Failte Ireland must be delighted!

Link to Crystal Swing appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show;
The video is a little jumpy in places…

Below is the original video from the St. Patricks Day, Ellen DeGeneres Show vowed to get them on the Ellen Show. I’m not sure about the stats near the end of the video where Ireland is quoted to have 6m people.

iPhone 4G – Preview Video of the New 4G iPhone ?

The iPhone 4G is rumoured to be released in June 2010. The New iPhone will come after the release of the iPhone 3GS which had 2x speed, a video auto-focus camera and voice recognition, as well as on the success of Apple’s launch of the recent iPad. The new iPhone 4G is also rumoured to be called the iPhone HD and may have HD capabilities. It is also rumoured to have a forward facing camera, ideal for Skype video calls, and may be a bit longer / thinner than the 3GS iPhone. This is an interesting concept of the New iPhone 4G

Other iPhone Rumours include

  • The new iPhone 4G will have an RFID antenna so you can scan products and use the phone as something such as an Oyster card.
  • The iPhone will have an OLED screen for a brighter, higher resolution screen which goes along with a HD iPhone for the 4G
  • The iPhone will have more storage – which makes sense possibly 64Gb or 128Gb
  • The iPhone HD will have a 16:9 screen – ideal for video
  • The iPhone 4G will have an LED camera / video flash and will be >5 megapixels
  • The iPhone release date for the 4G iPhone is June

Nobody knows if these iPhone 4G rumours are correct but time will tell.

Sky Sports Chris Kamara misses a sending off at Portsmouth

Sky Sports Chris Kamara misses a sending off at Portsmouth on 3/4/10. (Video)

This is an excellent video and really worth watching. Chris Kamara seems to think they were making a substitution and is totally flummuxed when they tell him that he missed the sending off. The first 25 seconds are just class!
(Many Thanks to Greg for telling me about this!!) Enjoy!

Top 5 Weird Soccer Goals ( YouTube Video)

Top 5 Weird Soccer Goals (YouTube Video)

This is a great video from YouTube. The video below has 5 goals from various soccer games, but the goals themselves are really unusual. Behold, the Top 5 Weird Soccer Goals.

The goals were not scored in the usual way and are infact quite funny to watch. My favourite weird goals are the goals by Paolo Rossi, Italy (1978) and Roberto, Brazil (also 1978). Darren Andertons goal is also worth watching again due to the way the ball hits both posts before going in. Enjoy!

Top 5 Weird Soccer Goals (YouTube)