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iPhone 4G – Preview Video of the New 4G iPhone ?

iPhone 4G – Preview Video of the New 4G iPhone ?

The iPhone 4G is rumoured to be released in June 2010. The New iPhone will come after the release of the iPhone 3GS which had 2x speed, a video auto-focus camera and voice recognition, as well as on the success of Apple’s launch of the recent iPad. The new iPhone 4 is also rumoured to be called the iPhone HD and may have HD capabilities. It is also rumoured to have a forward facing camera, ideal for Skype video calls, and maybe a bit longer / thinner than the 3GS iPhone. This is an interesting concept of the New iPhone 4G

Other iPhone Rumours include

  • The new iPhone 4G will have an RFID antenna so you can scan products and use the phone as something such as an Oyster card.
  • The iPhone will have an OLED screen for a brighter, higher resolution screen which goes along with an HD iPhone for the 4G
  • The iPhone will have more storage – which makes sense possibly 64Gb or 128Gb
  • The iPhone HD will have a 16:9 screen – ideal for video
  • The iPhone 4G will have an LED camera/video flash and will be >5 megapixels
  • The iPhone release date for the 4G iPhone is in June

Nobody knows if these iPhone 4 rumours are correct but time will tell.

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The iPhone 4 in Retrospect

The Apple iPhone 4 was the fourth generation of the iPhone lineup, succeeding the iPhone 3GS. There were a number of notable tech leaks, and the iPhone 4 was first unveiled on June 7, 2010, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco USA. The iPhone 4 was released on June 24, 2010, in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan and included new hardware design to the iPhone including Apple’s new high-resolution “Retina Display”, Apple’s A4 system-on-chip, and iOS 4. iOs4 introduced multitasking functionality and app folders and also included a front-facing camera, catering to Apple’s new FaceTime video-chat service. The iPhone 4 was a fairly positive reception, with critics praising its revamped design and more powerful hardware, in comparison to previous models.

Goal-line technology ruled out just as Birmingham Need it

The IFAB and FIFA, Football’s rule-makers, have voted against goal line technology being used in soccer and effectively ended any chances of goal-line video replays coming into the game of soccer. This comes only hours before the Portsmouth v Birmingham FA Cup game, where Birmingham scored a perfectly valid headed goal from a corner. The ball was over the line but David James’s hand scooped it out of the net before the linesman saw it. Goal Line Technology would have proved that this was a goal but the decision from the International Football Association Board (IFAB) meeting in Zurich voted against continuing any further experiments with goal-line technology although the English FA and Scottish FA both voted in favour of the technology being used. FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke said, “‘The door is closed. The decision was not to go ahead with technology at all.” The IFAB will decide in May whether to pursue the system of having an extra two officials behind each goal-line. It seems FIFA are extremely backward – just as the game needs to move with the times, any efforts to do so are rejected by an organisation who seem not to care about fairness, i.e. a ball that crosses the line is a goal, but only if the officials see it … and … a ball the touches the hand of a player is a free kick and possibly a card, but only if the officials see it (and if the player is not French as FIFA is mainly made up of French personnel). If you think Goal Line Technology is just for “is the ball over the line” type arguements, have a look at the video below, where the ball actually goes into the goal and the ref still did not see it!! The video is of Clive Allen hitting the stachion back in 1980, and Freddie Sears’ non-goal against Bristol City thirty years later.

Crystal Swing, He Drinks Tequila (Video)

This is something I heard about on Newstalk’s Breakfast Programme for the past few mornings. It’s an Irish band called Crystal Swing and a song called “He Drinks Tequila”. The video of He Drinks Tequila is below if you want to watch it, it is also a huge hit on YouTube with a well-organised Crystal Swing YouTube Channel getting huge hits this week. They have become an Internet Sensation overnight, especially after ‘American Idol’ judge Ellen DeGeneres, posted a link on Twitter to the YouTube clip of Crystal Swing, made up of Mary Murray-Burke, her son Derek and daughter Dervla from Co. Cork. I have yet to watch the video the whole way through, as the song itself just reminds me of 11:30 at an Irish Wedding. I’m not overly sure what the fuss is all about but certainly they seem to have some sort of hit on their hands with all the publicity and YouTube hits.

I posted this video of the band and it seems to be getting Marmite style comments, come people love them and some don’t. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

Crystal Swing comprises Mary Murray-Burke and her son and daughter, Derek and Dervla Burke. Since the above video of the song, ‘He Drinks Tequila’ was posted on YouTube in January 2010, the Crystal Swing band has become an international hit. Apparently, the website gets millions of hits from all around the world, plus they also starred on the RTÉ‘ show The Late Late Show. Even Ellen DeGeneres blogged about the Crystal Swing band with a subsequent live appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010.

The band have performed on many TV shows from Celebrity Bainisteoir to  Republic of Telly and they continue to perform in big venues across Ireland & Europe with some international shows.

A New Pope – Star Wars Parody

Funny Video – A New Pope

For those who enjoy Star Wars you can’t miss this excellent video I found on YouTube. This is a parody video called A ‘new Pope’ in the same style as Star Wars, ‘A New Hope’. The video is quite a details parody on the voting in of a New Pope and it tool a bit of editing so well done to whoever ever created this funny Pope related video. Sometimes you come across these weird and wacky videos and you wonder who decided to start, edit and upload this – either way it’s quite humorous, especially if you are a Star Wars fan.  

This Papal based parody video is must watch – hope you enjoy this one!

I know from editing videos myself that something like this takes time and passion so well done to the creator of this funny little video. I know this is quite an old video as our popes have now moved on to Pope Francis. This video was about the former pope who resigned. I doubt anything like this exists for Pope Francis as he seems to be a lot more relaxed as the Papal See (as they call it). I’m sure if the Vatican wanted they could get this taken down but while it is here, you can enjoy this parody.

Either way, it is a bit of fun. If you have enjoyed the video, please feel free to share it on social media using the sharing tools provided on the website.

If you wish to make a comment on this YouTube video please do so below, I love hearing from people and visitors to my website and blog. Let me know what you think of this YouTube upload…