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Dalek Relaxation Tape for Humans – Funniest Viral Ever

Dalek Relaxation Tape for Humans – Funniest Viral Ever

Do you remember the Daleks from Dr. Who? Those things really frightened me, but now the Dalek family are coming back. There is no Dalek invasion or Dalek army coming to feast on us. No, the Dalek are coming to us to help us with relaxation. According to this fantastic viral, the Dalek from Dr.Who will be making a return, but this time at your local spa. The stresses and strains of daily life will float away as the Dalek relaxation tape for humans plays in the background.


This video went viral a few years ago and didn’t really get as much attention as I thought it would but nevertheless I think its hilarious. The first time I head the Dalek Relaxation Tape I was on the ground in a ball with the laughter. Who ever did this is a genius, as the retro aliens come back to reduce our stress.


Have a look and enjoy – I think the Dalek Relaxation video is one of the funniest viral videos ever! I hope you enjoy.


Dalek Relaxation Tape for Humans





Next time you go to the spa, just remember the Dalek Relaxation tape … relax …. then laugh out loud !


Cockpit view of Boeing 747 Landing at Kai Tak, Hong Kong

Cockpit view of Boeing 747 Landing at Kai Tak, Hong Kong

747 Landing at Kai Tak

This is a great video of a Boeing 747 landing at the now decommissioned Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong.

I actually flew from Hong Kong International (Chek Lap Kok) to Kai Tak and landed a 737-800 back in April 2011 which was brilliant and in this video I recognise Chequerboard Hill where I started the turn in to land at Kai Tak flying over the buildings. … my flight, however, was in a fully equipped 737-800 flight simulator and not the real thing. I can tell you the flight sim experience in Singapore was realistic enough.

This video of the Boeing 747 landing at Kai Tak shows the full view from approach, turn, and finals.

About Kai Tak International Airport, Hong Kong

Kai Tak International Airport was the international airport in Hong Kong from 1925 until 1998 which it was decommissioned. Once closed the new Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok opened just over 30 kilometres away.

The Kai Tak airport was most famous because of the numerous skyscrapers and mountains which were to its north. The runway to the south was protruding into Victoria Harbour. Any aircraft landing at Kai Tak airport required pilots to be very skilled and it was ranked as the 6th most dangerous airport in the world at one point.

I landed here in a 737-800 flight simulator and things happen very fast. I landed successfully but had to straighten up once I landed. Unfortunately, I had misaligned a throttle by 5% and it was pushing me to the right all the time which made for a trickier than planned landing at Kai Tak.

Funniest Christmas Song – Dominick the Donkey

Funniest Christmas Song – Dominick the Donkey

Dominick the Donkey – Christmas Song

I heard this on BeatFM a few years ago as a cheesy Christmas Song. This is called Dominick the Donkey and it is actually a very old song. Dominick the Donkey was a Christmas song written in 1960. The song Dominick The Donkey was recorded by Lou Monte in 1960. The festive tune is all about a brave donkey, Dominick, who helps Santa to bring gifts and presents to children in Italy. Apparently, the donkey is required because the reindeer cannot climb Italy’s hills.

The reason why I heard this song a few years ago is that Dominick the Donkey was re-released on September 26th 2011 and was included on a few Christmas compilation albums. Dominic the Donkey was listed at in the top 20 in the charts in 1960.

The song was used on BBC Radio 1 morning programme ‘The Chris Moyles Show’ while they were making a bit of fun of show contributor Dominic Byrne. So much so, with all this media play, the song appeared in the UK Singles Chart and was in at No. 2 in the British iTunes during Christmas week. It would have been amazing if it had reached the Christma Number 1 spot.

Do yourself a favour and have a listen to Dominic the Donkey, I think it’s hilarious but you will either love it or hate it. If you hate it, it will probably end up as an ear-worm for you as it did me…

Is there a video to beat this – if to leave a comment or YouTube Link to a funnier one …

Santa talks to you and gives a personalised video message

Santa talks to you and gives a personalised video message

The Portable North Pole or PNP where Santa Talks to you

I originally posted this back in 2009 but I have updated the post with some new information. Its the first-day od December and this is the first of the Christmas links.  I found this excellent video greeting and message from Santa on 23rd December 2009 and thought it was a really well-designed system. Santa will talk to you and gives you a very personalised message. This is cool both for kids and the older kids (mum & dad).

Simply provide the information and you can amaze your kids or young children (or older people who don’t understand technology) – it is very well done!

The Portable North Pole system has Santa at the North Pole and with the information you provide. Santa then talks to you and to deliver a personalised video with details of what that person asked for. You can also save and buy the video later if you want. I have done this a few times and I really enjoy doing it for others. The amount of effort which must have been put behind this project is mindboggling. They must have had to record every name possible – either that or they recorded all the parts of the words, so for Shane, they would record Sh – ANE  (which is how it is pronounced) and the video places these side by side to create the full name. Either way, but this is a great Santa video system in time for the Christmas Season.

The PNP (Portable North Pole) Santa system is really an excellent system. So, to get your personalised Santa video go to

If you use it once the PNP system will send you emails during the year and approaching Christmas to let you know Santa is ready to create another personalised video for you.

iTimeLapse iPhone App – iPhone Timelapse App

iTimeLapse iPhone App – iPhone Timelapse App

If you are looking at doing Timelapse I would certainly recommend the iTimeLapse iPhone App. (Note, you need a camera on your device so the old iPod Touch cannot use this app) The iTimelapse iPhone App allows you to create a timelapse project, specifying the timelapse interval, duration of the project, & size of the video. During rendering you can output at varying framerates, add music and add a filename. The timelapse videos can then be output to your camera roll / library for sharing. The quality of the videos are very good and I feel I could be getting slowly addicted to timelapseing … But it is enjoyable especially if you have a nice subject, e.g. sunset, cityscape, or something which is slow moving but interesting to watch over time. I would recommend that you switch to Airplane Mode, turn off sound, turn down the brightness, and if you are running a timelapse which takes mire than 2 hours that you have a full battery or stay on AC power. Your projects in iTimeLapse are saved so if you render & export your video at 12fps and you find that it is too jumpy then you can re-render later by accessing the project file and changing the fps of the timelapse. Have a look at a sample which I created this month in Sydney, Australia. The iTimeLapse iPhone app is available in the app store at €2.99 – well worth it, a nice fun app.

There is an inbuilt timelapse function now added to the iPhone in subsequent years and I often just use that now, the only advantage to using a proper app for timelapse is that you can set the interval. On the iPhone version, you have to run with the interval set on the phone, but maybe you want once a minute or once every 10 minutes, using a dedicated timelapse app is the best way to get the result you want and the best way to ensure that you have a good final timelapse. Remember to plug your phone into a power supply or power bar as these apps do drain the battery quite a bit over the time required.