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Top 3 Ways to Grow a Twitter USA Page and Attract Followers

Top 3 Ways to Grow a Twitter USA Page and Attract Followers

What is known about Twitter? Well, this is one of the largest and most powerful platforms for people to interact with each other, today there are more than 350 million users and the popularity of the site is growing every day, especially in the USA. Despite the launch of the new Threads app, Twitter remains afloat and doesn’t give up its position, it is more established and familiar to the lion’s share of users. That’s why TWT is rightfully considered to be actually the best platform for microbloggers. Among other things, there are also a lot of tools for entrepreneurs and influencers, including various content formats.

In a word, here creators can be realized as an influencer or promote their products/services. But how to attract the first (or new) local subscribers? If you’re aiming to get an audience from the USA and the visibility of your account in this country, you are in the right place. Today we’ll share the top 3 ways to get followers effortlessly, quickly, and simply.

Use third-party service

With the advent of advertising companies, the promotion of bloggers and entrepreneurs has noticeably simplified and accelerated. In 2023, there is no need to go a long and difficult way to get new followers from the USA, it is enough to buy them, this option is available and cheap, see for yourself here: There are a lot of advantages to buying, but most importantly, you can save not only your efforts and time but also your marketing budget too. Investing in paid tools is a more reasonable solution – you get instant results and at the same time don’t spend a lot of money as in the case of hiring specialists. The best thing is that paid American followers are as unique as those that are getting organically.

So, having invested correctly just a couple of dollars or a dozen, you get a real chance to quickly and easily expand your audience and make your account more visible in the local community by raising it to the top. But keep in mind that not all providers are honest with their customers. Before placing an order, make sure that the specialists are highly qualified and the quality of the services – check the details with the managers and analyze the reviews.

Add Niche Tags

Hashtags are a kind of keywords that allow algorithms to rank content by topic and show tweets to users who may potentially like what you post. Here are some tips for using keywords : 

  • Don’t include too many tags. 2-3 niche and relevant ones are quite enough to make your posts more visible.
  • Don’t add “noisy” tags. If you’ve just started your journey and are not a popular author, frequently used keywords will not help you promote tweets. Choose the golden mean – not too “noisy” and not too narrow.
  • Use geotags. Add #America, #USA, or your city to target your content and attract the right audience.

Collaborate with other influencers

Last but not least, influencer marketing is one of the keys to success. Become a part of the local community and start collaborating with other bloggers – this way your page will become more famous and will inevitably attract new subscribers. Choose bloggers from your country, in this case, the result will be better in terms of attracting USA subscribers.
Good luck!

Tips to Improve your X (Twitter) Account in 2023

Tips to Improve your X (Twitter) Account in 2023

Easy Twitter Tips to improve your Twitter / X account in 2021

I have been on Twitter for 12 years now (as of April 21st, 2020) and over the past 9 years, I have come to love the platform. Over the past 12 months however, Twitter has had a lot of issues and problems. The main thing is that it is no longer called Twitter, as Elon Musk, the new owner, has renamed it (a very boring) X. For me,​ Twitter, or X, is a source of news, opinion, and interesting articles as well as the odd competition which I have won. If you are looking to grow your Twitter / X audience and influence you are going to have to invest some time on Twitter. These are some Twitter Tips to help in growing your following and presence in 2021. For the purpose of this article, I am going to reference Twitter / X during this intermediate period as the brand transitions.

1. Have a good Twitter / X Profile image

The first of the Twitter tips is to update your profile pic. The Profile Image is the small icon which appears beside each tweet. Your profile picture should be representative of you or your business. Try to​ make the image one which will stand out.

The key here is don’t leave it as the default Twitter Egg! The profile photo of an egg is indicative of an account which is new. So change this and you’ll get an advantage over accounts with Twitter eggs.


2. Ensure you include a Twitter / X Header image

At the same time, you should upload a good header image. The header image could be a product photo or something which works along with your profile image to strength your accounts visual appeal. You can use systems like Canva to place a nice quote or even your web address. Canva is a very easy to use system which gives you great results. It certainly saves me lots of time when I need to create a graphic in a hurry and gives results which are as good as using a graphics programme.

Twitter Tips : The Dreaded Twitter Egg - No profile image on Twitter is not good.

3. Your Twitter / X Bio

Your Twitter Bio should detail what your account is about. Tell people the benefits of following you. It should also outline the types of interest and content people will expect if they follow you. For example, you could tell people what interests you or what you tweet about. If you look at my Queen account @shanesqueensite it has the following biog…

Shane’s Queen Site run by Shane McDonald. Keyboardist & MD for Queen Tribute Band ‘Celebrating Queen’. Tweeting all about the band #Queen. YouTube Channel ⬇️. 

Feel free to use hashtags like I did or even other accounts. e.g. “I am an​ ​ account manager for @mentioncompanyhere and I like #Travel”. or “I love Twitter. Follow my account for freebies and great Twitter Tips and advice.”

If you have a website don’t forget to include that. This is one of the key Twitter Tips – so if you do one thing, it’s update your Bio.

 4. Daily Twitter / X Activity – Key Twitter Tip !

Each day, as as much as you can, you should log on to Twitter and do some sort of activity. This is my personal must do from this Twitter Tips list.

This activity may include;

– Tweeting something even if it is just a comment on the weather. This keeps your feed flowing with recent content but try to make it interesting and if you can include a photo of the weather in your region (following on from this example) if puts your tweet in context..
– Retweeting others tweets. If you find something interesting retweet it. Perhaps ‘Quote Tweet’ it and add your own personal comment
– Responding to any replies or notifications ; always thank people for replies and always respond to your engagements
– Thanking some of your recent followers for retweets or likes.
– If you find the ​content you like the press the ‘Like’ button on others tweets or perhaps leave a comment
– You should follow any Twitter accounts which you are interested in. Normally I follow about 5-10 accounts per day. If I find a Twitter list of Food Bloggers or Travel Writers I may end up following 50 or 60 accounts.

One warning on things like ‘The weather today is …” if you over use that sort of tweet, just for the sake of having content, then you run the risk of people becoming bored and perhaps unfollowing or muting you. Always try to keep your content relevant and of interesting


5. Tag or include others in your tweets

Every now and again you should mention other accounts using the @account method.
For example “Hi @mrshanemcdonald many thanks for liking my tweet. I am delighted with the Twitter Tips post on your website” would send me a nice mention and I may then follow you as a result. This can be especially good when responding to Brands, e.g. complementing a brand on a good job or a great product you recently used. They may retweet your tweet to thousands thus exploding your reach.

6. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags, as tweets with one or two hashtags have about 20% more engagement. You can use systems like Hashtagify to find the best hashtags for your tweets before you tweet.

7. Use images and GIFs

Use images and gifs in your tweets. Apparently tweets with images and relevant gifs normally get over 80% more engagement than tweets without images

8. Use Lists

Lists are exactly that, it’s a section a Twitter where you can list all the accounts which share a similar topic or relationship with you, e.g. You could have a list of Digital Marketing experts or just place all your friends and contacts in a ‘My Friends’ list. Twitter Lists are free and easy to setup. The upshot is you don’t need to filter through all of Twitter just to check in on a certain list – plus others can subscribe to your list.

9. Use a Tweet Scheduler

If you think you might be away from Twitter for a while or you might be busy this week, add a few tweets to a scheduler such as Buffer, Hootesuite, Crowdfire or Agorapulse. This can ensure you have some content being dripfed onto Twitter and your account can continue to show in feeds.

10. Occasionally do an Twitter account Cleanup

Every so often, do a clean up of your Twitter Account and looking at who you follow, remove dead Twitter accounts, Twitterbots, people who don’t provide any value to you following them. Every so often I clear down the accounts I am following based on their content. 


How do I know if I am doing well on Twitter / X?

If you follow some of the Twitter Tips above, you should see some growth over the next while. There are a few pointers and KPIs to show your success in growing your Twitter account.

  1. The first is your follower’s growth if it is increasing fast this is one indicator that you are doing well.
  2. Secondly is your mention notifications, if you are getting a lot of @mentions, either responses or direct mentions, this shows a well-engaged audience.
  3. Check your Twitter Analytics to see your performance month on month
  4. You can also look at how much traffic is being driven to your website via Google Analytics. Strong Twitter performance would lead to good traffic to your website.
  5. If you are enjoying Twitter and you are Tweeting daily – In a way, this is a success of its own as many people start on Twitter and just give up!


Klout is Dead, Long live the King

In 2018, Klout had it’s last score update. There are a few different cites which have digitally passed-away over the years.

You may also be interested to know how long people spend online and on social media – check out this report regarding the Average Time on Social Media.


I hope you enjoyed these Twitter Tips for 2021 and this is what works for me. Twitter changes all the time which is why I updated this list of Twitter Tips for 2021 as it was last updated in 2018 and again in 2020.
If you have any other interesting Twitter Tips or hacks please feel free to leave a comment.


Follow Me on Twitter / X 

My Twitter account is @mrshanemcdonald so if you like this list of Twitter Tips post why not follow and say hi!


A full list of Social Media Tools

If you are looking for a great list of Social Media Tools please visit this great link –

A New Social Media / Video Tool Review – Coming soon

I will soon be reviewing a tool called VEED. As you all know I run a YouTube Channel and the hardest part of my day is generating subtitles. I often omit them and this is not good for my audience and the accessibility of my videos.

Of course, we all know that incorporating video content into your Twitter strategy is an excellent way to engage with your audience and attract more followers. Platforms like VEED can help enhance your videos with useful features. The add subtitles to video tool can ensure that your messages reach a wider audience, including those who watch videos without sound. Likewise, the auto subtitle generator can save you time by automatically adding accurate captions to your videos. Finally, the video caption generator lets you customize and position captions to ensure optimum readability and impact.

I will place a link to the VEED review/article in the coming weeks on this page.

Twitter Verification for All

Twitter Verification for All

Can Anyone have a Verified Twitter Account?

Twitter has announced that there is now an online application process in order to get your Twitter account set as a verified status. Verified accounts on Twitter allow people to identify important individuals and organisation ensuring that the followers know that they are authentic. This authenticity is denoted by a circular blue badge icon. Before today’s announcement accounts were verified if they were deemed to be public interest, e.g. brands, celebs, sports stars, public figures, politicians etc. There are currently about 190,000 accounts with Twitter Verification*. (* Twitter stats correct at the time of this blog post in July 2016) 

Twitter has stated that they want to make it easier to “find creators and influencers on Twitter”. Twitter are hoping that by allowing people to appliy for verification it will help more people to find “great, high-quality accounts to follow, and for these creators and influencers to connect with a broader audience.”

The application process is now live and I have already applied for mine, so I’m hoping that @mrshanemcdonald will be verified soon. Full details of the twitter verifiaction process is available via the Twitter Help Centre.

How to get Verified on Twitter

To complete the Twitter Verification application you will need the following;

  • A verified phone number
  • A confirmed email address
  • A completed bio
  • A profile photo
  • A header photo
  • A birthday (for accounts that are not a company, brand, or organisation accounts)
  • A website / URL
  • Your Twitter account set as public in Tweet privacy settings (i.e. not a private account)
  • You will also need to explain why Twitter should verify an account.

The responses will be replied to by email and if your request is denied, you can submit another Twitter Verification request for the same account 30 days after receiving the email from Twitter.

I’m sure there will be hundreds of thousands of applications but lets see what happens. From what I have heard many applications are being rejected, even those with high follower counts and thousands of tweets. I will update this post should I get any news from Twitter regarding my application for Twitter Verification status.


Verified Twitter Progress Update: I have since applied for verification twice now and every time my Twitter verification has been rejected. Maybe Twitter Verification is not for everyone after all 🙁

More Details on Twitter Verification

Twitter Verification Update – 25th July

I just got an email from Twitter with the following;

Thanks for your request to verify @mrshanemcdonald.
We reviewed the account, and unfortunately it is not eligible to be verified at this time. Please visit our Help Center for more information about the types of accounts we verify.

Maybe next time … I can resubmit in 30 days !

Twitter to remove Images and Links from Character Count

Twitter to remove Images and Links from Character Count

According to reports in the media your Links and photos may soon (possibly in the next 2 to 3 weeks) be ignored by Twitter and therefore would not be counted in the 140 character limit for tweets.

Proposed Changes to Twitter

This radical change would come at a time when Twitter is trying to boost active user numbers and new user registrations, by simplifying the product. Ultimately users would have the ability to compose longer text commentary in their messages. This would be a radical shift for the social media giant who have always said that 140 characters are enough for the micro-blogging network.

At the moment a link in a tweet will use up 23 characters in your tweet after that most users like to leave about 20 characters for retweet potential, so this new change could be a welcome boost for Twitter.

Personally, I love Twitter, I find it really useful and very enjoyable to simply dip in and out of. Although the company have declined to comment I really hope that this rumour is more than just talk.

There could even be a situation in the future where the social media platform will double the number of characters and maybe release 280 characters per Tweet. What do you think? Should Twitter also increase the length of its tweets? 

Let’s see what the next few weeks bring…

Social Media & Photography Blog & Photo Sharing

Social Media & Photography Blog & Photo Sharing

Photo Sharing on Social Media

As you may know, I have a photography blog at Photo sharing is important to me so I also share a lot of this photography content online via Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and only recently the site at 500px which I have been slightly addicted to. I have just posted my Photography Year in Review and look forward to more of the same in 2013.

I really enjoy sharing photography and images online either on the specialise photography sharing sites or social media. It is nice to get feedback from the photo sharing by visitors who either compliment or provide constructive criticism. I have often posted photos on social media which I thought were poor or average photos which the public have loved. Often the photos you have taken which you may not like, those might be the ones the public really like. That’s one benefit of the social media photo sharing. Another key benefit of having a photography account on social media is seeing other photographers work. Being inspired by other content or getting ideas is always a benefit.

My Photography Social Media Accounts

If you wish to follow any of these photography & photo sharing channels which I have outlined below via the social media and social sharing links below.

Shane McDonald Photoblog:
Shane’s Photography on Twitter: @shanesphoto
Shane McDonald Photography on Instagram: @shanesphoto
Shane’s Photography on Facebook:
Shane’s Photography on Flickr:
Shane’s Photography on 500px :

If you do follow my photography on any of the above please drop me a note and let me know that you saw this post. I will also do my best to ensure I follow back any related accounts.