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5 reasons why you should plan a trip to Crete next time you visit Greece

5 reasons why you should plan a trip to Crete next time you visit Greece

As someone captivated by the allure of Greece’s diverse attractions, the journey to discover its hidden gems led me to a place that transcends the ordinary – Crete. While the iconic allure of Athens and the romantic vistas of Santorini are undeniable, Crete, with its untold stories and unspoiled landscapes, emerged as a revelation. This narrative unravels why Crete deserves a prime spot on your Greek adventure itinerary.

Rich History and Culture

Stepping onto the sun-soaked soil of Crete feels like entering a living museum of antiquity. Exploring the remnants of the ancient Minoan civilization at the Palace of Knossos, I couldn’t help but marvel at the tales etched into the timeworn stones. 

Beyond the archaeological wonders, the island embraces you in its local traditions and customs. During my visit, stumbling upon a village festival became a serendipitous encounter with the soul of Cretan hospitality, leaving an indelible mark on my travel memoirs.

Breathtaking Natural Beauty

5 reasons why you should plan a trip to Crete next time you visit Greece, Beaches

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Samaria Gorge, a name that had echoed in my travel dreams, unfolded before my eyes, revealing a spectacle of nature’s grandeur. The rugged terrain, the verdant landscapes, and the ethereal beauty of the gorge left me breathless. Elafonissi and Balos provided a sanctuary for relaxation with their powdery pink sands and crystal-clear waters. Wandering through mountain villages, each with its unique character, and hiking through diverse terrains, I felt intimately connected with the island’s natural heartbeat.

Culinary Delights

My palate was treated to a symphony of flavors as I indulged in authentic Cretan cuisine. Every meal felt like a celebration of culinary artistry, from the robust taste of locally produced olive oil to the exquisite notes of indigenous wines. 

In the warm embrace of Cretan tavernas, I savored delicious dishes and experienced the locals’ genuine warmth, making me feel like an honorary member of their community. The revelation of the health benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet added a layer of appreciation for the cultural significance of the Cretan culinary experience.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

(Source: Pexels)

For someone who seeks adventure in every journey, Crete offered a playground that exceeded expectations. Engaging in water sports along the coastline, I felt the adrenaline rush of windsurfing against the Cretan breeze. 

The White Mountains, a rugged playground for trekkers, unveiled panoramic vistas that seemed straight out of a postcard. Exploring underwater wonders through scuba diving adventures and participating in eco-tourism initiatives allowed me to witness and actively contribute to preserving Crete’s pristine landscapes.

Affordable and Authentic Travel Experience

Intrigued by the promise of an affordable and authentic travel experience, I compared Crete to other Greek destinations and discovered a treasure trove that didn’t break the bank. 

More than the economic value, the authenticity of local experiences struck a chord. Interacting with locals, I found a genuine openness and friendliness that transformed a mere visit into an immersive cultural exchange. Navigating the island was a breeze, enhancing my journey’s ease and enjoyment.

Amidst this exploration, another facet of authenticity seamlessly blends into the Cretan experience — the renowned Aquila Hotels. Strategically situated in locations that complement the island’s diverse attractions, Aquila Hotels offers exceptional accommodations, seamlessly blending modern luxury with traditional charm. Imagine unwinding in the comfort of an Aquila hotel after a day of exploring Crete’s rich history and culture, ensuring every moment is as memorable as the ancient tales etched in the stones of Knossos.


In conclusion, my vacation in Crete was not just a checklist of attractions but an odyssey of personal discovery. The history, natural wonders, culinary delights, adventurous spirit, and the warmth of local interactions created a mosaic of experiences defining Crete’s essence. 

As you contemplate your next Greek adventure, let Crete be the canvas on which your travel dreams unfold. Its allure is not just in the places you visit but in the stories you collect, the flavors you savor, and the connections you forge. Don’t merely visit Crete; let it become a part of your journey, weaving its unique and enriching experiences into the fabric of your travel narrative.

Protecting Your Travel Itinerary: Privacy Concerns and Tips

Protecting Your Travel Itinerary: Privacy Concerns and Tips

The very idea of packing up and exploring a new city or country is exhilarating for countless individuals, and it’s easy to understand why. However, despite its allure, travel comes with a set of risks that may not be immediately apparent to enthusiastic adventurers.
Travelers often take precautions against physical risks like theft or loss of belongings. Yet, one aspect that often goes unnoticed before embarking on a delightful vacation is the need to protect one’s digital privacy. We will help you protect privacy, travel itinerary, and other data even when away from home.

#1 Disable auto-connect to Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are widely known to jeopardize privacy and security since they are accessible to anyone. Cybercriminals have an upper hand when they share a network with their targets. They can compromise victims by eavesdropping on their communication, stealing private data, and even infiltrating their devices to continuously harvest information. If they infect the device, they can steal data even after you disconnect from the network.

To protect yourself, it is advisable to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, especially those without password protection. Furthermore, connecting to hotel Wi-Fi networks with easily visible passwords should be avoided, as they can be accessed by anyone, not just the guests.

#2 Use a VPN

To enhance your online security and privacy while traveling, it is advisable to utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This software program or app encrypts your internet activities, conceals your IP address, and ensures that your browsing remains private. By activating the VPN whenever you connect to the internet, regardless of your location, you can effectively safeguard your information.

With the ability to change location on your iPhone, you get other benefits as well. For example, you can unlock location-based apps or purchase tickets at a discount. Plus, you can use your apps without the risk of your account being banned for suspicious activity. This often happens with banking applications. If you want to know the secret of how to change location, then this is VeePN. It allows you to change your IP address with 2500+ VPN servers.

#3 Turn On MFA

Deploying additional security layers between your account and an attacker is a wise decision. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enable and configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your accounts, regardless of your travel plans.

Various types of MFA are available, so opt for the highest level of security, such as biometrics, physical security keys, or authenticator apps. It’s important to note that security questions can be a vulnerability, as they can be easily bypassed through social engineering. Hence, it is advisable to avoid using them as MFA.

Although receiving an SMS security code on your phone can be effective in most cases, it has limitations due to SIM swap scams. Therefore, it is better to choose more secure MFA options, such as the ones mentioned earlier.

#4 Use “Burner” Phones/Laptops And Online Accounts

To safeguard your data and personal information, consider using low-cost prepaid devices or dedicated devices specifically for traveling instead of carrying expensive ones like a $1,200 MacBook. By opting for a $200 Chromebook, you can still make calls, access cloud files, and browse the internet while greatly reducing the risk of compromising your privacy. It is worth noting that digital searches at borders, both in the U.S. and elsewhere, have significantly increased in recent years, granting border officials the authority to inspect electronic devices and request passwords for phones, computers, and online accounts. As a precaution, some individuals recommend creating “fake” accounts on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Dropbox using your real name before traveling. Populate these accounts with enough content to appear genuine, and present them if requested.

#5 Use a Password Manager


Many people dislike memorizing passwords, so they often end up using the same one for multiple accounts. This, unfortunately, grants potential attackers access to most, if not all, of their accounts in the event of a successful cyberattack.

The obvious solution is to have a different password for each account. However, the human brain can only remember so much, and it’s nearly impossible to recall random passkeys.

Using specialized software, like password managers, can give you an advantage, particularly when you’re traveling and your accounts are more susceptible than usual. Password managers allow you to store all your passkeys and passphrases in a secure location with access using a universal password.

Just remember that a good password without a VPN cannot guarantee security. Together with free VPN Chrome, you will be able to prevent interception and guessing of passwords. Together, these measures work best.

#6 Delete Your Rental Car Navigation History

Rental cars often come equipped with an event data recorder (EDR) within their navigation systems. Similar to black boxes on airplanes, these EDRs gather details about the vehicle’s systems, location, and driver behavior. Additionally, using a rented or built-in GPS navigation system or connecting your phone to the car’s Bluetooth system while driving can make you susceptible to tracking. To safeguard your privacy, ensure to erase any navigation history or personal profile from the rented GPS device or in-vehicle computer before returning the car.


For most people, having electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, or laptops is essential for a complete travel experience. However, along with the benefits, there are also drawbacks and increased risks of cyber theft and compromising personal information. This guide aims to explain the security measures you can take to ensure safe travel.

10 Trips You Should Take In Your 20s If You’re a Nursing student

10 Trips You Should Take In Your 20s If You’re a Nursing student

Article by Mary Spears

While it is not essential for nursing students to travel before their 20s, there are certainly benefits to doing so. Traveling can broaden their perspective and provide a greater understanding of different cultures, languages, and ways of life. This can be especially valuable for nursing students, who will likely encounter patients from diverse backgrounds and cultures throughout their careers. Exposure to different healthcare systems and approaches can also be beneficial, allowing students to compare and contrast with their own experiences and potentially gain new insights into the field. Additionally, traveling before starting their careers can provide a much-needed break from the rigors of nursing school, allowing students to recharge and return to their studies with a fresh perspective.

By stepping out of their comfort zone and venturing into the unknown, young people can gain confidence and become more independent. They learn how to handle difficult situations, navigate different places, and work through problems. These skills will help them in any future endeavors they decide to pursue.

Finding time for traveling

Traveling can be a great way to relieve stress and have fun, but for busy nursing students, it may seem impossible. Luckily there is a solution – a nursing essay writer online. Utilizing an online essay writing service offers numerous advantages for students who need help with their work. For starters, it’s incredibly convenient; you can access their services from any device, anytime and anywhere. Secondly, they offer reliable and expert help; all of their writers are highly experienced and qualified in their respective fields. Finally, the turnaround time is usually very quick. No matter how urgent your project is, they’ll be able to provide quality work in no time.

Venice with boats in the Venice Canals

10 destinations in your 20’s

Here are the top 10 trips you can make in your 20’s. Check our list to understand why they are worth your attention.

1. Road trip around New Zealand

A road trip around New Zealand is the perfect way to explore this spectacular country. From majestic mountains, vast landscapes, and untouched nature – this journey offers it all. Take in the breathtaking views as you drive through small towns and cities, see dramatic glaciers and fjords, enjoy activities such as hiking, rafting, sky diving or skiing during your stops along the way. The freedom of travelling by car will give you a unique experience that can’t be replicated with any other type of travel.

2. Travel around Europe

With its rich history and stunning scenery, Europe makes for a captivating journey for those in their twenties. Visit cities such as Rome with its ancient architecture and monuments, explore Paris’ iconic sights such as the Eiffel Tower, and take in the picturesque views of the Swiss Alps. With a great diversity of cultures, languages and cuisines, Europe is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for those looking to satisfy their wanderlust.

3. Tropical getaway to Thailand

Thailand is an ideal destination for any student wanting a tropical break from their daily grind. From diving and snorkelling off its long white-sand beaches to visiting ancient temples and eating delicious street food – there’s something for everyone here! The country also offers plenty of nightlife options with buzzing clubs and beach bars that stay open until late into the night.

4. Safari in South Africa

For those looking for a more adventurous vacation, a safari in South Africa is sure to deliver. Visit the Kruger National Park, home to abundant wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos and take part in thrilling game drives (tours of wildlife). There are also many luxury lodges and camping sites available where you can experience the breathtaking views of this remarkable country up close.

5. Explore Canada’s Rocky Mountains

Make your way through Canada’s Rocky Mountain range with its spectacular mountain-scapes and glaciers that stretch out as far as the eye can see. From hiking trails surrounded by lush greenery to cross-country skiing down powdery slopes – there’s no shortage of activities here. Visit the vibrant city of Vancouver and enjoy its culture, culinary delights and outdoor activities.

6. Study abroad

Studying abroad is a great way for students to expand their horizons as well as gain knowledge in their field of study. From interning at a research centre in India to learning about business in China – you’ll be able to develop your skillset while exploring a new country. Not only that, but studying abroad will give you the chance to make lifelong connections with people from different backgrounds and cultures!

7. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

For those looking for an adrenalin-filled challenge, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is sure to deliver! Standing at 19,341 feet, this is Africa’s highest mountain and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. With its stunning scenery and rewarding views from the summit – it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for any thrill seeker!

8. Cruise around Caribbean Islands

For those looking for a relaxing break, head to the Caribbean Sea on a cruise. Explore some of the most beautiful islands such as Barbados with its stunning beaches and watersport activities, or take in Jamaica’s culture with its vibrant music scene and delicious cuisine. There are plenty of other attractions such as Mayan ruins, beautiful lagoons, coral reefs and much more here that you can explore during your time at sea.

9. Visit Machu Picchu

Visit the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru – one of World’s most iconic ancient sites. This 15th century Incan city is surrounded by lush green mountains and offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore its fascinating history. You can also take part in activities such as trekking, mountain climbing and exploring nearby villages during your time here.

10. Road trip through America

A road trip across America is an ideal way for students to explore its vast landscape, unique cities and vibrant culture without spending too much money. Take the famous Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles, stopping along the way at places such as Grand Canyon National Park or Monument Valley and enjoy activities like hiking, camping or visiting historical sites. You’ll also be able to experience the different cuisines and cultures of each region as you go – making for a truly special journey!

No matter where you decide to travel in your 20s, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a beach holiday in Thailand, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa or exploring America on a road trip – there are lots of incredible trips worth taking during this time. So take advantage of this stage of life, explore the world and make memories that will last forever!

Final thoughts

Traveling gives young people the freedom to create lasting memories with friends or family members. Whether it’s a road trip across America or a backpacking tour of Europe, these experiences can bring people closer together and foster lifelong relationships.

Overall, traveling is an essential experience for young people to have that offers immense benefits. It allows them to explore new cultures, build life skills, open up opportunities, expand their knowledge, become more independent, and make cherished memories along the way.  It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Author’s BIO

Mary Spears is a passionate tour guide and travel enthusiast. She has been guiding tours for over 5 years, taking visitors to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Mary loves learning about different cultures, cuisines, and histories.

Create a Custom Hoodie That Captures Your Travel Experiences

Create a Custom Hoodie That Captures Your Travel Experiences

The Perfect Combo: How to Create a Custom Hoodie That Captures Your Travel Experiences!

If you want to capture the essence of your travels with a wearable item, there is no better option than custom hoodies. Hoodies have been around for decades and are now used as casual wear items. They are always popular among men, women, and children alike. The good news is that they come in all different styles, and you can order them in a wide range of colors and prints. There are also many different types of hoodie styles that you could choose from to make your custom hoodie unique and memorable. Below, we’re going to look at some basic styles:


Pullover Hoodies Often Cost Less Than Zip Up Hoodies

A pullover hoodie is one of the most traditional types of hoodies that you can buy for yourself and others. They are warm, casual wear items, and they’re very easy to put on and don’t have a zipper. Pullover hoodies usually cost less than zip-up hoodies because they’re simpler and cheaper to make. They are also typically thicker and warmer, great for heavy workouts or cold weather.


Full-Zip Hoodies Offer Security And Comfort

One of the main advantages of full-zip hoodies is the comfort and security of having a zipper.  Zip-up hoodies also have the advantage of being more convenient, as you don’t have to pull them over your head every time you wear them. Full-zip hoodies are usually made from lighter materials than pullover hoodies, so they’re more suitable for warmer temperatures while they can still be worn in colder climates. Full-zip hoodies also offer you the option of wearing a high collar or low collar, which is convenient and ensures that your neck remains protected from chilly weather at all times.


Crewneck Hoodies Offer A Simple Yet Stylish Design

The crewneck design for hoodies is simple yet stylish, allowing you to exercise your creative freedom in a more restrained manner. They are comfortable to wear, and they’re usually made from lighter material as well, so they are suitable for warm days. You can combine them with a pair of shorts or pants of any color and style that you prefer, making them extremely versatile and convenient in all types of weather conditions. Crewneck hoodies don’t come with a zipper or any other fastening system, so you must pull them over your head.


Crop Top Hoodies Are Perfect For Warm Weather

If you love hoodies and don’t wear them only during cold seasons, there is no better costume than crop top hoodies. These hoodies are very popular among youth because they allow you to mix and match them with an undershirt. You can also wear them with a sports bra for workout sessions or to stroll along the beach.


Hoodies Are Great Costumes For Those Who Enjoy Cosplay

Cosplay is a performance art that involves wearing costumes, which are usually based on popular culture characters. Hoodies are very popular among cosplayers because they can be easily combined with other elements, such as masks, makeup, and props, to create a truly unique look. Cosplay’s popularity has increased considerably in recent years, and it is now an extremely popular pastime you can enjoy with your family, friends, and colleagues.


You can create a custom hoodie using the following methods:


Choose The Fabric Color And Size Of Your Hoodie

To start designing your hoodie, it’s time to choose a fabric and color. We offer everything from heavyweight cotton-blend hoodies that are perfect for colder weather to lightweight polyester options for layering in the spring. We also have several different colors of each type of fabric, so you can pick out just the right one to match your style. After you’ve chosen a fabric, pick out the size that’s right for you. We have everything from an extra-small to an XXL, so even our biggest customers can look their best!


Upload A Graphic Image

This is the most customizable option. You can upload a picture or take one using our app and place it in any part of the hoodie you want to make it truly unique.


Alternatively, You Can Choose A Design From Templates

If you’re not feeling creative but still want something special, print-on-demand services have a range of design templates you can use. Just pick a style, enter your text and choose from our wide selection of colors.


Order Your Custom Hoodie And Show Off Your Unique Style

Make ordering your custom hoodie easy. Click here for more. Pick the color and size, customize it to your liking, choose your destination, and pay. Then just sit back and wait while print-on-demand services create your hoodie. Check out print-on-demand services today to see all our customization options. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can create a one-of-a-kind hoodie.

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe at airport security checks

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe at airport security checks

Airport Security – Problems at the Security Check

In the past few years, I have experienced two separate incidents of items going missing at airport security checks. Basically, people stealing things from the security trays. The items went missing somewhere between the entrance of the X-Ray machine and the area where you are cleared and can enter departures. This is a brief post on How to Keep Your Belongings Safe at airport security checks.

Imagine if this was your phone, laptop, iPad, wallet or passports which were taken? Luckily my items were only small items.

Having retraced the steps in my head I can see now where the window of opportunity might exist for an opportune thief to strike and take your belongings from your airport security tray.

Here’s the scene, you are in airport security. You are preparing to have your belongings scanned and you are preparing to walk through the X-Ray device. It can be a bit stressful, take off your belt, take off your shoes, empty your pockets, turn off your phone, take your laptop out of its bag, do you have any liquids or gels? … Therefore you are a bit on edge just waiting for this to be finished and you might not be fully alert to the possibilities.

So if during these airport security checks, you leave your tray and just want to get through the X-ray door/device, your tray is still on the entry side of the X-ray machine. Anyone can now take an item from your tray and place it in theirs. This is what I believe happened – I had walked through and my tray was unattended. An easy thing to do especially if you are simply wanting to get through security.


So the tip is, where possible, stay with your tray, once your tray starts to enter the X-Ray machine you can then walk through, knowing that by the time you get through your tray will be just about exiting from the X-Ray scanner. If you happen to get stopped by security, try to identify where your tray is and keep your eyes on it. The security personnel are normally very nice so if you think you are going to be delayed and your tray is unattended having been checked you might ask them to remove it from the conveyor belt while you are undergoing the final manual security checks.

I’m gutted that I never spotted who took the items – maybe it was genuine mistake identity, however one of the items was a belt and all the other items were actually left in the tray so I find it hard to believe this was the case. If I ever catch the person Ill certainly give them a belt !!

Have you ever had your items taken or stolen at airport security? Have you an airport security story, if so please leave a comment below.