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Top 25 “Replace Movie Names with Voldemort” Movie Titles

Top 25 “Replace Movie Names with Voldemort” Movie Titles

Recently on Twitter there was a HashTag of #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort which asked you to replace movie names with Voldemort in order to come up with new and exciting or funny movie titles. Obviously you have a few mvies which may suit and on this page you can find a few suggestions for movies where you can replace the a word with Voldemort, the evil wizard from the Harry Potter series of movies.

I have included some of my #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort movie titles in the list below… Enjoy!


Top 25 “Replace Movie Names with Voldemort” Movie Titles


The Voldemort Redemption
The Good, the Bad and the Voldemort
Voldemort’s List
Voldemort Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Star Wars: Episode V – Voldemort Strikes Back
Citizen Voldemort
American Voldemort
Saving Private Voldemort
Voldemort of Arabia
A Clockwork Voldemort
To Kill a Voldemort
Voldemort Goes to Washington
Die Voldemort
For a Few Voldemorts More
No Country for Old Voldemorts
Kill Voldemort: Vol. 1
Million Dollar Voldemort
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Voldemorts
Finding Voldemort
V for Voldemort
Twelve Voldemorts
How to Train Your Voldemort
When Harry met Voldemort
Cowboys and Voldemort
Bohemian Voldemort
Rise of the Planet of the Voldemorts
Breakfast at Voldemorts
Voldemort Club
12 Angry Voldemorts
Princess Voldemort
Good Will Voldemort
Toy Voldemort
Star Wars: Return of the Voldemort
Voldemort in the Rain
Citizen Voldemort
Willy Voldemort and the Chocolate Factory


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iTimeLapse iPhone App – iPhone Timelapse App

iTimeLapse iPhone App – iPhone Timelapse App

If you are looking at doing Timelapse I would certainly recommend the iTimeLapse iPhone App. (Note, you need a camera on your device so the old iPod Touch cannot use this app) The iTimelapse iPhone App allows you to create a timelapse project, specifying the timelapse interval, duration of the project, & size of the video. During rendering you can output at varying framerates, add music and add a filename. The timelapse videos can then be output to your camera roll / library for sharing. The quality of the videos are very good and I feel I could be getting slowly addicted to timelapseing … But it is enjoyable especially if you have a nice subject, e.g. sunset, cityscape, or something which is slow moving but interesting to watch over time. I would recommend that you switch to Airplane Mode, turn off sound, turn down the brightness, and if you are running a timelapse which takes mire than 2 hours that you have a full battery or stay on AC power. Your projects in iTimeLapse are saved so if you render & export your video at 12fps and you find that it is too jumpy then you can re-render later by accessing the project file and changing the fps of the timelapse. Have a look at a sample which I created this month in Sydney, Australia. The iTimeLapse iPhone app is available in the app store at €2.99 – well worth it, a nice fun app.

There is an inbuilt timelapse function now added to the iPhone in subsequent years and I often just use that now, the only advantage to using a proper app for timelapse is that you can set the interval. On the iPhone version, you have to run with the interval set on the phone, but maybe you want once a minute or once every 10 minutes, using a dedicated timelapse app is the best way to get the result you want and the best way to ensure that you have a good final timelapse. Remember to plug your phone into a power supply or power bar as these apps do drain the battery quite a bit over the time required.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Film Review

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Film Review

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Movie Review

Having seen all previous Harry Potter films, I saw the preview in Storm Cinemas Waterford on Wednesday evening. You won’t be disappointed – good story, good effects and a bit of humour thrown in also. It is very hard to review the film without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t read the Harry Potter books. Basically the plot for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince continues with Harry and friends still in Hogwarts. Voldemort is all around and is impacting the Muggle and wizarding worlds. The normally secure Hogwarts is no longer the safe – students are being attacked and dark forces are apparent from the outset. Harry has a sneaking suspicion that certain teachers in Hogwarts may have been in league with Voldemort. Whether he is right or wrong, Dumbledore helps Harry, by giving him advice and showing him the past, in preparation for a final battle against the dark forces. There are plenty of those “nice guys” the Death eaters and Bellatrix Lestrange, played by Helena Bonham Carter makes a reappearance. Also, look out for the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare which make an appearance in the film. There is lots going on and if you haven’t seen the previous films, you will get more from the film if you can do some cramming before seeing this one. There is a lot of Lovey Dovey stuff at the start of the film, which I think goes on for a bit longer than I think was necessary, but overall the film flies along like the train to Hogwarts. Very enjoyable even for a non-Harry Potter fan. The Next film will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) and I’m sure as soon as Harry Potter fans across the world exit cinemas and theaters, the will all be looking forward to that next film in the series. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Verdict: I didn’t really like the last film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but this certainly made up for it. One small comment about the Storm Cinemas showing of the trailer for the film 2012 which depicts the end of the world, was NOT in my view suitable for an audience which was comprised mainly of children, who are easily affected by imagery such as this – the trailers should not end up giving kids nightmares!! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Running Time : 2h 33mins (153 mins)

Overall : 9/10

Official Trailer – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The Class (Entre les Murs) – Film Review

The Class (Entre les Murs) – Film Review

Another good choice from Waterford Film for All. The Class (or Entre Les Murs in French … don’t know where they got the translation from) is about a teacher in a French secondary school trying to reach out to a troubled and troublesome class of underprivileged kids.

The style of the film is quite unusual, in that you feel you are sitting in the class, the camera panning around the room as comments and chaos fly around the classroom. The dialogue is very fast in parts but is witty also. The actors who play the students are very good and the classroom scenes have a bit of improvisation in the dialogue which adds to the realism.

The Class / Entre Les Murs Film Overview

Teacher François Marin works as a teacher in a racially mixed inner-city high school in Paris. There is much discussion in the school staff room as teachers discuss good and bad students, hoping to inspire the weaker ones to do well. They discuss the best ways to motivate and discipline them, trying to be fair but appropriate. François Marin tries his best to talk to the students on their level to try to get through to them. He sometimes succeeds but also fails on occasion. He tries his best but has to admit that in a year’s time, it will be a different group with different issues and the cycle starts all over again.

Some reviews claim this is a feel-good film – I think, it could have been, but did not succeed. The film starts going in one direction, and you think you know where the film will end up, but I felt at the end it didn’t achieve its potential. It’s about 40 minutes too long, it has a weaker-than-expected conclusion (I don’t like films that just leave you hanging), and some loose ends were not resolved.  Just because it has weak points does not mean I didn’t enjoy the majority of the film, it was entertaining and compelling in parts.

The Class was directed by Laurent Cantet and won the Palme d’Or at Cannes last year and was very unlucky not to get an Academy Award.

Overall 6½/10



Lakeview Terrace – DVD Review

Lakeview Terrace – DVD Review

A troubled and racist African-American L.A.P.D. officer will stop at nothing to force out a friendly interracial couple who just moved in next door to him.

What could be safer than living next to a cop? Welcome to Lakeview Terrace.

Lakeview Terrace Movie Review

Lakeview Terrace is now out on DVD (having missed it when it was in the cinema). The film stars Samuel L. Jackson as Abel Turner an LAPD cop with an attitude, and Patrick Wilson as Chris Mattson who moves next door to Abel Turner along with his black wife Lisa played by Kerry Washington.

Abel Turner has a problem with the fact that he is white and his wife is black. Able tries to intimidate the new neighbours into moving, through a series of psychological tricks and tactics.

The film is very well produced as for a while at the start of the film you can see why Abel has a problem with his neighbours, including some sexual antics in the pool which was observed by Abel’s kids. You can see that Abel is trying to bring up his kids right – and perhaps his tactics are warranted.

The overall plot is very well worked and without spoiling the plot, Abel loses it and becomes a man obsessed with getting rid of them.

Lakeview Terrace is actually the name of the area where the famous Rodney King beatings were ‘allegedly’ made by L.A. police in 1991. His name and famous line, “Can’t we all just get along?” is also referenced in the movie.

Excellent plot, a great twist, and a great ending. Well worth renting. The only downside is that the couple who move in, don’t really deserve each other – I didn’t really care what happened to them as the characters are not that likable.

This was the type of movie that may not be right up my alley. I tend to steer clear of the more serious, drama-style movies, but really this was a gripping and dark movie that had a decent script and kept you watching throughout. The one thing I would say is quite disappointing is the ending. It just stops and there is no commentary or message at the end of the movie. Overall, I would recommend the film as there are only a few areas in which I was disappointed and I’m sure you will enjoy Lakeview Terrace. If you have watched it please leave a comment below.

Running time: 110 mins

View the Official IMDB review for Lakeview Terrace

Overall: 8/10

More Movie and TV Reviews coming soon