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Michael Jacksons Ghost caught on video?

Has the ghost of Michael Jackson been caught on tape. Video has emerged on YouTube, taken from Larry King Live which shows a ghostly shadow almost moonwalking across the room. It could certainly be a shadow, it could have been added afterward digitally or it could be … something else!

Have a look – is this the ghost of Michael Jackson? View the video below and You Decide !

Michael Jacksons Death causes the internet to slow and Crash Twitter

Moments after the death of Michael Jackson, the internet began to slow. The internet slowdown was happening as people all over the world rushed to verify news accounts of Michael Jacksons death. This surge of internet traffic had unusual effects including crashes and website server slowdowns.

Googles Slowdown
Google confirmed on Friday that when the breaking news of the death first broke, Google feared they were under some sort of Denial of Service Attack – anyone who Googled for “Michael Jackson” got a Google error page rather than the results they were looking for. The Google Error message warned that “your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application”. This was especially so on Google News. But once confirmed the error message was removed and this only lasted 40 minutes.

The Google’s Trends system showed searches for “Michael Jackson” was so high that the “hotness” gauge the topic was rated as “volcanic”.

Other Sites
Other sites were equally affected with The BBC News website up over 45% in the early hours of the morning.
The Twitter microblogging service actually crashed with the volume of people sending Michael Jackson tweets. At one point 9 out of 10 tweets were only related to Michael Jackson, with over 66,000 Tweets for the late superstar.
Trendrr, (a Web service that tracks activity on social media sites), said that the actual number of Twitter posts on Thursday containing the search term “Michael Jackson” totaled more than 100,000 per hour.

Another site to suffer was the popular chat and celeb site, TMZ; this site actually broke the story following a tip-off, and this site also crashed. This caused a so called domino effect as web users abandoned crashed sites and moved on to second most popular sites…. as a result Perez Hilton’s website then crashed.
The O2 website, where Jackson was to perform on July 13th, also crashed for a short while.
Other stats include more than 20 times the average number of visitors logging onto Sky News Online.

This moment was one of the busiest moments in Internet history, both in terms of scope or depth.
As a result, sales of his music on iTunes and Amazon are topping the charts, as fans pay tribute to the memory of the pop superstar.

The Top Ten on Amazon at 21:45pm on Friday 26th June is as follows;

1. Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller ~ Michael Jackson

2. Off the Wall ~ Michael Jackson

3. Bad ~ Michael Jackson

4. Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection ~ Michael Jackson

5. Number Ones ~ Michael Jackson

6. Dangerous ~ Michael Jackson

7. The Ultimate Collection ~ Jackson 5

8. The Essential Michael Jackson ~ Michael Jackson

9. Michael Jackson – Vol. 1-Greatest Hits History ~ Michael Jackson

10. Invincible ~ Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Dies from Heart Attack aged 50

This was the shock news as Michael Jackson dies in hospital following a heart attack aged 50.

Born on August 29th 1958, Michael Jackson grew up with music, and started in the Jackson 5. As a soloist he shot to fame in the 80s with his hit album “Thriller” and songs like ‘Bad’ and ‘Billy Jean’.

Apparently last evening at around 8:20, paramedics were called to Michael Jacksons residence at Holmby Hills, and found him not breathing and unresponsive. They gave CPR to an unconscious Jackson. He was gravely ill at that point (possibly in a coma) but despite efforts to revive him he died shortly after and was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Centre in LA.

An autopsy will be carried out Friday. Fans in London were to have seen Michael Jackson perform at the O2 on 13th July.

Tour and Health Issues
It had been speculated in the media about 3 weeks ago that Michael had many health problems, including heart issues, most notably this was mentioned on Today FMs Breakfast programme, that Jackson could have health problems prior to the July 13th Show at the O2 in London. Some had questioned the number of shows which he had committed to and there were also worries about his medication and state of mind.

Although Michael had problems with allegations in the late 1990s, the Pop world should remember him as a legendary artist who changed music.

Michael Jackson dies aged 50 – Tributes pour in…
Tributes are already being made; flowers are now being placed on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
– Music Producer Quincy Jones said Jackson had “talent, grace and dedication”… going on to say …” I have lost part of my soul, today, I have lost a little brother”.
– Madonna said “I can’t stop crying over the sad news – the world has lost one of the greats but his music will live forever”.
– Queen Guitarist, Brian May, said, “The world is a more colourful place thanks to Michaels work, he was a truly wonderful performer”.