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Welcome to my New Travel Blog … Shane’s Travel Reviews

My new Travel Reviews Website

Welcome to my new site Shane’s Travel Reviews. This travel reviews site was created because of a few reasons. Firstly, I love to travel and I have been to many places from UK, Spain, France, Italy and Czech Republic to Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. As a result, I have many travel experiences to share, from the best hotels and reviews of attractions, to the very best in food, restaurants and places to see.

This travel site will include the many reviews from my travels over the past few years and they will appear here on an ongoing basis. Some reviews, like the Fairmont Hotel Singapore and the Christchurch Commodore Airport Hotel, in New Zealand were uploaded while the site was being created.

I hope you enjoy reading the reviews on this site and please bookmark the page.

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Welcome !

Welcome to

The Original Post…
I found some handy scripts on the server and said I would try them out, one of these was , you guessed it, a blog … so I wanted to have a go at running a blog. This was my first blog post on ShaneMcDonald dot org which later moved to a dot i.e. address at ShaneMcDonald dot ie.

Not much to add for now but I hope to launch this Blog soon !

As I write this post I am adding the features and widgets which make up the blog, and I also hope to re-style the main site before this is actually launched…. check back soon !

The back-story of

Back in 1997 I started a college website, in 1999 I move the site to an account and then eventually in 2001 I moved it to The website grew and grew with new content. I had a travel website there for a while, I added a Queen fan site, a music information section, and eventually a blog, this blog. I realised around 2012 that the mobile requirements of Google was not doing my site any SEO favours. I ignored this burning SEO issue for a few years and eventually in 2017 I moved the whole site to

Link Juice and 301 Redirects

Because 301 redirects don’t pass on their link juice, from an SEO perspective, my traffic on dropped from 2,100 users per day way down to 300. I am growing this slowly but surely now as I move content from my other sites and ensure that all the content I have is fully SEO optimised. But this is a great lesson in site structure and content. Ensure you have planned everything first before setting up your site. Back in 2012 I should have done all this, as I would have had 5 years more SEO and link building behind the content. I now have a lot of work to do in order to get into the higher traffic rankings where once it was….



This is an old post which was originally on my old site and now resides here on