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World Cup Score Predictions for Today – 23rd June

Just a quick post today on what I think will happen today in the World Cup Matches.

Looking at yesterdays post, it wasn’t too far off the mark (scores not 100%) but the Win Lose Draw was 3 out of 4. I didn’t think Australia would have won yesterday. Great to see USA topping the group also – England v Germany should be a cracker on Sunday and on last nights performace England have to do a lot better to get past Germany (great goal from Worzel last night – he had his scoring face on last night!)

Todays World Cup match predictions are ….

Paraguay v New Zealand
Would love to see New Zealand win this one and that might just happen. Most probable outcome is a draw or 1 goal.
Putting neck on Line I think New Zealand to win 1-0.

Slovakia v Italy
Easy … Italy 2-0 (Unless they do a France, have a big fight and can’t play for sugar!)

Cameroon v Netherlands
Netherlands are through but I think they will keep the pressure on – probably a Holland win 2-0.

Denmark v Japan
Tough call – Both have weaknesses that the other can exploit … Both need to win to be certain of qualification!
Maybe Denmark to win 1-0.

Final Day Soccer Predictions

These are just some predictions on todays final matches in the English Premiership, Division one and Scottish Premier League. I have not placed a bet on these matches, so if all these are correct I will be a very unhappy camper at the end of the day.

Barclays Premier League

Arsenal v Stoke, 16:00 – I would like Stoke to Win but I think Arsenal 2-0 – CORRECT

Aston Villa v Newcastle, 16:00 – Both teams have something to prove, I think a 1-1 Draw – WRONG

Blackburn v West Brom, 16:00 – West Brom are down, so I think Blackburn 2-0 – WRONG

Fulham v Everton, 16:00 – Fulham need to win to stay in the European spot, Fulham 1-0 – WRONG

Hull v Man Utd, 16:00 – Poor Hull, great start and struggling for survival ; Hull 1 – Man Utd 2 – CORRECT

Liverpool v Tottenham, 16:00 – Liverpool might faulter today but I still think will win 3-1 – CORRECT SCORE

Man City v Bolton, 16:00 – Mid table handbags, Man City to win (probably just 1-0) – CORRECT SCORE

Sunderland v Chelsea, 16:00 – Sunderland really need the win, but probably won’t get it – Chelsea win 3-0 – CORRECT

West Ham v Middlesbrough, 16:00 – Middlesbrough are desperate and will lose 2 – 0 (I thnk) – CORRECT

Wigan v Portsmouth, 16:00 – Another mid-table game, Portsmouth to win 1-0 – CORRECT SCORE

Coca-Cola Football League One

Millwall v Scunthorpe, POF, 13:00 – Scunthorpe could shock here, possibly an extra time win for Scunthorpe – CORRECT Clydesdale Bank Premier League

Aberdeen v Hibernian, 13:00 – Aberdeen pushing to a European spot, possibly a 2-1 Win- CORRECT SCORE

Celtic v Hearts, 13:00 –  Celtic 3 – 1 Win – WRONG

Dundee Utd v Rangers, 13:00 – Draw 1-1 – WRONG I will post an entry later to see how I got on with the predictions.

Updates added – 21:30pm


Having looked back at the results, the Outcome was not bad, and I really should have put a bet on.

7/10 Results were correct in the EPL I got 3/10 correct scores which I think was my best ever.