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Ryan Air, Free Flights, Fat Tax, Pay per toilet use

I have a sneaking suspicion that Ryan Air’s Fat Tax, Fly for Free, and pay to use the toilet are not 100% real.

These may be very clever marketing tools guaranteed to keep Ryan Air in the spotlight for a few months. One good quirky idea , a few press releases and hey presto News and Internet coverage worth more than any advertising…. And Free too!

I have no problem with Ryan Air. Every time I have flown with the, they were on time and the tickets cost less than €70 to the UK from Dublin. Last time in fact, Michael O’Leary himself was taking the tickets at the gate, as he was on the same flight to Gatwick. A Good Manager… Getting stuck in!

Once I was in Stansted and it was snowing. Other budget airlines were stating that “these flights are now cancelled please rebook online” , Ryan Air did not cancel and I flew home only 55 mins late.

Most Recently I found that classical music was being played while boarding. Quite a change for Ryan Air.

Overall the run a good service, some people have had bad experiences but what do you expect when your trip only cost a few quid.  They even have a mobile phone system which allows you to make and receive texts and phone calls in the air – however I could not make use of this, as the mobile in-flight system did not work for me, I tried it a few times and it just doesn’t work.

I fly again with Ryan Air in late September as I travel over to AdTech London. I expect my trip will be event free and on time…. If not, you will hear about it here.

Ryan Air to fly standing passengers for Free

Ryan Air to fly standing passengers for Free

Ryan Air Standing Passengers – yes you read that right . Ryan Air boss Michael O’Leary has said he is looking into the possibility of letting passengers who stand up during flights, to fly for free. Apparently the flights targeted will be those of 30 minutes and less.

The plan would need to be approved by the Irish Aviation Authority but the setup would see passengers with seats similar to trams or buffet cars on trains.

Ryan Air are now the worlds biggest international carrier and reported an increase in recent passenger numbers.

I don’t understand why Ryan Air are thinking of doing this for free, I would have thought it would have been something like a 70% discount.

I simply cannot see the play by Ryan Air standing passengers working. What about; 1) Seat belts – will there be any 2) That unbalancing jolt you get when you land 3) Emergency landings – Brace position? 4) Your life jacket is under your …. Seat?

I think some of the recent Ryan Air suggestions, such as the Fat Tax, charge for toilets etc. may have been a few very clever publicity stunts. Either that or they are very Interesting business models for the future of the airline … Let’s see!

Ryan Air - Will Standing Passengers Work?

Ryan Air Standing Passengers – will it Work?