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Little Britain Nationwide TV Advert featuring England Team

I saw this on TV last night an just thought it was a brialliant advert. It features the England Team and the cast of Little Britain. Sense of Humour and great placement of the Nationwide logo makes for a great advert.

I Know this is a short post but sometimes a picture (in this case a video) is worth a thousand words.

Evian Commercial Advert – Evian Live Young Roller-Babies

This is a very short post, but a really good one. This is the Evian Commercial Advert with rollerskating babies.

Evian (the mineral water company) have launched a new advert featuring roller-babies. The Evian Live Young advertisment campaign has achieved major hits on You Tube and is very funny. Have a look below – Enjoy the video!!

Evian Commercial Advert –  Roller-Babies – Live Young Advert