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Top 20 Films of the 80’s : Top 20 Films Poll

The 80’s gave us some great films and TV, so much so, films like Flashdance have had recent remakes, rumours of 3D re-releases of Top Gun 3D and TV series such as the A-Team have had a 21st century production. So the question is, what are the Top 20 Films of the 80’s ? This poll will run until 31st December 2011 and the shortlist of films is as follows ; Aliens, Airplane, Back to the Future, Batman, Beverly Hills Cop, Blade Runner, Cocoon, E.T., Flashdance, Ghostbusters, Naked Gun Series, Platoon, Radiers of the Lost Ark, Star Trek Series, Star Wars Series, The Breakfast Club, The Terminator, Top Gun, When Harry Met Sally and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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Phone Rider iPhone App Review

Phone Rider iPhone App Review

If you are a Knight Rider fan or remember the 1980s TV show then you will surely remember KITT – the talking car.

If you ever wanted to have the Speaking Equaliser which was associated to Kitts voice then you can look no further – the iPhone or iTouch brings you Phone Rider.

The Phone Rider iPhone App picks up your voice using the inbuilt microphone (or plugged in mic if you are using the iTouch) and displays any ambient noise, e.g. speech or music , in the animated Kitt output.

Phone Rider Original Design

Shown above is the original design which is output by the Phone Rider app, but as everyone knows this was not always the way the Kitt voice was represented (see below for the alternate designs available from the control panel). You can choose from Plain Red, Red Diamond and inverted yellow.

Phone Rider Second Version - Original version and Yellow Version

I like this – but it can be a bit overly sensitive (which can be adjusted) – but a nice thowback to the 80s;

Phone Rider – Available on iTunes priced €0.79 – Click Here

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