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Could the Swine Flu outbreak be over exaggerated in order for us to forget about the recession and economic failure of the Irish Government ; could there be an Irish Swine Flu Conspiracy Theory?

We are being ruled by the Irish Government and not led – most people have no confidence in the Irish Government and their random tactics in getting out of the recession … and they know it. Therefore, could the Swine Flu be something which we are being TOLD to worry about. ” BE AFRAID!! YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! “…. These flu epidemics have happened many times before, this may be a convenient time for it to happen as the general public worries about it and takes some of the focus and heat away from the financial worries of the country.

It is very sad when someone dies, whether from Swine Flu or any other cause, I am not belittleing this, however, many of the swine flu deaths world wide are people who either were ill before or were very young or very old.

This is just a thought I had, that its a coincidence that this all happens around this time. Bird Flu has been around for a few years, I thought we were all supposed to die from that virus.

Anyway, we will wait and see if this Swine Flu Conspiracy Theory holds any water.

Aaaaaachoo Oink

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