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The cold snap could get a lot worse this week with heavy snow forecast for Sunday and Monday in Ireland… and the snow could extend into next week.

Met Eireanns weather forecast is saying “Weather on Sunday will be cold and mostly cloudy with occasional sleet showers and some snow forecast in the south and east, giving accumulations in places. Monday will be very cold again. It’ll be a mostly cloudy day with frequent showers of sleet and snow in a strong easterly wind. Significant accumulations will occur and drifting is possible due to strong easterly winds.”

The BBC weather forecast portrays a similar picture (Searched for Waterford, Ireland and got this…)

5 Day Forecast for Waterford

5 Day Forecast for Waterford

Either way, with grit running out fast and UK & Ireland are struggling to cope; things could get worse before getting better. The temperatures in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny reportedly dropped to -10 on Thursday Morning. The last time this happened to the same scale as 1963.

Below I have attached some pictures taken in Co. Kilkenny on Thursday Morning.


Snow at Mount Juliet

Sunrise over the Snow, Co. Kilkenny

Lets see if the forecast brings 3 days of snow!