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Space Shuttle sightings are once again possible from Ireland and between now and 14th September there are many available sightings for the Space Shuttle and the ISS.

Dates for Sightings over Waterford, Ireland are as follows;

SHUTTLETue Sep 01/04:01 AM11919 above ESE10 above ESE
SHUTTLETue Sep 01/05:32 AM42617 above WSW10 above SSE
SHUTTLEWed Sep 02/04:25 AM12121 above SE11 above SE
SHUTTLEWed Sep 02/05:57 AM31310 above WSW10 above S
SHUTTLEThu Sep 03/04:50 AM< 11414 above SSE11 above SSE
SHUTTLETue Sep 08/09:44 PM12010 above SSW20 above SSW
SHUTTLEWed Sep 09/08:35 PM31410 above S11 above ESE
SHUTTLEWed Sep 09/10:09 PM11910 above WSW19 above SW
SHUTTLEThu Sep 10/08:59 PM42810 above SW20 above ESE
SHUTTLEThu Sep 10/10:34 PM< 11610 above WSW16 above WSW
SHUTTLEFri Sep 11/09:24 PM35110 above WSW41 above ESE
SHUTTLESat Sep 12/08:19 PM< 11010 above E10 above E
SHUTTLESat Sep 12/09:49 PM25610 above WSW56 above WSW
SHUTTLESun Sep 13/08:39 PM55310 above WSW14 above E
SHUTTLESun Sep 13/10:14 PM12510 above W25 above W
SHUTTLEMon Sep 14/09:05 PM37620 above WSW31 above E
SHUTTLEMon Sep 14/10:39 PM< 11310 above W13 above W

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I’m hoping to get some rural areas where light polution is not an issue, in order to get some good shots of the ISS and Space Shuttle.

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