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Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 by Academic-Industry Experts

Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 by Academic-Industry Experts

EduBirdie Review

EduBirdie is a top online writing service with a staff of skilled writers. It writes essays, reviews, homework, research papers, and more. Let’s dig deeper into its review.

About EduBirdie

Year of establishment 2015
Contact Numbers +1 (888) 337 5415, +3 (595) 691 8356
Services provided Essay, research paper, dissertation, proofreading, math help, and more
Available 4 countries (US, AR)
Staff size Over 450 writers
Delivery time Minimum of 3 hours
Payment methods available MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express
Minimum rate per page $13.99
Refund Available
Discount Available


EduBirdie is an online service that provides customized writing assistance to everyone in need, but mainly students. The website is built with free features including a plagiarism checker, citation and conclusion generator, word converter, and more to aid students with their assignments. You may rely on them, since their services are both reasonably priced and trustworthy.


Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 by Academic-Industry Experts


In comparison to some of the other writing platforms, the price of is still fairly reasonable. A page will only cost you $13.99, which is not really much given the standard of service you will get. However, you will pay a higher amount for tasks that are more complex such as dissertations or research papers.

Depending on the number of pages, degree of difficulty, and deadline you choose, the website will automatically generate the cost for these services.  

Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 by Academic-Industry Experts 022


Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the best places to get your work online. In fact, EduBirdie is a legitimate business that offers unparalleled level of service. Professionals with lots of experience in your field will help you out. Before your work gets available to you, it will go through rigorous quality assurance procedures. It will be proofread and run through grammar checkers to make sure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes. There will also be a plagiarism check performed on your paper. So you can completely relax.

What is included in Edubirdie

Service Review

Below is a list of some of the many services offered by the platform:

  • Aid with essays
  • Dissertation
  • Research Papers
  • Academic writing
  • Coursework
  • Instruction in Math
  • Revision and editing
  • Presentations
How to use Edubirdie

Pros and Cons

There are good things and bad things about this website, just like wherever else you choose to order a paper.


  • Superior assistance
  • Reasonable Costs
  • There are over 450 qualified experts to choose from.
  • Rapid response
  • Software for free writing


  • It takes a lot of money to get the platinum package.

Online Reputation

There are a few “scam” stories about EduBirdie floating around the web, but the vast majority of the criticisms leveled at the company originate from its rivals., on the other hand, has overwhelmingly good feedback.

How to use Edubirdie


In the case of American-based internet writing services, assurances of quality are crucial. If you’re going to utilize a service, you want to know that it won’t let you down. Thankfully, EduBirdie stands behind the quality of their work with guarantees and numerous positive reviews. The platform clearly defines its assurances to prevent any ambiguity.

Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 - What is included in Edubirdie

Types of Services

Writing, editing, proofreading, and even “do my assignment” are just some of the many services that can be ordered via the website. These services are available in a wide variety of subject areas, including but not limited to English, biology, mathematics, chemistry, and many more.

Ordering Process

Ordering an essay from EduBirdie is a breeze. To place an order, just sign into your account. The finished order may be seen and downloaded in the “my account” area of the site.

Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 - How Edubirdie Works

Paper Quality

When it comes to the quality of the paper, you should not worry at all. You may be certain that the task will be performed accurately and in a timely manner. You won’t need a dictionary to read your final draft since everything will be written in plain English.

Information about the writers

All of the authors at EduBirdie has degrees and certificates in the fields they work in.  Some of the authors even have doctorates in their field.

Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 - Choose Your Essay Writer online

Customer Support

The help desk of the company is top-notch. You may get in touch with customer service at any time of day or night. Agents at customer service are helpful, kind, and knowledgeable.  They can answer any questions or address any issues you may have about the service. Any customer who needs assistance may do so through live chat, telephone, or email.

Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 - Contact Support

Offers and Extra Services

Edubirdie is an outstanding website full of useful resources for students. They may also use a free online tool to check for plagiarism. The platform furthermore provides additional benefits, such as a rewarding loyalty program and a system for spreading the word about it.

Top Edubirdie Reviews 2023 - Choose Your Essay Writer

More Reviews

In 2023, there is an abundance of other reviews of EduBirdie available online. More evaluations of EduBirdie’s essay service may be found on Reddit, Quora, and several other websites.

Edubirdie FAQ

How to use Edubirdie?

EduBirdie requires users to sign up for an account on their main website. After that, you may place orders and make the necessary payments for them by using the order form. It really is that easy!

Is Edubirdie free?

While some of EduBirdie’s writing resources are free to use, essays and other writing services are not. Students may save 5% on their first buy with the provided EduBirdie coupon code. To get the discount, just enter the promotional code at checkout.

Is Edubirdie legit?

Most evaluations online make it clear that EduBirdie is a legit and reliable service. There are many glowing reviews of EduBirdie available online.

Is Edubirdie good?

EduBirdie is a great site for everyone who is looking for assistance with their writing.

Is Edubirdie safe?

The platform is 100% safe to use.


When it comes to platforms for online writing, EduBirdie is among the most dependable and well-regarded options available. If you are in need of assistance with the writing assignments you have, EduBirdie should unquestionably be at the top of your list of potential resources.

Irish Superstitions – Here Are the Funniest Irish Superstitions

Irish Superstitions – Here Are the Funniest Irish Superstitions

The rich culture of Ireland is steeped in superstitions and beliefs that have been passed down through generations. From the significance of falling cutlery to the power of a half-penny, these superstitions offer insight into the Irish way of life and provide a source of intrigue for many.

While some may dismiss them as old wives’ tales, these beliefs remain in Irish culture and remind us of the power of tradition and folklore. Let’s check some of the funniest ones out.

Falling Cutlery

In Irish culture, even the dropping of cutlery can hold significant meaning, whether it maybe in a restaurant or at home. According to superstition, a falling knife is said to invite a male visitor into the home, while a dropped fork means a female visitor is on the way. And if a spoon falls to the ground, a child visitor can be expected.

So the next time you hear a clatter in the kitchen, take a moment to consider who may be paying you a visit.

The Lucky Charm of Bird Poop

In Ireland, getting hit by a bird’s droppings is not necessarily an unpleasant experience. Rather, it is often viewed as a sign of good luck. This belief may have emerged as a way for the Irish to cope with the frequent occurrence of bird droppings, but it has become a deeply-rooted superstition.

Whether it’s the result of a pigeon flying overhead or a seagull perched on a rooftop, many Irish people believe that being pooped on by a bird can bring fortune and success.

Deciphering Irish Superstitions on Itchy Palms

Itching palms are a common source of superstition in Ireland, with many believing that the sensation can predict financial fortunes. According to Irish folklore, an itchy left palm is a sign that money is coming your way, while an itchy right palm suggests that you will soon have to part with your cash. These beliefs are tied to the idea of giving and receiving, with the left hand often associated with receiving and the right hand with giving.

Though some may dismiss these superstitions as old wives’ tales, they continue to hold a place in Irish culture and provide a source of intrigue and fascination for many. So the next time you feel an itch in the palm of your hand, pay attention – it just might hold a clue to the outcome of your next online slots session.

The Power of a Half-Penny in Irish Superstition

Although the ha’penny may no longer be in circulation in Ireland, the power of this coin in Irish superstition lives on. Finding a lost coin, particularly a half-penny, is believed to bring good luck to the person who discovers it.

However, the superstition goes further: those who leave a found coin lying around risk attracting bad luck instead. Though the half penny may no longer hold monetary value, its influence on Irish culture continues to be felt through these enduring beliefs.

There you have it – some of the most exciting and funniest superstitions coming from the Irish! As a very rich culture, we didn’t expect any less of them when it came to interesting cultural beliefs.


Top 20 Glastonbury Festival Tips – Get the Most out of your Glastonbury Festival Experience

Top 20 Glastonbury Festival Tips – Get the Most out of your Glastonbury Festival Experience

I have been to Glastonbury 3 times, 2013, 2015 and 2016 and I even played 2 of the official stages in 2015. The Glastonbury Festival is an amazing experience and lack of pre-planning can affect your enjoyment. These are my Glastonbury Tips for before, during and after the Glastonbury Festival. There were 18 but I have extended them with 2 great additional tips.

1) Bring the Right Stuff

The gates to the Glastonbury Festival open early on the Wednesday morning of the festival. Before you get to the gates you should have a think and plan your packing.

These are a few items you should think of bringing to Glastofest;

  • Good fitting wellies: If it rains the areas become very muddy quickly. Invest in a good pair of wellies which fit correctly. However, based on the recent weather in the midlands and south of the UK, there could easily be further rain issues affecting the Glastonbury Festival this year. (unlike last year’s weather)
  • Bring Hiking Boots or Hiking Shoes also:  If it is sunny you don’t want to be dragging your feet around in warm wellies.
  • Phone PowerBar: You will need to charge your phone, 3 or 4 fully charged power bars might get you through a few days.
  • Torch: When it gets dark, certain areas of the site are unlit and a torch will help you find your way
  • Sunfactor and after-sun: You are standing outdoors most of the day waiting for your favourite band, don’t get burnt! You will need sun factor this year! Last year I brought it and never used it, as the weather was so wet.
  • Wet Wipes: You may not have a chance for a shower but at least you can be fresh-ish!
  • Sandwich Bags: These can help keep your phone and other items dry (should it rain)
  • Black Bin Liners: Can make for a quick and cheap poncho
  • Transistor Radio: Get one for a few quid so you can enjoy WorthyFM the Glastonbury Festival radio station.
  • Batteries: Bring some batteries for your radio and torch.
  • Toilet Rolls: If you are camping, this is a vital accessory … bring 3 or 4 each in a small plastic bag to keep them dry.
  • Hand Sanitiser: A useful and cheap alternative to soap which is not something you find in the drop toilets here.
  • Bring Layers: The temperature could be 27C and sunny or 12C and windy in the evening, so be prepared.
  • Tickets: Don’t forget your tickets as you won’t get in without them … no matter what the excuse.
  • Don’t bring anything you value … it will probably be ok but don’t risk it!

Also, this year with the extended security searches everything will be searched. So if you can buy it, (e.g. beer, snacks) don’t bring it with you. There will be extra long queues on day one as a result so be prepared for this. It is hard to know how things will change after Covid-19/Corona Virus and Glastonbuey 2020 was actually cancelled due to the global Corona virua pandemic. It may or may not go ahead in 2021, it’s hard to know at this stage. As a musician myself I hope the live music scene gets up and running in last 2020 and hopefully GlastoFest can continue but we may need to include masks, sanitiser in a future list.


2) Download the Glastonbury Festival Smartphone App to schedule your week in advance

There are over 100 areas where you can catch a band, everything from a small stage in the corner of the site to the impressive Pyramid stage. The official Glastonbury EE smartphone app has the full listing for all the main stages. You can also plan your trip by marking the bands or events you want to see. This way, you can identify clashes. If you do have a clash I would recommend going to the band which either are harder to get a live concert of or the one which is more unusual. In the past I have seen the Moody Blues when there was a clash – I felt it was a once in a lifetime chance to see them live. I have used the smartphone app every year and it certainly helps – there is even a Glastonbury site map to help you get around.

To download the Official Glastonbury App powered by EE visit  (note this is an old link and may not work for current events)


3) Expect Delays

If you are driving to Glastonbury for day one you will encounter delays. Last year some people were in the cars for up to 24 hours coming from London. Ensure you have enough petrol, water, snacks and patience when you are getting there. Don’t worry it will be worth it.  Every year we go, we always stay at a nearby town called Nunney the night before, in a lovely pub/hotel called the George at Nunney, this is only 30 minutes from the Glastonbury Festival entrance. It’s a handy tip to get a bit closer to the event in advance.

Also, don’t forget the extra security which will be in place this year as mentioned in point 1 above which might cause further delays!


4) What to expect when you arrive at the Glastonbury Festival

Once you park your car or disembark your bus you will need too queue for entry.  There will be a long queue and last year it took us 45 minutes to get through around 11:20 am but it might be a bit longer this year. In fast during the 2019 heatwave I recall hearing stories of a 2 hour wait, so ensure you have shade and sun screen, even at 10am you could get burned on a hot day. Present your ticket and you will get an wristband which must remain untouched on your wrist for the duration. You will also get the Glastonbury magazine and a lanyard with information about the acts etc.

Now if you are camping, quickly go find a good spot.


5) Pitching your tent

Obviously, you have to select an area to pitch your tent. Ensure to try to get an area which is uphill, so any rain won’t accumulate in your area, also not too near the path, so you don’t get trampled on in high footfall areas. If you have a pole or flag, this can help identify your tent amongst the thousands in the area. If you don’t have one, just identify some other landmarks or flags to help you.

We decided not to pitch a tent but to have one pitched for us – the Pop-Up Hotel is the ideal way to do Glastonbury if you prefer not to go down that route. The facilities include a really comfy pre-erected tent or yurt, security, electricity WiFi, dining options, hot showers, nice toilets, music and a great crew of friendly staff to help you at all times. I’m gone past the days of mucking it!!

Glastonbury Festival - Top Glastonbury Tips

6) Arriving on the Glastonbury Site on Day 1

I would recommend on day 1 getting to the Stone Circle as soon as possible. There’s lots of song and laughter in this area, we enjoyed a very “earth-song” like rendition around midday with lots of people holding hands, and a real throwback to the Glastonbury of the 70s.Very enjoyable just to sit and relax … you’re here ! After that, I recommend walking the site as much as possible to understand the areas like the Park, The Glade, Green Futures, the Healing fields and how to navigate between them. If you know where each route leads, should you need to get from the Pyramid Stage to the Park Stage in a hurry, you will know the route without looking it up on the map or reference the Glastonbury App.  

7) Understanding the Limits of Glastonbury

There are a few things which you will find about the Glastonbury Festival and some home comforts which you won’t have. These are a few which the first time visitor may encounter.
  • You probably won’t have a phone signal all the time – you will be off the grid sometimes (or at least I was)
  • Toilets are a luxury and you can forget any thoughts of having a pine scented bathroom to enjoy (Try the long drop toilets)
  • Showers are a real luxury (unless you’re lucky enough to be glamping), get your wet wipes for that or queue for a shower in the early morning.
  • There will be a lot of walking, ensure your footwear is good.
  • If it rains – it gets muddy very fast. Check the forecast for each day ahead if you can so you are prepared!
  • There are a lot of people so just remember to be patient and just go with the flow.

8) Grab a spot for a wonderful Sunset

At the end of day 1, climb one of the hills, such as the one with the Glastonbury sign on it – This is a good spot to watch the sunset. As long as it is not raining! You really could sit here all night.
Glastonbury Festival - Glastonbury Sunset

9) Don’t just limit yourself to one stage

The music at the Glastonbury Festival starts on the Friday and it is worth getting to the first act on the first music day. You will always remember the thrill of saying, it has started – Glastonbury Festival is on!! You now have 3 packed days of music and around 100 stages or areas to try visit. I would recommend trying to visit all the major stages from Pyramid to West Holts and the Other Stage to the Park. You will enjoy a great variety of genres and even a few bands which you may fall in love with. I recall seeing bands like Haim, First Aid Kit and Rudimental for the first time – all great acts.  

10) Expand your tastebuds

There are some spectacular food options at Glastonbury. Yes, you can get burgers, chips and hot dogs but there is a lot more to enjoy. I recommend going to places like Greenfields for a veggie option or over near the Double Decker which serves tea there is a wonderful seafood kitchen where I got the most amazing crab dish. I also remember overdosing on Tom’s Pies somewhere near the Pyramid stage. The final recommendation is Pachamama, go there and try the Tibetan soup and other delicious options.  

11) The Circus Fields … not just for children

You really should spend some time in the Circus fields. Many people overlook this area of the Glastonbury Festival. Last year I saw some of the most amazing acrobatics – one of the acts included a drummer playing with a band who was on a bungee cord. You will get exactly what you though, circus acts but you will also see many walk-about acts, comedians and a few musicians just to keep the Glastonbury feeling alive in that area.  

12) Push your Limits, Open Your Mind

There are some amazing venues which may (or may not) push your limits. These include areas such as the Unfairground, Block9 and Shangri-La. I really enjoyed areas like the Cave, Glasto Latino, The Common, and Copperdollar (my favourite). These areas at night become like a scene from a post-apocalyptic world like Mad Max. After 11pm these areas are very popular and you probably will see very big queues.  

13) Watch the Arcadia Spectacular Spider awaken from its slumber

On Thursday evening at 10pm the Arcadia Spider dress rehearsal takes place. This is your chance to see the whole show before the official start of Arcadia proceedings on the Friday night. If you miss the Thursday rehearsal then just make sure you get there early on Friday to get a good spot. The arcadia spectacular is amazing.
The Arcadia Spider at Glastonbury Festival

14) Chill Out

If you want to chill out there are a number of areas you can do so. I like visiting the healing fields and the craft fields. Last year in the healing fields I got a gong bath which is 2 gongs being banged for 30 minutes – sounds terrible, but I fell asleep and felt great after it. You can also do yoga, meditation, reflexology and much more in the healing fields area. The Craft fields are great for trying something new, everything from axe wielding and ring making to wood work and silversmiths. I made a ring for £20 – a very enjoyable 3 hours silversmithing. Try visit the craft fields on the Thursday as the music has not yet started. The Peace tent near the stone circle is also another amazing spot to visit. The flame in the centre was (apparently) lit from the embers of the flames of the bombed Nagasaki. Very moving area to come and meditate.

15) Find a random piano

There are a few pianos dotted around the site and as a piano player I get to one each day for a few minutes. A good crowd will draw and my favourite moment in 2016 was how 2 or 3 people turned into about 50 or 60 as I played Bohemian Rhapsody (I will edit the post in the at some point to share this)

16) Get a view of the Glastonbury Tor

The Glastonbury Tor can be seen from some locations but the iconic ancient building a few miles away is often captured by the BBC in their coverage. Find it and grab a photo of it for yourself.

17) Climb the Ribbon Tower

There will be a queue for this iconic tower but the views are worth it. You have probably seen this on BBC coverage or Glastonbury images. The ribbon tower gives great panoramic views of the whole Glastonbury Festival site.

18) Board the Double Decker Bus for Tea

Yes, there is a red double decker bus serving tea and crumpets (and a lot more). Located not too far from the pyramid stage this bus is always busy. With comfy seating it’s a great place to go after you have been standing for 4 hours watching your favourite headliner. The simple things in life often bring the greatest joy, and you can relax onboard the double decker and take in some well deserved treats. There are cakes here too and they are great.

19) Listen to the Glastonbury Festival Local Radio Station

Tune into WorthyFM for the very latest news about the festival plus some secret gigs. In 2015 we were listening to WorthyFM and heard that the Dali Lama was going to be at the stone circle. Only for that we would not have been at an audience with this great man. Tune in to Worthy FM at 87.5MHz.

View from the Ribbon Tower at Glastonbury Festival

20) End as you started – at the Stone Circle

End your visit to Glastonbury as you started it, at the stone circle. This spot at around 3am early on Monday morning after all the music has ended is a very fitting place to be. Song, laughter and a very relaxed feeling over the site. It’s over for another year – but you were there.

Enjoy Glastonbury! Don’t Pee on the Land and Leave no Trace !


My Glastonbury Festival Photo Gallery

10 Trips You Should Take In Your 20s If You’re a Nursing student

10 Trips You Should Take In Your 20s If You’re a Nursing student

Article by Mary Spears

While it is not essential for nursing students to travel before their 20s, there are certainly benefits to doing so. Traveling can broaden their perspective and provide a greater understanding of different cultures, languages, and ways of life. This can be especially valuable for nursing students, who will likely encounter patients from diverse backgrounds and cultures throughout their careers. Exposure to different healthcare systems and approaches can also be beneficial, allowing students to compare and contrast with their own experiences and potentially gain new insights into the field. Additionally, traveling before starting their careers can provide a much-needed break from the rigors of nursing school, allowing students to recharge and return to their studies with a fresh perspective.

By stepping out of their comfort zone and venturing into the unknown, young people can gain confidence and become more independent. They learn how to handle difficult situations, navigate different places, and work through problems. These skills will help them in any future endeavors they decide to pursue.

Finding time for traveling

Traveling can be a great way to relieve stress and have fun, but for busy nursing students, it may seem impossible. Luckily there is a solution – a nursing essay writer online. Utilizing an online essay writing service offers numerous advantages for students who need help with their work. For starters, it’s incredibly convenient; you can access their services from any device, anytime and anywhere. Secondly, they offer reliable and expert help; all of their writers are highly experienced and qualified in their respective fields. Finally, the turnaround time is usually very quick. No matter how urgent your project is, they’ll be able to provide quality work in no time.

Venice with boats in the Venice Canals

10 destinations in your 20’s

Here are the top 10 trips you can make in your 20’s. Check our list to understand why they are worth your attention.

1. Road trip around New Zealand

A road trip around New Zealand is the perfect way to explore this spectacular country. From majestic mountains, vast landscapes, and untouched nature – this journey offers it all. Take in the breathtaking views as you drive through small towns and cities, see dramatic glaciers and fjords, enjoy activities such as hiking, rafting, sky diving or skiing during your stops along the way. The freedom of travelling by car will give you a unique experience that can’t be replicated with any other type of travel.

2. Travel around Europe

With its rich history and stunning scenery, Europe makes for a captivating journey for those in their twenties. Visit cities such as Rome with its ancient architecture and monuments, explore Paris’ iconic sights such as the Eiffel Tower, and take in the picturesque views of the Swiss Alps. With a great diversity of cultures, languages and cuisines, Europe is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for those looking to satisfy their wanderlust.

3. Tropical getaway to Thailand

Thailand is an ideal destination for any student wanting a tropical break from their daily grind. From diving and snorkelling off its long white-sand beaches to visiting ancient temples and eating delicious street food – there’s something for everyone here! The country also offers plenty of nightlife options with buzzing clubs and beach bars that stay open until late into the night.

4. Safari in South Africa

For those looking for a more adventurous vacation, a safari in South Africa is sure to deliver. Visit the Kruger National Park, home to abundant wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos and take part in thrilling game drives (tours of wildlife). There are also many luxury lodges and camping sites available where you can experience the breathtaking views of this remarkable country up close.

5. Explore Canada’s Rocky Mountains

Make your way through Canada’s Rocky Mountain range with its spectacular mountain-scapes and glaciers that stretch out as far as the eye can see. From hiking trails surrounded by lush greenery to cross-country skiing down powdery slopes – there’s no shortage of activities here. Visit the vibrant city of Vancouver and enjoy its culture, culinary delights and outdoor activities.

6. Study abroad

Studying abroad is a great way for students to expand their horizons as well as gain knowledge in their field of study. From interning at a research centre in India to learning about business in China – you’ll be able to develop your skillset while exploring a new country. Not only that, but studying abroad will give you the chance to make lifelong connections with people from different backgrounds and cultures!

7. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

For those looking for an adrenalin-filled challenge, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is sure to deliver! Standing at 19,341 feet, this is Africa’s highest mountain and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. With its stunning scenery and rewarding views from the summit – it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for any thrill seeker!

8. Cruise around Caribbean Islands

For those looking for a relaxing break, head to the Caribbean Sea on a cruise. Explore some of the most beautiful islands such as Barbados with its stunning beaches and watersport activities, or take in Jamaica’s culture with its vibrant music scene and delicious cuisine. There are plenty of other attractions such as Mayan ruins, beautiful lagoons, coral reefs and much more here that you can explore during your time at sea.

9. Visit Machu Picchu

Visit the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru – one of World’s most iconic ancient sites. This 15th century Incan city is surrounded by lush green mountains and offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore its fascinating history. You can also take part in activities such as trekking, mountain climbing and exploring nearby villages during your time here.

10. Road trip through America

A road trip across America is an ideal way for students to explore its vast landscape, unique cities and vibrant culture without spending too much money. Take the famous Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles, stopping along the way at places such as Grand Canyon National Park or Monument Valley and enjoy activities like hiking, camping or visiting historical sites. You’ll also be able to experience the different cuisines and cultures of each region as you go – making for a truly special journey!

No matter where you decide to travel in your 20s, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a beach holiday in Thailand, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa or exploring America on a road trip – there are lots of incredible trips worth taking during this time. So take advantage of this stage of life, explore the world and make memories that will last forever!

Final thoughts

Traveling gives young people the freedom to create lasting memories with friends or family members. Whether it’s a road trip across America or a backpacking tour of Europe, these experiences can bring people closer together and foster lifelong relationships.

Overall, traveling is an essential experience for young people to have that offers immense benefits. It allows them to explore new cultures, build life skills, open up opportunities, expand their knowledge, become more independent, and make cherished memories along the way.  It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Author’s BIO

Mary Spears is a passionate tour guide and travel enthusiast. She has been guiding tours for over 5 years, taking visitors to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Mary loves learning about different cultures, cuisines, and histories.

Tips to Improve your Twitter Account in 2023

Tips to Improve your Twitter Account in 2023

Easy Twitter Tips to improve your Twitter account in 2021

I have been on Twitter 12 years now (as of April 21st 2020) and over the past 9 years I have come to love the platform. For me,​ Twitter is a source of news, opinion and interesting articles as well as the odd competition which I have won. If you are looking to grow your Twitter audience and influence you are going to have to invest some time on Twitter. These are some Twitter Tips to help in growing your following and presence in 2021.

1. Have a good Twitter Profile image

The first of the Twitter tips is to update your profile pic. The Profile Image is the small icon which appears beside each tweet. Your profile picture should be representative of you or your business. Try to​ make the image one which will stand out.

The key here is don’t leave it as the default Twitter Egg! The profile photo of an egg is indicative of an account which is new. So change this and you’ll get an advantage over accounts with Twitter eggs.


2. Ensure you include a Twitter Header image

At the same time, you should upload a good header image. The header image could be a product photo or something which works along with your profile image to strength your accounts visual appeal. You can use systems like Canva to place a nice quote or even your web address. Canva is a very easy to use system which gives you great results. It certainly saves me lots of time when I need to create a graphic in a hurry and gives results which are as good as using a graphics programme.

Twitter Tips : The Dreaded Twitter Egg - No profile image on Twitter is not good.

3. Your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter Bio should detail what your account is about. Tell people the benefits of following you. It should also outline the types of interest and content people will expect if they follow you. For example, you could tell people what interests you or what you tweet about. If you look at my Queen account @shanesqueensite it has the following biog…

Shane’s Queen Site run by Shane McDonald. Keyboardist & MD for Queen Tribute Band ‘Celebrating Queen’. Tweeting all about the band #Queen. YouTube Channel ⬇️. 

Feel free to use hashtags like I did or even other accounts. e.g. “I am an​ ​ account manager for @mentioncompanyhere and I like #Travel”. or “I love Twitter. Follow my account for freebies and great Twitter Tips and advice.”

If you have a website don’t forget to include that. This is one of the key Twitter Tips – so if you do one thing, it’s update your Bio.

 4. Daily Twitter Activity – Key Twitter Tip !

Each day, as as much as you can, you should log on to Twitter and do some sort of activity. This is my personal must do from this Twitter Tips list.

This activity may include;

– Tweeting something even if it is just a comment on the weather. This keeps your feed flowing with recent content but try to make it interesting and if you can include a photo of the weather in your region (following on from this example) if puts your tweet in context..
– Retweeting others tweets. If you find something interesting retweet it. Perhaps ‘Quote Tweet’ it and add your own personal comment
– Responding to any replies or notifications ; always thank people for replies and always respond to your engagements
– Thanking some of your recent followers for retweets or likes.
– If you find the ​content you like the press the ‘Like’ button on others tweets or perhaps leave a comment
– You should follow any Twitter accounts which you are interested in. Normally I follow about 5-10 accounts per day. If I find a Twitter list of Food Bloggers or Travel Writers I may end up following 50 or 60 accounts.

One warning on things like ‘The weather today is …” if you over use that sort of tweet, just for the sake of having content, then you run the risk of people becoming bored and perhaps unfollowing or muting you. Always try to keep your content relevant and of interesting


5. Tag or include others in your tweets

Every now and again you should mention other accounts using the @account method.
For example “Hi @mrshanemcdonald many thanks for liking my tweet. I am delighted with the Twitter Tips post on your website” would send me a nice mention and I may then follow you as a result. This can be especially good when responding to Brands, e.g. complementing a brand on a good job or a great product you recently used. They may retweet your tweet to thousands thus exploding your reach.

6. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags, as tweets with one or two hashtags have about 20% more engagement. You can use systems like Hashtagify to find the best hashtags for your tweets before you tweet.

7. Use images and GIFs

Use images and gifs in your tweets. Apparently tweets with images and relevant gifs normally get over 80% more engagement than tweets without images

8. Use Lists

Lists are exactly that, it’s a section a Twitter where you can list all the accounts which share a similar topic or relationship with you, e.g. You could have a list of Digital Marketing experts or just place all your friends and contacts in a ‘My Friends’ list. Twitter Lists are free and easy to setup. The upshot is you don’t need to filter through all of Twitter just to check in on a certain list – plus others can subscribe to your list.

9. Use a Tweet Scheduler

If you think you might be away from Twitter for a while or you might be busy this week, add a few tweets to a scheduler such as Buffer, Hootesuite, Crowdfire or Agorapulse. This can ensure you have some content being dripfed onto Twitter and your account can continue to show in feeds.

10. Occasionally do an Twitter account Cleanup

Every so often, do a clean up of your Twitter Account and looking at who you follow, remove dead Twitter accounts, Twitterbots, people who don’t provide any value to you following them. Every so often I clear down the accounts I am following based on their content. 


How do I know if I am doing well on Twitter?

If you follow some of the Twitter Tips above, you should see some growth over the next while. There are a few pointers and KPIs to show your success in growing your Twitter account.

  1. The first is your follower’s growth if it is increasing fast this is one indicator that you are doing well.
  2. Secondly is your mention notifications, if you are getting a lot of @mentions, either responses or direct mentions, this shows a well-engaged audience.
  3. Check your Twitter Analytics to see your performance month on month
  4. You can also look at how much traffic is being driven to your website via Google Analytics. Strong Twitter performance would lead to good traffic to your website.
  5. If you are enjoying Twitter and you are Tweeting daily – In a way, this is a success of its own as many people start on Twitter and just give up!


Klout is Dead, Long live the King

In 2018, Klout had it’s last score update. There are a few different cites which have digitally passed-away over the years.

You may also be interested to know how long people spend online and on social media – check out this report regarding the Average Time on Social Media.


I hope you enjoyed these Twitter Tips for 2021 and this is what works for me. Twitter changes all the time which is why I updated this list of Twitter Tips for 2021 as it was last updated in 2018 and again in 2020.
If you have any other interesting Twitter Tips or hacks please feel free to leave a comment.


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