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Shane was tending his cows when he saw Rafa Benitez looking lost and dejected. This Premiership Manager was taking a walk on the farm trying to figure out how he lost against Reading and where €250m spent on players actually went…. He may also have being looking for the local job centre.   Rafa has no problem fertilizing the pitch at Anfield as there is already plenty of shit put out weekly on it.

But seriously the defeat against Reading was embarrassing (at home too!) and should not be something a team of that calibre should fall fowl to.

Former Reds captain Ronnie Whelan says that the Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez should go following the shock 2-1 FA Cup defeat to Reading, saying “Liverpool have not been good. They have lost 10 of the last 20 games,”

Benitez has said he is going to continue, even though they are out of the FA CUP, out of the early Champions League, and have a poor Premier League form.

In fairness, the better team won, Shane Longs winning goal was well taken and Liverpool had no defense against it. In fact the keeper didn’t move.

If they fail to win anything this year it will be Liverpool’s fourth successive season, without a cup of any nature.

The latest joke from last night is…
“Rafa is in the bar and is about to buy a few drinks when he is tapped on the shoulder and tole to leave the bar.
He asks why and he is told its because its the fourth round.”

I’d give him 2 weeks at most!

PS: If you are reading this on the blog the title may not make sence but it looked really funny on Facebook!

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