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The Portable North Pole or PNP where Santa Talks to you

I originally posted this back in 2009 but I have updated the post with some new information. Its the first-day od December and this is the first of the Christmas links.  I found this excellent video greeting and message from Santa on 23rd December 2009 and thought it was a really well-designed system. Santa will talk to you and gives you a very personalised message. This is cool both for kids and the older kids (mum & dad).

Simply provide the information and you can amaze your kids or young children (or older people who don’t understand technology) – it is very well done!

The Portable North Pole system has Santa at the North Pole and with the information you provide. Santa then talks to you and to deliver a personalised video with details of what that person asked for. You can also save and buy the video later if you want. I have done this a few times and I really enjoy doing it for others. The amount of effort which must have been put behind this project is mindboggling. They must have had to record every name possible – either that or they recorded all the parts of the words, so for Shane, they would record Sh – ANE  (which is how it is pronounced) and the video places these side by side to create the full name. Either way, but this is a great Santa video system in time for the Christmas Season.

The PNP (Portable North Pole) Santa system is really an excellent system. So, to get your personalised Santa video go to

If you use it once the PNP system will send you emails during the year and approaching Christmas to let you know Santa is ready to create another personalised video for you.