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RyanAir’s Fat Tax – Publicity or Real?

I have a sneaking suspicion that RyanAir’s Fat Tax, Fly for Free, and Pay to use the Toilet are not 100% real.

These publicity stunts such as RyanAir’s Fat Tax may be very clever marketing tools guaranteed to keep RyanAir in the spotlight for a few months. One good quirky idea, a few press releases, and hey presto News and Internet coverage worth more than any advertising…. And Free too!

I have no problem with RyanAir. Every time I have flown with them, they were on time and the tickets cost less than €70 to the UK from Dublin. Last time in fact, Michael O’Leary himself was taking the tickets at the gate, as he was on the same flight to Gatwick. A Good Manager… Getting stuck in!

I was once in Stansted, heading back to Ireland, and it was snowing. Other budget airlines were stating “These flights are now canceled please rebook online”, RyanAir did not cancel and I flew home only 55 minutes late. Compared to those flying, for example on Easyjet, I was blessed that I was flying RyanAir. That is one reason why I like them.

Most Recently I found that classical music was being played while boarding. Quite a change for RyanAir.

Overall they run a good service, some people have had bad experiences but what do you expect when your trip only cost a few quid.  They even have a mobile phone system which allows you to make and receive texts and phone calls in the air – however I could not make use of this, as the mobile in-flight system did not work for me, I tried it a few times and it just doesn’t work.

At the time of writing this blog post, I fly again with RyanAir in late September as I travel over to AdTech London. I expect my trip will be event-free and on time…. If not, you will hear about it here.