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I just saw a National Geographic programme where they replied to all the Spam which came into their email. They sent a reply to the stupid spammers saying, “Thank you Very Much, Please Send more” and apparently 1 in 10 persons admin to buying something which was advertised on a Spam email.

The programme explained how Spam worked and why people send Spam. Also, it explained how Malware could be used to steal your baniing details.

In a few days they had over 1,000 emails.  So it probably didn’t work out too well.

I actually tried this myself. I got sick of Spammers sending “You have won the Euromillions Draw”, so I replied saying that I did not believe them and to stop emailing me or I would start legal proceedings.

Unbelievably, the spammers replied telling me that it wasn’t a hoax and I actually did win the draw. These people must think people are thick.

I don’t think there will ever be an end to Spam, as long as people click or use purchase things via Spam.

Eventually I told the spammers my son worked in Interpol and I was going to ask him for advice. Funnily enough the spammers stopped emailing me after that!

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