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Why do passengers always clap when a plane lands at its destination?

This may be just an Irish thing or it may just be on Summer flights to popular holiday destinations such as the Canaries… Either way it’s pretty strange when you think about it! The pilots job is to land the plane. Therefore why is he clapped?

If an 84 year old granny landed the Boeing 737-800 in a stiff 30 knot crosswind – I would certainly applaud that !!! If you are on a local bus between your house and the shopping centre … Do you clap the driver? Do you get clapped in work? (Unless of course you are an actor or comedian on stage)

I don’t get applauded for every advert or website I design, every script or app I write. The next time you are dealing with the service industry – in the bank, at the library, or in the restaurant – and you get good service ; give them a rousing round of applause to thank them and tell them you learned about it on your last flight.