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The Best song on Queen’s Debut Album, Queen (1973)

Champions of Queen League

What is the Best Queen Song on Queen’s First Album?

That was the challenge of the first Champions of Queen League online Poll. It vote based league system designed to determine once and for all the publics favourite or Best Queen Song on Queen’s First Album which was released in 1973, simply called Queen.

The poll to find out what the best song from Queen’s Self Titled Debut Album from 1973 pitted all 10 songs from the album against each other.

This is Queen’s 1973 debut album and is probably one of their their most underrated album of that decade. At this stage, Queen had signed a deal with Trident and they had many musical ideas which they were trying out on the album. The self titled album Queen, was recorded during studio off time, when the studio was not being used by more famous artists. Also, this was Freddie’s first opportunity to avail of a full size piano. Already in this album you can hear Brian May’s orchestrated guitar harmonies, the multi-tracked vocal harmonies, imaginative lyrics and musical dynamics which could change from heavy rock to a piano ballad in seconds.

So What was the Best Queen Song on Queen’s First Album?

So which song from the album would come out on top ? What was the Best Queen Song on Queen’s First Album?

After 1,451 votes there was a close run race between Keep yourself Alive and Liar – scroll down to see the final table….

Queen (1973) FINAL League Table

Queen 1973 Final Table Best Song

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Champions of Queen League

More to come soon… The polls for Queen’s secong album, Queen II, will open next week.

Which song will be voted the Best on Queen II ?

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