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One Vision

Words and music by Queen

One Vision Chords Transcribed by Shane McDonald

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Download Sample of the One Vision Intro

This is a basic version of the chords I use for playing this song. I hope to place an mp3 file here soon of the intro and main guitar riff.

Intro (Strings) – Also used for the ‘I had a Dream’ section.

Bass : D D# D C D ( played fast ) : * held for 4 bars and then played again, this time held for 8 bars
before being played again.

Upon 3rd time playing the above bass line these chords come in.
(One bar of each chord played in the rythym| x x – x x x – x | where is one quaver note and is one quaver rest)

Chords :

D	G/D	D7	G/D	A/D
D	G/D	D7	G/D	G/D
Bb/D	Dm9	Bb/D (add an E note into the chord also)

Guitar Chords The whole song is pretty much the same, in the key of D, using chords of D, A and G with C occasionally showing up.

The Main Guitar riff comes in here. Slide down (indicated by \ ) after playing each chord.
   D    A/C#  D   D       G  C   C        G  C   C  A/C#  D D  A 
For the small guitar filler at 'I'm gonna tell you theres no black and no white' the chords are ...
C7sus4        C      A      D
x  xx         x      x      x\            <- x being the ryhtym and \ is a slide indicator.


The Main Guitar riff above will do you until you get to the part 'One Flesh one bone...'
 A               D/A       
  One flesh one bone one true religion

 A               D/A
  One voice one hope one real decision

 C         C7sus4      C               (back to A type chord)         
  wo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo   give me one vision
Play bass notes : A A   A# A#   B B   C C   C#   [D]...
Song goes quickly back to the main guitar riff above.

Extra Chord shapes :

x3555x	x3536x
  C	C7sus4
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