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Words and music by Freddie Mercury

Piano Chords Transcribed by Shane McDonald : (

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A section of the intro is repeated during the song and is a variation on an F -> C7 sequence.
This sequence will be referred to as piano riff 1.

This piano riff 1, is easily played by playing an arpeggio of F (F A C F^) and then adding the Bb note during the end of the phrase.

Introduction : 
F   C7  F   C7   F   C7  F   C7/E   F/D  C   F   C7  F   C7
           F                    Dm
There's no living in my life anymore.

    C              *      C       Bb           F
The seas have gone dry    and the rain stopped falling.

F                       Dm
Please don't you cry anymore

Can't you see

Bb            F       Bb            F
Listen to the breeze, whisper to me please

G7                                C7             F (piano riff 1)
Don't send me to the path of nevermo - o - ore.

F                  Dm             C           *      C       Bb       F
Even the valleys below, where the rays of the sun    were so warm and tender

F                       Dm
Now haven't anything to grow

Can't you see

  Bb                F
Why did you have to leave me,

  Bb          F
Why did you deceive me

You send me to the path of nevermore

         A7                        Dm   Bb  Am
When you say you didn't love me anymo - o - ore

 Dm  Dm/C
(Ah - Ah)


F       C7  F  (piano riff 1)

About Nevermore

Nevermore is from the album Queen II which was Queen’s second album. Queen II was released in the UK on 8 March 1974 by EMI Records and in the US was released by Elektra Records. Queen II was recorded at Trident Studios from February to August 1973. Although Queen II is not a prog rock or concept album it does have an element or theme running through the album. The interesting thing about Queen II is that the two sides of the original album were labelled as Black and White sides.

The intro for Nevermore actually starts 10 seconds from the end of the previous track, Fair Fellers Master-stroke. If you are using the Nevermore chords above you might want to listen to that so you can hear the intro. Also, if you listen to Nevermore at around 0:40-0:41 you will hear ring-effects. These were created by plucking the strings on the piano, a clever technique.  Nevermore was written by Freddie Mercury and was  about the feelings after a heartbreak.

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  • Song Difficulty to Learn / Play 71% 71%

The higher the number the more difficult the song Nevermore is to learn or play.

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