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Lily of the Valley

Words and Music by Freddie Mercury

Lily of the Valley Piano Chords Transcribed by Shane McDonald

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Notes : Lily of the Valley piece seems to continue from the previous song on the CD – Flick of the Wrist. The last line “Baby You’ve been had….” , ends with a chord of Am, and the style of playing this chord, starts this song.
Am^ means the chord of Am played on the higher octave
Intro : Am  Am^  Dm  Dm add G  Am  Am^  Dm  Dm add G  Am  Am^  Am^  G  Em  Am  Am  G
  C          G7/B               Am  (add g bass)  G  C
I am forever searching high and low
    Am  Am^      Dm  Dm add G   Dm   (uses same riff as intro)
But why does every body tell me no?
Dm7     F      G        C      Dm7    G
Neptune of the seas, an answer for me please
    C    Dm7    G              Am  Am^ Dm  Dm add G   Am  Am^ Dm  Dm add G
The lily of the valley doesn't know

Dm       A7/C#    C#dim  Dm   
I lie in wait with open  eyes
  Dm    C7                F
I carry on through stormy skies
  F      C/E   C          C7            C 
I follow every course, my kingdom for a horse
    F    C/E   Dm  C    G
But each time  I   grow old
C       Dm7    G       C        Dm7   G
Serpent of the Nile, relieve me for a while
C       F         G         Am7       G  C
cast me from your spell and let me go

f                             ff                f
  C            G7/B           Am     Dm   G   C
Messenger from seven seas has flown
Am                              Dm
To tell the king of Rhye he's lost his throne
Dm Dm7  F      G        C      Dm7    G
Wars will never cease, is there time enough for peace?
    C    Dm7    G              Am  Am^ Dm  Dm add G      Am  Am^ Dm  Dm add G  
The lily of the valley doesn't know

Ending : Am  Am^  Am^  G     C

Note : The chord of C#dim is made up of the notes C# E and G
f and ff symbols above notes indicate the loundess.

About Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is from Queen’s 3rd studio Album, Sheer Heart Attack. The Sheer Heart Attack album was released on 8th November 1974. The album was less progressive than Queen I and Queen II, and was more of a rock album. The true classic Queen sound started to emerge with the great harmonies and wonderful melody lines from Freddie and classic guitar riffs from Brian starting to get stronger. The Sheer Heart Attack album had hits such as Killer Queen which reached number 2 in the British Charts, and Now I’m Here which reached number 11 in the charts. The album itself reached number 2 in the UK Album charts. Not many people know but Tenement Funster, Flick of the Wrist and Lily of the Valley are actually considered as being a medley on this album as they merge into one song… very effectively too. If you enjoyed these Lily of the Valley Chords please share them via the social media sharing tools provided on this chords section.

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