Last Horizon Chords

Last Horizon Instrumental song by Brian May from the album Back to the Light.

These are the chords played by the synth during the fantastic Brian May instrumental from the Back to the Light album, Last Horizon. I have a YouTube clip of me playing this song at

NOTE: in the chords below I use the : (colon) symbol to represent one bar (4 beats) since there are no words to know where you are in the song !

Intro:    Bsus4 7th     (notes are B E F# A B ... watch the youtube video to see more)

E   G#7  :  C#m   E7/D   :   A   E/G#   :   F#7   B11

A        :  A            :   F#m        :   Bsus  B

E   G#7  :  C#m   E7/D   :   A   E/G#   :   F#7   B11

Esus  E  :

B        :  C#m   E7     :   B   C#m    :   D    A/C#

Bsus     :  B     D      :   D          :   D

G    B7  :  Em    G7     :   C   G/B    :   A7   D11


G    B7  :  Em    G7     :   C   G/B    :   A7   D11

C        :  C            :   Am         :   Dsus

G     D/G   C/G    (play 3 times)

G     D/G   C/G    G

D/G         C/G


Watch the Last Horizon Chords being Played

I have a Youtube clip of me recording Last Horizon on the sytth – visit for details. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Queen videos like this

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