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Is Everybody Happy?

Words and music by Freddie Mercury & Mike Moran

Is Everybody Happy, chords Transcribed by Shane McDonald

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Is Everybody Happy is a song that was specifically recorded by Freddie as a message to the 1987 Fan Club Convention in
Southport. At the time Freddie was in Townhouse Studios with Mike Moran working on initial stages of the Barcelona album.

An unusual type of song for Queen, Is Everybody Happy is quite blues / jazz based so there may be chords which may be better written as 7th chords. Also there are some quick progressions Freddie added which are also omitted from this basic version of the transcription (I had to transcribe it on guitar rather than my piano!). I transcribed this song due to a request from a visitor to the site and hopefully it is a useful one to have.

F  F7/A  (arpeggio)
   Bb   Eb   Bb       Eb  Bb
Is everybody happy?
   Eb  Bb/D  Gm     D       Gm
Is everybody really feeling good
    Bb/F             D             Eb   Bb/D      Gm     D         Gm
I'm sorry I couldn't be there, I'm recording in a studio all night long
   Bb           Gm        Cm          Ebm7    Bb
So take it easy everyone, have a nice day bye bye, yeah
Mike moran on the piano
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