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I’m in Love with my Car

Words and Music by Roger Taylor

I’m in Love with My Car Chords , Transcribed by Shane McDonald

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This song is in 6/8 time in the Key of G

*Piano Riff 1 : Indicated by * , is the chord transition between C and Em, play a quick D in between.
Therefore Chords are

C'''''''''' D' Em

( each ¼ note beat is indicated by )

Introduction : Starts with chord of D played repeatedly for about 8 bars with an accompanying treble line
D (for about 8 bars)      Em
Main Section :
G                D
 The machine of a dream.
C                       *     Em                   G
 Such a clean machine.        When the pistons a pumpin',
D                     C       Em
 And the hubcaps all gleam.   When I'm holding your wheel,
G                             D
 All I hear is your gear,     When my hand's on your grease gun,
C                             * Play this in same place during the other verses
 Oh, it's like a disease son.
Em                    G      D                  C
 I'm in love with my car.    Gotta feel for my automobile.
Em                 G                   D                       C
 Get a grip on my boy racer rollerbar, Such a thril when your radials squeal.
B                                        C 
 Told my girl I just had to forget her,   Rather, buy me a new carborettor,
B                                              C 
 So she made tracks saying this is the end now, Cars don't talk back,
C                                        D (similar to intro)
 they're just four wheeled friends now.
Em                           G
 When I'm holding your wheel,   All I hear is your gear,
D                               C
 When I'm cruising in overdrive, Don't have to listen to no run of the mill talk jive.
Em                   G      D                  C           *
 I'm in love with my car.   Gotta feel for my automobile.
Em                   G      D                        C           
 I'm in love with my car.   String back gloves in my automolove.
Outro : D

About I’m In Love with My Car

I’m In Love with My Car is a song from the 4th studio album by Queen, A Night at the Opera. The album, A Night at the Opera was released on 21 November 1975. It was the most expensive album ever recorded at the time of its release. The style of songs on the album are varied, ranging from ballads and rock to vaudeville and back into the prog rock styles. A Night at the Opera gave Queen their first number 1 album and topped the UK Albums Charts for four non-consecutive weeks. One of the reasons for the success of the album is the band’s most successful single in the UK, “Bohemian Rhapsody“. Bohemian Rhapsody was their fist number 1 single and one of the best-selling singles in both the UK and around the world. Other great songs on the album include You’re My Best Friend, Love of My Life and I’m in Love with my Car which although not a commercial hit, was a hit with Queen fans.

I’m in love with my Car is one of Roger Taylor‘s most loved songs in the Queen back-catalogue. Brian May actually thought this was a joke at the initial recording. Did you know that the revving sounds at the conclusion of the song were recorded by Roger Taylor’s Alfa Romeo. I’m in love with my Car was often played live during the 1977–81 period. Taylor sang it from the drums while Mercury played piano and provided backing vocals. It remains one of my favourites to play on piano or guitar using the chords provided here.

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