Bijou – Chords

Bijou from the album Innuendo

Within the Bijou Chords below I have used the :: symbol to denote one bar as there are no drums or lyrics for the majority of Bijou.
The timing for the chords is quite free flowing and I would recommend that you take some time to have a listen to the original Queen track. That way you should get a feeling for how the flow of this song proceeds.

Bijou Chords

Dm    ::  Asug5   A7   :   Eb/Bb   :   Ab   :   F  

Dm    ::  Am                :  Dm   F/c   : 

Am   :   Gm/Bb   Gm7

…      ::  Dm                ::  Aaug5   A7  ::  Eb/Bb   

Gb    ::   Gbdim         ::   C    :: C/B

Am            G/A                Fmaj7                   Em7
You    and  Me     We are destined you’ll  agree   to spend the rest

C                  G/B        
of our lives   with  each  other    

      Am                                F                           C
the rest of our days    like two lovers    for   ever

Bb             Ab        Ab/Gb             F
yeah    for ever                      My Bijou

Dm    ::  Asug5   A7   :   Eb/Bb   :   Ab   :   F  

Dm    ::  Am         ::   Dm    :: Am

Gm7/Bb   ::  Gm6/D    ::   Dm     ::  Aaug5   A7

Eb/Bb	::   Gb      :    Gbdim    :    C

Bijou Lyrics

You and me
We are destined
You’ll agree
To spend the rest of our lives with each other
The rest of our days like two lovers
For ever


For ever

My Bijou

Information about the song Bijou

Bijou was recorded from an impromptu jamming session with Freddie Mercury and Brian May. While Freddie wrote most of the song including the strings and pads. Brian obviously write and orchestrated the guitar section. The whole idea of this song was that it would be an inside-out-song so that it’s mainly instruments and the vocals would be where the instrumentals would be.  The lyrics only start about 1 minute and 20 seconds into the song.

It’s a beautiful song and one which is sometimes overlooked.

I actually covered this with brian may as part of the jam with Bri series of Microconcerts which he did in April, May and June of 2020 (when we were all locked down). You can video this video online on YouTube at so I would be delighted if you had a look at the video and if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Queen videos coming soon.

Bijou Cover by Shane McDonald and Brian May

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