All Dead, All Dead

Words and Music by Brian May from the News of the World Album by Queen
Music transcribed by Shane McDonald


This is a bit of a tricky one to play if you are a beginner as the chords come thick and fast and there are a few unusual ones in there too, plus, there is a bass note arpeggio so lots for the fingers to do here.

All Dead, All Dead Performance Notes

Note 1: At the end of each line of the verse there is an arpeggio run on the bass notes,
e.g. for the Dm of the verse, the arpeggio notes are  D^  A   F   D   D^  D
(I use the ^ symbol to signify the higher of the 2 D notes)
Have a listen to the song and you will hear this being played.

Note 2: The chords in the chorus are played as full and brightly as possible


Intro:   Fmaj7     Bb    Fmaj7 -> F   Bb(sus2)  F  Am/E  Gm/D  Aaug

[Verse 1]
    Dm     A7      Dm
She came without a farthing
           A7    Dm
A babe without a name
          C       F
So much ado 'bout nothing
   Gm         A7     Dm
Is what she's try to say
   Dm   A7     Dm
So much ado my lover
        A7       Dm
So many games we played
              C       F
Through ev'ry fleeted summer
        Gm    A7       Dm
Through ev'ry precious day

[Chorus] C/E F C7/G F/A All dead all dead Bb F All the dreams we had C/E Dm Am Bb /C /D And I wonder why I still live on C/E F Gm F/A All dead all dead Bb F And alone I'm spared A7 Dm My sweeter half instead Bb F Bb All dead and gone all dead

[Instrumental Verse] Dm A7 Dm A7 Dm A C F Gm A7 Dm

[Chorus] C/E F Gm F/A All dead all dead Bb F At the rainbow's end C/E Dm Am Bb /C /D And still I hear her own sweet song C/E F Gm F/A All dead all dead Bb F Take me back again A7 Dm You know my little friend's Bb Dm All dead and gone
Dm A7 Dm A7 Dm Bb Fmaj7 -> F Gm Bb F Am/E Gm/D Aaug
[Verse 3] Dm A7 Dm (Bass D) Her ways are always with me A7 Dm (Bass D) I wonder all the while C F But please you must forgive me Gm A Dm I am old but still a child [Chorus] C/E F Gm F/A All dead all dead Bb F But I should not grieve C/E Dm Am Bb /C /D In time it comes to ev'ry - one C/E F Gm F/A All dead all dead Bb F But in hope I breathe A7 Dm Of course I don't believe Bb F You're dead and gone Bb F All dead and gone

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