Royal Mail to Issue 13 Stamps Commerating Queen and their Albums

Royal Mail to Issue 13 Stamps Commerating Queen and their Albums

Queen are being honoured with a Royal Mail issued set of stamps, which makes them only the 3rd Band after The Beatles and Pink Floyd to have been commemorated on an official Royal Mail issued collection.

This official Queen issue of commemorative series of stamps from Royal Mail is to mark Queen’s 50th anniversary.

The Queen stamp collection will be issued as a set of 13. The issue includes 8 album covers, namely;  ‘Queen II’ (74), ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ (74), ‘A Night At The Opera’ (75), ‘News of the World’ (79), ‘The Game’ (80), ‘Greatest Hits’ (81), ‘The Works’ (84) & ‘Innuendo’ (91).  The remaining 5 stamps features 4 photos of Queen playing live and a classic Queen group photo.

Earlier this year Queen saw a commemorative coin being released, and it is no wonder that Queen are getting such attention. Queen are at a high point, even 29 years after Freddie’s death, Queen are a band which regularly shows up in the top 10 streamed bands on Spotify and after the 4 time Oscar winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the band seems to be bringing new generations of fans along with them.

Brian May said that it was “hard to put into words” and called them “beautiful stamps” and Roger said that collection was “an honour” and he thanked Royal Mail for recognising their legacy, stating that “We must be really part of the furniture now”. Queen (the band , not the monarch .. as she has had a lot of stamps) are only the 3rd rock band to be honoured with a set of Royal Mail Stamps, after The Beatles in 2007 and Pink Floyd more recently in 2016. The Queen stamps from the Royal Mail are now available for pre-ordering from the Royal Mail’s official website at
Queen Stamps
Royal Mail Issue New Special Stamps To Honour Queen

Will you be buying the Queen Royal Mail Stamps?

What do you think of this release?
Will you be buying the Queen stamps from the Royal Mail?

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Tweet a Celeb about Queen #AskACelebAboutQueen

Tweet a Celeb about Queen #AskACelebAboutQueen

Tweet a Celeb about Queen

This is a new feature called ‘Tweet a Celeb about Queen’ which I am going to run on an ongoing basis. It is exactly what it sounds like. I will tweet a celeb, ask if they are a Queen fan and what their favourite track is. I will then outline on this post who I tweeted and what the reply was. 

If you have any suggestions for which celebrities I should Tweet please comment below or send me a Tweet @ShanesQueenSite 

Current Celebs Who Replied

Apr 13 2020
Perez Hilton

Replying to @shanesqueensite
I don’t know if I can pick ONE. But, much like Madonna’s “Holiday”, I have a chemical reaction whenever I hear “Bohemia Rhapsody”.


Jan 29, 2020
James Corden

Replying to @shanesqueensite Is this the world we created. 

Jan 14, 2020
Matt Lucas

Replying to @shanesqueensite changes by the hour

Nov 20 2017
Ryan Van Poederooyen‏
Replied : Love Queen. Grew up listening to them as my parents were fans. To answer your question… My fave tune by them is ‘Tie Your Mother Down’.

Dec 15 2016
Claire Richards ‏
Replied: Who wants to live forever! Or under pressure? Or even don’t stop me now?

10th Dec 2016
Ricky Gervais
Replied : Somebody to Love

Current Celebs Contacted

Dec 15
Claire Richards

Who wants to live forever! Or under pressure? Or even don’t stop me now?

10th Dec 2016

Replied : Somebody to Love

22 Dec

The Ellen Show

No Response Yet

Dec 20

Matthew Perry

No Reply Yet

December 18

Courtney Cox

No Reply Yet

Dec 17th
No Reply yet
Dec 17th

Matt LeBlanc

No Reply Yet

Dec 16


No Reply Yet

Dec 13th

Joe Bonamassa

No Response Yet

Dec 12th

Taylor Swift

No Reply yet

11th Dec

Katy Perry

No response yet

9th Dec 2016
No reply yet
8th Dec 2016
No reply yet
Ryan Van Poederooyen‏ @rvanpoederooyen    Nov 20 2017
Love Queen. Grew up listening to them as my parents were fans. To answer your question… My fave tune by them is ‘Tie Your Mother Down’.
Jimmy Fallon

No Response Yet

Perez  @ThePerezHilton

Apr 13
Replying to @shanesqueensite

I don’t know if I can pick ONE. But, much like Madonna’s “Holiday”, I have a chemical reaction whenever I hear “Bohemia Rhapsody”.

RealMattLucas @RealMattLucas

Replying to @shanesqueensite

changes by the hour

2:25 AM · Jan 14, 2020

James Corden @JKCorden

Replying to @shanesqueensite

Is this the world we created.

11:26 PM · Jan 29, 2020

Keyboard Playing during Queen Guitar Songs and more…? : Visitor Query

Keyboard Playing during Queen Guitar Songs and more…? : Visitor Query

I always like getting emails, tweets and messages and during the week I got a Facebook Query from Ash in Wales asking some excellent questions about Queen songs. I have placed the answers here in case anyone else has the same queries about playing keyboards to Queen Songs. If you have any follow-up queries on this topic please leave a comment below. 

During the Queen Guitar Songs, what should you be playing on Keyboards? e.g. Hammer to Fall?

Hammer to fall, actually does have a keyboard part, which is about 53 seconds into the piece – I believe Queen called it ‘candyfloss piano’. It’s basically chords starting with A   D/A   A  D/A   A  D/A   E/A   A  … so really Hammer To Fall doesn’t fall in to the category of a Queen guitar-only song , i.e. one with no arranged Keyboard parts, however if you look at a song like Tie Your Mother Down, that song is 100% guitar on the album track. So, what would you do in that case? For something like Tie Your Mother Down, which is also in the key of A, you could use an Analog Synth Pad with a decent attack, or indeed a Rock Organ Sound. Take a look at Tie Your Mother Down from the Wembley ’86 concert, I’m sure Spike Edney is adding some level of keys during that song. Watching Live Queen Concerts is also another way to find out questions like ‘What did Queen do in this case’, because in the studio you can layer but live you only have Freddie, John, Roger and Brian and in the mid 80s Spike joined, so you look at what was used here.

What you would want here is to fill out the sound while remaining in the background a small bit, and the keys would also support the guitarist while the solo is progressing, so that the signature chord progression is still in action.

If you are a casual player and just want to accompany the album tracks on keyboard, there is certainly no harm in looking at the chords of the songs and playing along. You will find that you will get your own feel for what you can do with each song. So if you were looking at Keep Yourself Alive, which has no keyboards, you might just play Octaved 5th chords on a low register piano sound to create a support for the bass line, or, White Man you could do a Spacey Pad which would add to the ethereal mood of the song. Look at the song, see what instruments your synth or keyboard offer you and see where those might fit. You could also look into purchasing the ‘Off The Record’ music books which transcribes in much detail, the keyboard tracks for each song.

Remember sometimes Not Playing in a section can be important too! Don’t feel you have to fill every bar with an instrument.


What Sounds Should you Use on a Synth or Keyboard when playing along to a track?

Sometimes this is obvious, e.g. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ / ‘Somebody to Love’ will always be piano. But for something like ‘Son and Daughter’ you could look at other tracks written around the time and perhaps a Rock Organ might fit well with the proggy style sound of the first 2 albums. For a more modern song like ‘Radio Ga Ga’, they were using synths such as the Roland Jupiter-8 which created the arpeggio Bass Line, and for the higher keys part it’s almost like a Bells sound, so I would look for a patch on your keyboard which has a pad/bells sound or if you don’t have that, you could use an electric piano with some extra chorus or reverb depending on what you have available.

Really when you pull a song apart you need to listen to what is being played, perhaps search google for ‘Queen Radio Ga Ga Keyboard Only’ as there are some tracks out there which only have the keyboard tracks and you get to hear what is really being played.

I will do a version of ‘Radio Ga Ga’ very soon amd will place it on to my YouTube Channel at and this will show the instrument used and also how I incorporate a little of the bass line after the chorus, so you can do a little mixing and matching to suit your style.


If you can only play chords with 3 fingers, how do you play more complex chords such as 7th chords?

This is tricky ok, but 7th chords are really there as a further embellishment to make the sound of the chord fuller and normally the 7th chords will allow a transition into a certain other chord – i.e. you just don’t start using 7ths for the sake of it. They are an important link-pin in the architecture of the song. If you can only play 3 notes of the chord, and you want to play the 7th, you have 2 options.

So, if you look at the chord C7 which is C E G Bb you could

(a) Play  E G Bb  or  Bb C E  or  G Bb C  so you have the 7th note , the Bb, incorporated.


(b) if you had a sustain pedal, you could play the chord  C E G  and then incorporate the Bb almost like a run-on arpeggio so you play  C E G  (sustain pedal down) and then  E G Bb  and you get to hear the full C7 chord and nobody is the wiser.

Again, it is understanding why the specific chord is used and which note in the chord is making this work for the song. You can see this in action if you look at for example “Doin’ All Right” where the chords are
E   F#m/E   Emaj7   F#m/E
(NOTE: EMaj7 which is D# E  B in this case … you can omit the G# note as it’s not played)
… so if you were to play E   F#m/E    Emaj    F#m/E  (so you are not playing the EMaj7)
You can very plainly hear that the D# is very important in the tone or the feeling at that chord progression.


Some Software Tools to help during LockDown

Finally, if you do want to play around with Bass Notes and building up Chords a Good iPhone app is Acapella. It has been used by many on YouTube and allows you to record yourself playing one track and then build up your track with more and more layers. The link is below

‎Acapella from PicPlayPost


Any Other Questions

If you don’t know me, I’m a Queen Keyboardist and I run this site with the aim of helping those know more about Queen, Queen’s music and I love giving tips on How to Play Queen songs.
If you have any questions please do leave them in the comments below and I will either answer your comment or update the post.

Don’t forget to sign up to my YouTube Channel at for Queen Videos and Tutorials.

Shane’s Queen Site joins in Brian May #JamWithBri MicroConcerts

Shane’s Queen Site joins in Brian May #JamWithBri MicroConcerts

As you may know, Brian May is doing some MicroConcerts during lockdown. These are live played snippets or full songs played on his Red Special guitar from his living room in Kensington. Brian May is aware that lockdown can be hard and his briallian Instagram feed has been updated every week, sometimes a few times per week, with a song. So I decided to add keyboards to these songs where applicable.

Below I have outlined each of the MicroConcert videos and at the end of the post I have outlined the process I use to record and output these videos, should you wish to do your own versions.

Hammer To Fall

This was the first song I did on the #JamWithBri Microconcert. The only problem is that the keyboards don’t really have much of a role in this song. Infact, keyboards don’t come in until 53 seconds have elapsed on the track, and when they do, it’s simple chords of A and D/A, so not really rocket science. But I added those and it was a pleasing enough result in the end and spurred me on to do more. Because Hammer to Fall wasn’t exactly the most challenging or interesting ones, keyboard wise, I didn’t upload that to YouTube but it certainly fired the eagerness to do more.


This is one overlooked song from the album Innuendo. It’s one which I did an arrangment of back in 2010 and had not played since then. I decided to use a nice soft synth-pad, as close as possible to what was used on the Innuendo album. Brian was doing the fantastic solo parts and I was filling in on the synth as per the album. I think it worked out really well and the video got great responses on my Facebook Page and youTube. The video of the #JamWithBti MicroConcert version of Bijou is shown below.

Love of My Life

The version of Love of My Life which I would play when I sti down to a piano is not the version played on A Night at The Opera, instead, I arranged a version which uses the original album version but at the piano solo, I drift into the nice guitar solo which Brian plays live. So I used this to accompany Brian on this version of Love of My Life. If I had my time again I would do two things differently; (a) I would have slightly reduced the piano volume and perhaps compressed it slightly and (b) I would not have played along with Brian’s guitar solo. You can watch the final #JamWithBri version of Love of My Life below.

We are the Champions

Of all the videos I have done so far this is my favourite. Brian did this on his own and then Roger joined in on Drums, before Adam added a vocal track, so there are actually 3 versions of the MicroConcert out there. I had already joined in with Brian before Adam completed the Queen+ trio.  Therefore, I decided to do a second version with me doing the Freddie on piano. I really love the way this sounds and so far, this one is my pride and joy. Since they released the We are the Champions on Instagram, Queen have released the track officially as ‘You are the Champions’ in order to raise funds for PPE equipment to help NHS staff helping Covid-19 patients. The ‘You are the Champions’ track is available on Spotify and you can find more information on the Queen Official Instagram page which is also mirrored on Brian and Rogers Instagram accounts.

Please feel free to watch the full version of my #JamWithBri ‘We Are the Champions’ video on YouTube at or you can click the video below.

My Setup

Basically, this is how I record the additions to the MicroConcerts. I link my digital stage piano and output the audio into garage band while I simultaneously record the video on a Canon DSLR mounted on a tripod and pointed as an overhead camera. Then once I have recorded the audio on GarageBand, as I found Audacity had a 100ms latency for some reason, I output the audio as MP3 and then line the audio and video up in FinalCutPro, and then I mute the camera audio so that the output video only has the pure isolated audio from the piano. Within Final Cut I also take Brian’s Instagram video and splice in my video to create a new #JamWithBri video.

Hope this helps.

If you do create a video please leave a comment with the YouTube link!


Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel at for more videos.

I have also collaborated with US Queen Tribute band Celegrating Queen with the track ‘ Under Pressure ‘ and I will write about that soon.

Keyboard Playing during Queen Guitar Songs and more…? : Visitor Query

Piano Day 2020 – Queen Medley

Piano Day 2020

Today, March 28th is Piano Day. Piano Day is a worldwide celebration of the piano every 88th day of the year – because of the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated.

The Piano Day website, says that ‘it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener.” which is actually a quote from Nils Frahm who is a German musician, composer, and record producer based in Berlin. I tend to agree with this quote.

Every year in Waterford for the past few years, through Piano Day Waterford there has been a piano in John Roberts Square where people could come and play. Last year there was even a live stream via a camer on the piano, so people could watch live on Facebook. With the current world-wide Corona Virus Lockdown in place there was no choice but to make this an online only event for 2020. Piano Day Waterford requested that people submit videos which would then be shared during the day. I submitted 2 to the Piano Day Waterford event and I did an extra one for my own use on the day.

Now that Piano Day 2020 is almost over and the videos have been shared, I can inlcude here in one place so you can view them. I hope you enjoy. I have done Love of My Life, Forever and a Queen Medley which is based on suggestions which I got from Twitter followers of my account @shanesqueensite.

The songs are introduced and shown below via the videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

Queen Medley

I asked for suggestions via Twitter on songs to include in a Queen Medley. Within 5 days I got 27 suggestions of songs and I then worked on finding songs which were either in the same key or shared a common chord. I was able to then link songs so that I could do a 4 minute Queen Medley. Considering I only had about 2 hours on the Wednesday and recorded it the next morning I think it came out ok.

Love of My Life

I always enjoy playing this song from A Night at the Opera. My version has the usual classic entrance and structure however at the solo I use Brian’s Guitar style solo as I think it fits well and we all know it from the Queen Concerts anyway.


A beautiful song from A Kind of Magic, Forever is a great song to play. I slightly re-arranged this one also to include those lovely minor chords near the end, Em, Cm, Am, Fm, Dm, Bm, Gm and then back to Em – though not in the version on the album I think it rounds off the song nicely, especially when it resolves through the lovely arpeggio in D before the final E5 chord ends the song. A Masterpiece by Queen.

I really hope you enjoyed these Piano Day songs and hopefully for Piano Day 2021 we will be back doing live performances.

Stay Safe and if you have any Piano Day performances of your own please drop me a line on Twitter @shanesqueensite or drop a comment below.

Coming Soon

As you know Brian May is doing MicroConcerts on Instagram. I am @shanesqueensite on Instagram also but I will be running some MicroConcerts next week. This will be anounced on my facebook page at so if you play guitar, bass, sing or play drums please keep an eye out and I would love for as many people to take part as possible.

How to play the Intro to Seven Seas of Rhye on Piano

How to play the Intro to Seven Seas of Rhye on Piano

Seven seas of Rhye is one of my favourite songs from the Queen II album. Because there is such a high prevalence of piano in the song, of course I would want to play it. I learned the song many years ago and it’s only as the Shane’s Queen Site started to grow that I could see a growing appetite from visitors to see how songs were played. About a year ago I uploaded a video to YouTube showing how to play the intro to Seven Seas of Rhye on Piano – you can see that video at  – that video has over 60,000 views on YouTube which is great but nothing is explained in that video. It’s not easy to play the riff and many people wanted to know the keys to play so I have slowed things down in a new video. This updated video is under 5 minutes long but it shows how to play the Seven Seas of Rhye Piano riff in basic terms. See the new slower version of How to Play the Seven Seas of Rhye intro on Piano video below…

The chords used in the Seven Seas of Rhye riff are arpeggios of D and G. In the first riff part the D moves between a D and G and in the second it moves from G to a combo which is actually a D7-3rd chord in other words the notes D A and C. The key to playing the riff for Seven Seas is the hitting of the D note twice before changing the riff pattern.

This can be seen in the video. (But if you have questions about playing the intro to Seven Seas of Rhye on Piano, please feel free to leave them on the video or as a comment below)

As a Queen Keyboardist myself, I have seen many tribute bands and some of them don’t play this riff right and it irks me. It’s not overly hard, it’s just a trick of getting that Double hit on the D note before re-starting the riff. So I wanted to pass on my tips in this post and this YouTube Video. 

I hope you enjoy the new video of How to Play the Seven Seas of Rhye intro on Piano and that it helps if you were trying to learn the song.

Please follow me on YouTube at for more videos. 

Feel free to comment on which Queen song you want to see explained on video next.

Recreating the Yamaha DX7 sound of Queen at Wembley 1986

Recreating the Yamaha DX7 sound of Queen at Wembley 1986

Recreating the DX7 for Who Wants to Live Forever – Wembley ’86


About the Yamaha DX7 Digital synth

The DX7 was a digital synth produced by Yamaha between 1983 and 1989. I was lucky enough to have used and borrowed a few DX7s back in the late 80s (it was probably between 1987 and 1989) and it was a fantastic synth for its time. I would guess that I used it for songs like Jump (Van Halen) at the time as Queen wasn’t on my radar (sadly) until the early 90s.


The DX7 and Queen

Queen had a DX7 and in the video showing the recording of ‘One Vision’ and you can see Brian playing the intro to One Vision on a Yamaha DX7. However, you will notice a MIDI cable on that video and the chances are this DX7 was only used as the MIDI Out and it was actually connected to some other synth for the final ‘One Vision’ intro we know and love – perhaps the Jupiter-8 as Queen had one of these also. In fact the Jupiter-8 was probably used to arpeggiate the Bass Riff of Radio Ga Ga. Anyway I digress, I have gone through all the DX7 patches and I cannot find any which match the One Vision sound, so it is doubtful it was used on the album version of the song from the ‘A Kind of Magic’ album.

The DX7 was apparently (I need confirmation on exactly which parts and patches) used on other songs such as A Kind of Magic, Who Wants to Live Forever, Pain Is So Close to Pleasure, One Year of Love, Rain Must Fall, Was It All Worth It and a few others. My best guess is that the DX7 was used as a base sound and the final album sounds were re-eingineered in the studio.

The one place we see promenent use of the Yamaha DX7 is when Queen played Wembley in June 1986. When playing ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ live, Brian used the Yamaha DX-7 with Syn-Orchestra (or Syn Orch) patch from Rom 2A and then the patch from Rom 2B for ‘I Want To Break Free’. These 2 songs follow each other on the set list, so it was probably setup this way because of the simplicity of using the same patch.

So, I decided to make a little video showing how you can connect a MIDI keyboard, synth or stage piano to a computer and recreate the same sounds. One problem – I don’t have a DX7 synth. Instead, I used the Synth Emulator DEXED. This is a free piece of software which is available for Mac/Windows/Linux and is closely modeled on the Yamaha DX7. The creators have built this to be companion software for the original DX7 and feature multi formats (VST, AU, LV2). The link for downloading DEXED is included on the DX7 YouTube Video at

The Video is below and I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments here or on the video and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more Queen / music videos very soon.

There are a pre-loaded set of sounds included in the Dexed package and you can also upload presets from what I can see. Hope you enjoy using Dexed as much as I did. The DX-7 remains one of my favourite synths even though it pales in comparison to the complexity and polophony of the synth workstaions we have these days such as the Korg Kronos or Yamaha Fantom, it had a beautiful tone in some of it’s sounds (not all of them) and the retro in me would love to own a DX-7 !

UPDATE MAY 2020 : With that in mind, I just found out that the Korg Kronos has the MOD-7 engine which recreates the DX-7 sounds, so I really want a Kronos now after hearing that !!

If you have any comments about this DX7 / Who Wants to Live Forever video please leave them below or on the YouTube video.

New Street, Freddie Mercury Close, unveiled in London

Freddie Mercury Close, London street named after Queen singer

A street in Feltham, the London suburb where Freddie Mercury lived in November 1964, was renamed as Freddie Mercury Close on Monday 24th February. Freddie’s and the Bulsara family moved to 22 Gladstone Avenue in Feltham in 1964, after fleeing the revolution in Zanzibar. The house was commemorated with a blue plaque back in 2016. He was known as ‘Fred’ rather than Farrokh even before the family came to London, and signed himself as Fred Bulsara on letters until 1970, when he changed his name to Mercury. Freddie lived in Gladstone Avenue in Feltham until 1970, and even took jobs while in college such as washing dishes in the kitchens of Heathrow Airport, just a stone’s throw from Gladstone Avenue.

The Local authorities in Feltham agreed to rename part of a cul-de-sac on Hanworth Road as Freddie Mercury Close, which is the address of the headquarters of the World Zoroastrian Organization. As you probably know, Freddie was born into the Zoroastrian faith and practiced the ancient religion as a child. The World Zoroastrian Organization is now housed at 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, Middlesex, TW13 5DF.

The unveiling of the new road, Freddie Mercury Close, was attended by Freddie’s sister Kashmira Cooke (Bulsara), her son Samuel, Tony Louki the Mayor of Hounslow, supporters of the World Zoroastrian Organisation and The Lord Bilimoria CBE DL.

The location of Freddie Mercury Close has also been added to my list of Queen related Places to Visit in London.

Brian May grew up in the area also and recalls visiting Freddie at number 22 Gladstone Avenue. Freddie was insistent that Brian listen very closely to Jimi Hendrix and said “this is what we will do … we will be a group“. Brian realls thinking, “I don’t even know if this guy can sing” … turns out he really could !


Ironocally, Freddie Mercury Close runs almost straight into Queen’s Road… Coincidence?

New – Interactive map of Queen places to visit in London

New – Interactive map of Queen places to visit in London

New Section – Interactive Queen Map of London

Have you ever been to London and wondered where members of Queen lived or where a certain Queen video was shot. A new section on Shane’s Queen Site, is the Interactive Queen Map of London.

I have manually verified and linked over 25 locations in London where a Queen related item is of note.

Some of these include the following. The location of;

  • Queen’s first Top of the Pops appearance
  • Freddie Mercurys House at Logan Place
  • We are the Champions video shoot
  • John Deacons Wedding
  • various recording studios where Queen recorded in London
  • Some of the notable filming locations for the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie
  • apartments where Queen lived in their early career
  • The stall where Roger and Freddie sold clothes and art on High Street Kensington
    and many more Queen related locations in the area of London…

So far the Interactive Queen Map of London has proved very popular with over 600 hits in the first 48 hours of the system. 

I hope to add even more locations in the coming weeks and my plan is to expand the system further and wider to give a more complete view of Queen related locations in and near London.

If you have any locations that you know of, which are not listed on this Interactive Queen Map of London, please do leave a comment or drop me an email.

Click Here to view the Interactive Queen Map of London

Bohemian Rhapsody wins 4 Oscars at the 91st Academy​ Awards

Bohemian Rhapsody wins 4 Oscars at the 91st Academy​ Awards

Bohemian Rhapsody wins a total of Four Oscars at the 91st Academy Awards.

The Queen BioPic Bohemian Rhapsody was the Biggest Winner at the 91st Academy Awards with the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic winning a total of 4 awards – it now has more Oscars than the Godfather.

Rami Malek won the Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Oscars. He had to contend with a very strong list of contenders for the award. The others in his Oscar category included Christian Bale for Vice, Bradley Cooper for A Star Is Born, Willem Dafoe for At Eternity’s Gate and Viggo Mortensen for Green Book. Having already won the Golden Globe and the BAFTA for his leading role in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek was very much the favourite to win.

Prior to Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek was most famous for the interesting portrayal of Elliot Alderson in Mr Robot. The Bohemian Rhapsody movie had a lot of setbacks during its production. Sacha Baron Cohen left the production due to conflict with the remaining Queen band members regarding how the role should be played. Then director Bryan Singer was fired and replaced with Dexter Fletcher.

On release, the Bohemian Rhapsody movie was initially panned by the critics and many said it was a terrible film and did not reflect Freddie Mercury correctly. Even with this, the movie has gone on to have the most amazing box-office success.

Queen At The Oscars

It was a great night at the Oscars because for the first time a rock band opened the show. That band was Queen+ Adam Lambert. They opened with a short version of We Will Rock You closely followed by We Are the Champions. On the Red Carpet, Adam Lambert said that We are the Champions was apt because everyone nominated could consider themselves a champion.

As the Oscars for Bohemian Rhapsody kept coming I don’t think Queen fans could have ever foreseen an event where Queen was so front and centre. On collecting his award Rami Malek said, “I may not have been the obvious choice but I guess it worked out.” It certainly worked out. Bohemian Rhapsody with 4 Oscars and it has 30 of the 59 awards it was nominated for.

So much for the critics who said this movie was not good. There are many reviews from the UK press which have Bohemian Rhapsody as a 1 or 2-star film. Perhaps the age of the movie reviewer is over, they were wrong, Bohemian Rhapsody has earned over $860,000,000* at the box office and has won 4 Oscars, 2 golden globes, 2 BAFTAs and a number of industry awards under its belt.

Critics, You were wrong – go home – the public has spoken, the industry has spoken, Bohemian Rhapsody is the Champion.

* Box-Office data correct at the time of this blog-post, Feb 27th 2019