Killer Queen voted best song on Sheer Heart Attack

Killer Queen voted best song on Sheer Heart Attack

After weeks of voting, Killer Queen was voted the best song on Queen’s 3rd Studio Album

If you have been following this site for a while then you will know that we have been running the ‘Champions of Queen League‘ to determine the best songs on all of Queen’s Studio Albums. Up to this point we have done 3 albums; Queen, Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack.

The most recent set of polls saw the 13 tracks on Sheer Heart Attack go head to head. This tool place over 13 rounds of polls and 78 individual head-to-head votes.

In total 2,431 votes were cast in the Sheer Heart Attack polls and the final table was very close, with two songs always leading the pack. Those two songs of course were Now I’m Here and Killer Queen. It was Killer Queen which was voted the Best song.

How was Killer Queen voted Best song on Sheer Heart Attack?

Throughout the voting process Now I’m Here and Killer Queen lead the way. Each of these songs won all of their respective rounds in the head to head polls. The final reckoning for these two songs came when they went head to head themselves. Killer Queen eventually won 72% of the vote and Now I’m Here had to settle for 2nd place with 28% of the vote.

Each song got 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw in the head to head polls.

The final table for the Sheer Heart Attack – Champions of Queen League was as follows;

Best song on Sheer Heart Attack

The Overall Results

As can be seen, Killer Queen won 12, Now I’m Here won 11 and Brighton Rock came in 3rd place. 4th place saw a respectable position for In the Lap of the Gods Revisited and Flick of the Wrist was in 5th spot. A firm favourite amongst fans, Stone Cold Crazy was in 6th spot with the (non revisited) Lap of the Gods in 7th spot. Lily of the Valley, Tenement Funster, Bring back that Leroy Brown, She Makes Me, Misfire and Dear Friends prop up the table in that order.


Next Up…

The next album on the Champions of Queen League will be ‘A Night at the Opera’ which is bound to throw up a few good contests, e.g. Bohemian Rhapsody Vs The Prophets Song. All of these votes and head to head rounds will be split between Twitter Polls and also Online Polls so please do check in with the Champions of Queen League webpage every few days for updates. 


What do you think – Was the result correct with Killer Queen voted Best Song on Sheer Heart Attack? Leave a comment below with your thoughts ….

Watch the accompanying Video for Killer Queen being voted best song on Sheer Heart Attack

I have a video on YouTube which details the top 5 songs in this poll.

Queen Win the Absolute Radio ‘World Cup of Classic Rock’

Queen Win the Absolute Radio ‘World Cup of Classic Rock’

Queen win the Absolute Radio The World Cup of Classic Rock poll

Queen thrash Guns N’ Roses in the final round…

For a few weeks, the popular radio station Absolute Radio were running a series of head to head knockout polls to determine who the greatest rock band of all time was? After a few weeks of voting, it was no surprise that Queen were crowned the overall winners of the Absolute Radio “World Cup of Classic Rock”. In the end Queen beat Guns N’ Roses in the final head to head.

The polls started off with 32 shortlisted rock bands and the polls were run via the Absolute Classic Rock’s Twitter page. There were some great polls running and I was very surprised to see Def Leppard and Thin Lizzy going out on the very first set of polls. There were also some very close polls, some only separated by 1 or 2%

Queen overcame Meat loaf (winning by 89%), Pink Floyd (winning with 71%), Iron Maiden (winning with 78%) and AC/DC (winning with 67%) before winning the whole contest against Guns ‘n’ Roses. Not just winning it but they went Stone Cold Crazy on the US band – Queen eventually won with 76% of the vote … Pure Champions !

Guns ‘n’ Roses came 2nd, AC/DC came third and Hendrix was second.

You can check out the full rundown of each poll at


As a result of the World Cup of Classic Rock win…

Due to the fact that Queen won the World Cup of Classic Rock poll, Brian May will be on Absolute radio talking about 3 Queen albums which will be played in full, each Monday evening on Absolute Radio. This will kick off with Brian talking about ‘A Night at the Opera’. Take a look at the AbsoluteRadio tweet below for more details.


Queen Release the Queen Rock Tour Mobile Game

Queen Release the Queen Rock Tour Mobile Game

Queen have launched a mobile game called Queen Rock Tour on the 50th Anniversary of Queen. The new mobile game Queen Rock Tour allows you to play along with the band and the Queen back catalogue. Players can re-live classic Queen Concerts from the Rainbow to Wembley.

Upon the launch of the Queen Rock Tour game on 1st March, Brian May said that you could ” Be a Lockdown Rock Star!

Unfortunately, this mobile game is the closest we are going to come to experiencing a Queen Tour in 2021, as the effects of Covid continue to impact live music across the world.

The concept of the game is that it is a play-along rhythm game, similar to games like GuitarHero. Apparently this is the first official Queen mobile game. There was a mobile game called “Play the Game” but this was probably not endorsed by Queen (either way it is no longer available on the AppStore)

The new Queen Rock Tour game allows fans to experience the thrill of playing live with Queen on the event of their Golden Jubilee. Although we would all lobe to be stomping our feet at a live Queen concert, the best we can do in lockdown is to stomp our thumbs all over our mobile devices. You can play along with Brian’s guitar, Freddie vocals and piano riffs, Johns Bass and Rogers Drum playing. All you have to do is stay on rhythm and score as many points as you can.

There are 20 songs included on the game including Keep Yourself Alive, Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions, Radio Ga Ga and many many more. There are also various venues you can play including the Rainbow and Wembley Stadium.

The graphics are amazing and you can even stylise your band with icon outfits from the bands 50 year career. You will also see images which up to now may not have been seen by many and you will learn nots of Queen facts along the way.

Probably the last time we saw an official computer game with Queen’s music was ‘Queen: The Eye’ back in 1997.

This game is another way the Queen are reaching a new audience and a new generation of Queen fans. Building on the success of the recent tours with Adam Lambert and also the resounding success that was the Bohemian Rhapsody BioPic which took 4 Oscars at the 2019 Academy Awards, and many other awards along the way.

From what I can see the game has been very positively received in the Queen community.

You can find out more about the Queen Rock Tour mobile game at
Download free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play

The Best Song on the Queen II Album is Revealed

The Best Song on the Queen II Album is Revealed

What is The Best song on Queen II

The Best Song on the Queen II Album is Revealed after 1,998 votes were cast in the Queen II Champions of Queen League.

Since late November 2020 I have been running the Queen II Champions of Queen League, with the goal of finding out what the public think is the best song on Queen’s second album. In total 1,998 votes were cast between the Shane’s Queen Site website and the associated Twitter Account @shanesqueensite.

Because there were 11 songs on the album, an odd number, one song in each round got a ‘bye’ and was not included in that rounds polls.

The content on the album is so strong that it was hard to sometimes decide which was the better song. How can you decide between Ogre Battle and White Queen or Fairyfellers Master Stroke and Seven Seas of Rhye? The voting public really wanted to share their views, considering the Queen I vote got 1,451 votes the voting strength was very much increased in this round.

The final Champions of Queen League is shown below as is the review video on my Shane’s Queen Site YouTube Channel.


Please Join in with the Sheer Heart Attack polls which will run from the 15th February via the website and Twitter – Click here to visit the main Champions of Queen League page

Queen II - Best song on Queen II Album

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Recent YouTube Videos from Shane’s Queen Site

Recent YouTube Videos from Shane’s Queen Site

In the past few weeks I have added some Shane’s Queen Site YouTube videos which include Piano Tutorials, Covers, and Backing Tracks. I have a few of these listed below incase you missed them.

How to Play ‘I Want to Break Free’ – Full Song

This has been requested a few times so I decided to spend some time and do a decent video showing the intro, verse, solo and bridge for the song.  Each section is broken down and explained. The end of the song has the top down view of how to play the full song from start to finish. 

How to Play “Seven Seas of Rhye” – Full Song

This is one of the signature pieces which Freddie loved to play, you may recall his fast fingers of the Wembley concert. Here, as usual, I break the song into intro, verse, bridge, instrumental and final verse / fade out. The end of the song has the full song played at tempo from start to finish.

Under Pressure Cover by Celebrating Queen

This cover is from the Queen tribute band Celebrating Queen , and I am delighted to be keyboard player in this fantastic band.

This is the cover of under pressure by celebrating Queen recorded between Budapest, Las Vegas and myself here in Waterford Ireland.

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Queen on TV over Christmas 2020

Queen on TV over Christmas 2020

Queen programmes on TV Christmas 2020

This is a brief listing of the various Queen and Queen related TV programming available to enjoy over the Christmas period. I’m sure you have seen many of these Queen programmes before but if you are drowning in the usual Christmas films you may want to switch over to some great music. So this is the round up Queen on TV  this Christmas (and I don’t mean HRH)

United Kingdom & Ireland

Queen: Live at Wembley -:- Christmas Day 6:30pm (Sky Arts) & New Year’s Eve 10:40pm (Sky One)
Queen: The Magic Years -:- Christmas Day 3:30pm (Sky Arts)
Queen Live in Rio -:-  Sunday 27th December 8.00pm (Pick)
Freddie Mercury: The Tribute Concert -:- Christmas Day 4:45pm (Sky Arts) & Sunday 27th December 9.15pm (Pick) & New Year’s Eve/Day 12:15am (Sky One)
Queen & Adam Lambert: The Show Must Go On -:- New Year’s Eve/Day 2:15am (Sky One)

Czech Republic

Hungarian Rhapsody – Live In Budapest  -:- 31st December 10.20pm (Czech TV)

Italian TV

Queen + Bejart – Ballet For Life  -:- 24th December 5am (Sky Arte)
Queen Rock The World  -:- 24th December 4am (Sky Arte) & 6th January 10am (Sky Arte)
Live At Wembley Stadium  -:- 26th December 8.00pm (Sky Arte)
Live At The Rainbow  -:- Monday 28th December 5.45pm (Sky Arte)
Hungarian Rhapsody – Live In Budapest  -:- Tuesday 5th January 6.45pm (Sky Arte)



Queen & Adam Lambert: The Show Must Go On  -:- Christmas Day 9.20pm (NTR)


Hungarian Rhapsody – Live In Budapest  -:- Thursday 31st December 8.20pm


What Queen Programmes on TV Christmas 2020 will you be watching?

If you haven’t previously seen many of the items below, my favourites from this TV list of Queen programming for Christmas 2020 are;
– Queen Live at Wenbley 86,
– Queen + Adam Lambert: the Show Must Go On,
– Queen Rock the World   and
Queen Live at the Rainbow.
So, lots of Great Queen TV programming to keep you entertained this Christmas.

If you have a favourite, or even would rather see some different Queen concert or documentary on TV this Christmas, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Christmas to you all !

Brian May could doing a 2021 reissue of his solo albums

Brian May could doing a 2021 reissue of his solo albums

Back to the Light

Could Brian May be reissuing his solo albums in 2021? Perhaps so …

In recent days if you have been watching his Instagram account, Brian May has made a few hints at something he is working on. On his Instagram page he mentioned that a possible Brian May reissue of his solo albums might actaully by re-released in the New Year, much to the delight of the 2.6 Million Instagram followers of @brianmayforreal.

On September 28th 1992 Brian released his first solo album “Back to the Light” and on June 1st 1998 his second album “Another World” was released. I say his first solo alnum but I am not including his collaborations on the “Starfleet” project back in 1983 featuring the guitar extravagance of one Eddie Van Halen.

If you are on Spotify or Apple Music you will know that both Back to the Light and Another World are not actually available on those streaming services. So there is real hope that Brial will be releasing a re-mastered series of works which perhaps some extras such as new tracks or even some of this unfinished demos. Artists such as Devin Townsend regularly release the actual album on CD1 and on CD2 there is a bonus disk sometimes labeled as ‘Demos’ – so perhaps Brian might do the same?

Personally, I actually have both albums on CD so if there is a re-release I will wait and see what is included. Certainly I will be happy if any new Brian May re-issued material makes an appearance on Spotify. The re-master of songs like Too Much Love will Kill you or Resurrection would be a highlight for me.

What do you think of a possible Brian May Reissue? Please let us know in the comments. 
Will Brian May rerelease his albums or is it something new or something more Queen related?
Hopefully 2021 will be a better year and no way better to celebrate a new year than with some Queen / Brian May related new material…


Save Me Cover version with Musicians from around the World

Save Me Cover version with Musicians from around the World

I was recently contacted by Daniel Guerrero a guitarist from Argentina asking if I could provide the piano track for a cover of the Queen song “Save Me” from the 1980 album The Game.
This was to be a multi-country virtual cover of this amazing Queen song. It was the first collaboration where I was able to use the new Korg Kronos which I got in October.

Save Me is one of the pieces of Queen which I learned first so I know it really well, thus, doing this cover was easy for me to record.

I actually used the on-board sequencer on the Korg Kronos to add the haunting pad which you can hear just before and slightly during the guitar solo. The rest of the song is fairly simple, a typical piece of piano from Brian May, sounds amazing with all his flair on the piano but it’s not that difficult. There is a delicious chord sequence which I really enjoy playing in the second verse, just between the lines ‘The Slate will soon be clean’ and “I’ll erase the memories’ – it is the sequence   Em7    D/F#   G   and Brian plays this wonderfully, I then mirror this passage in the final piece.

I hear remnants of ‘Save Me’ in ‘Too Much Love will Kill You’, maybe it’s just because I love playing both pieces but I do like Brian’s style when playing piano. Anyway, the cover version of Save Me is below if you wiah to take a listen.

The musicians on this cover version of Save Me are as follows;

Daniel Guerrero; Argentina – Guitar
Shane McDonald ; Ireland – Piano
Yvan Pedneault ; Canada – Vocal
Sebastian Poitevin ; France – Drum
Young Seok Moon ; South Korea – Bass

The final output and final video of this cover is below if you wish to take a look – or to vuew on YouTube visit

I really enjoyed the experience and working with other international musicians on this project.

Thanks guys for an awesome job !

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Shane McDonald – keyboardist with Queen Tribute Band, Celebrating Queen

Shane McDonald – keyboardist with Queen Tribute Band, Celebrating Queen

New role as Keyboardist with Queen Tribute Band, Celebrating Queen

I’m delighted to announce that I am now keyboardist / musical director with the US based Queen Tribute act, ‘ Celebrating Queen’. The band ‘Celebrating Queen’ have many years experience in entertaining audiences with a powerful show both in the USA and Europe. The band are currently booking for 2021 shows, such as festivals, events and custom venues.

I have been playing Queen’s music for many years, and since 1993, I have been disecting the Queen songs and getting into the intricacies of each piece. This opportunity is a real dream come true for me, as it has been something which I have always wanted to do.

As it stands we now wait for the covid pandemic to ease so that concert dates in 2021 can be booked and actually fulfilled. For more details on booking Celebrating Queen please visit !

The setlist of the band is varied, including all the Greatest Hits as well as deep cuts like March of the Black Queen, Stone Cold Crazy and Death on Two Legs.

So from here, mid-pandemic October 2020 it’s just a waiting game until such time as we know if concert dates can be booked. I hope you will join me on the journey and I will keep you updated on tour dates and any venues that are booked. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook via the links below.

I cannot express how happy I am to be a Queen Tribute Band keyboardist , a dream come true for me!  It’s sure to be an exciting time and I will upload as much detail on this site as is possible.

Hope to see you somewhere on the road in 2021 !!


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Finding the Best Queen Songs with the Champions of Queen League

Finding the Best Queen Songs with the Champions of Queen League

What is the Best Queen Song?

Thats a question everyone asks, so I have designed a league based system designed to find the publics favourite Queen songs. A head to head match between each queen song on each Queen studio album is set up. The song with the most votes, gets 3 points, 1 point for a draw and the tally of votes are also counted in the case of a tie at the end. 

I have started with the first Queen album, titled ‘Queen’ which was released in 1973. The polls are just over the half way point at this stage and results should be available in early November.

The future of this league / poll system is that I will have all the rounds available online from the start. These will be open for a set number fo days so that as many people can vote as possible. There is only one vote per person based on IP and cookes.

If you want to take part in this series of polls, please return to the site over the next few weeks and visit the section for the Champions of Queen League

Vote in the Champions of Queen League

Vote in the series of polls designed to determine the best songs on all of Queens 15 studio albums.

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