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Non-Queen Related Links

These are some links to Non-Queen Related Links in the music and entertainment area which may be of interest. 

Non-Queen Related Links and Websites

Shane McDonald’s personal website

This is my personal website which has been running since around 1998 in various guises. The site started out on the free web hosting which was run by back in 1998, around 2000 the site moved to a .com domain and in 2016 the site moved to a .ie Irish domain. The site has had massive peaks over the years and at it’s height was getting around 110,000 hits per month but due to changes on the way Google indexed sites it dropped over time and as it stands I’m getting around 15,000 to 20,000 hits per month. Shane’s Queen Site was added to my personal website around 2004. On the site I have some music information and also a personal blog (which I feel probably needs a bit of an update as I haven’t had time to post new blogs in the past 2 years … covid was a tricky time to keep the site posted while trying to keep working going too). Anyway, the link is below if you want to take a look.

Website Link: Shane – Me, Shane McDonald’s, personal website and blog

Shane McDonald Photography

This is my photography website. In 2010 I setup a photography blog which later turned into a portfolio for my photography. On that site I have some samples of the type of work I do as well as the photo blog and links to my social media.

Website Link: Shane McDonald Photography – Photo Blog

Celebrating Queen Tribute Band

I am keyboardist and musical director for the US Queen tribute band Celebrating Queen. We will be touring the USA in 2022 and will be visiting some European venues (including Ireland) in late Summer 2022. Please click the link below for details of the band.

Website Link: Celebrating Queen Tribute Band USA

Other Non-Queen Related Links : The Easy Way to Find Link Swap Partners.


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