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These are some links to Queen Social Media Groups, Queen Social Media Accounts which are official, or general Queen related forums and message boards. At one point there were 7 links in this list, now only one survives from the original list (originally compiled in the days before Facebook). If you know of any other Queen forums please let me know.


Queenforum - Queen Site

A Dutch Queenforum with sections on the band, its members, albums and other topics.

Obviosuly with the way Facebook has grown over the years there are a number of really good Queen fan groups on facebook. Therefore I’m not going to list every Facebook group on this page, otherswise we would be here for a long time. Instead I’m listing the channels I feel are the best of the best. I hope you like this list. if you have a group or forum which you feel should be included in this list then please drop me an email or contact me on social media and I will add the resource as soon as possible.

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