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Queen Collector Websites

These are some links to Queen Collector Sites which may be of interest – If you are a Queen collector you can get in touch, and get your site listed here.   
Queen Museum - Queen Site

A very nice collectors site with pictures of rare records and memorabilia. This is a website for the serious Queen Collector. If you are a Queen fan who is pasionate about Queen Records and Queen Memorabilia then a visit to the Queen Museum is a must. The Queen Museum website is now over 20 years old. The aim of this site was to create an information source to Queen fans regarding Queen collectables. Some of the items discussed on the site include the Keep Yourself Alive Withdrawn UK Demo 7″ vinyl, a Bohemian Rhapsody 7″ vinyl Test Pressing, Freddie Mercury Signed Promotional Picture from 1987, an interview with Gerry Stickells during the Queen Tour in USA 1980 and many more. A really intereting site for the serious Queen collector.
Murrays Queen Collection - Queen Site

Murrays Queen Collection is vast, and the site reviews the Queen Discography and many albums which are imports and specials. It’s a huge website, but doesn’t have an about section so you just need to look at the navigation bar to see how vast the site really is. There are of course the full discography listing which you would expect. After that you can find other sections such as Live at Ukraine, Queen live 73-96, Queen Demos, information on DVDs, VHS and Documentaries. There is a lot here which will keep you interested. Some of the more interesting sections include picture disks, Japanese releases, Queen Pins, Queen Buttons, interviews, magazines, Books, postcards, merch, calendars and much more. Clear your day and spend some time on the website.

Queen Vinyls - Queen Site

This is a great website which has been online since 2007. The Queen Vinyls website has a collection of the rarest Queen related memoriabelia and merch. This includes really rare Queen bootlegs, tickets, signed merch, tour programs, backstage passes as well as autographs, advertising, magazines, flyers, Promotional items, Queen related movie posters and much more.

there are of course a number of Queen vinyls on the site, including all the official Queen releases as well as rare imports and Rare records, 7″s, 12″s, LPs, CDs, RIAA & BPI awards, tickets, tour programs and memorabilia from all around the world. It’s a real wow of a website – check out Queen Vinyls one of the best Queen Collector Sites out there.

If you know of any Queen collector sites not listed on this website then please let me know, drop me an email or follow me @shanesqueensite on Twitter and Instagram.

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