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Queen Fan Sites

Over the years I have come across many Queen Fan Sites. In fact back in 1996, I found the first of these, which was a site called “Andy’s Queen Site” and little did I know that 8 years later, in 2004, I would start my own Queen Fan Site – Shane’s Queen Site, and it has gone from strength to strength (and I hope you are enjoying your visit to my website).

This section of my site includes a number of Queen related links, specifically some links to Queen Fan Sites, Queen Fan Blogs and Queen Fan Forums which may be of interest. I have also included some other sites on the main Queen Links section to some Queen friends who link to my site.

If there is a Queen Fan Site not listed in this section, or indeed if there is a link which is broken or changed, please do let me know and I will update this page with new information.

I make every effort to ensure that these Queen links are correct, up to date and functioning, however i cannot be responsible for the contents of 3rd party websites. These links are manually checked every 6 months but if you find that one of these pages or links is not working or has changed please drop me an email and I will update the relevany Queen page with the new information.

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