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Queen Fan Clubs List

This is the Queen Fan Clubs List with the Official Queen Fan Club and also some regional ones listed below.

Official International Queen Fan Club

The official Queen fan club has been in existence for over 45 . The fan club was created due to the huge amount of interest in the band during the mid 70s. Even today there is a huge interest in Queen, perhaps even more so today than ever. As a fan club member you get printed magazines, exclusive downloads, exclusive members only deals and much much more. The international fan club has the annual Queen Convention which takes place annually as well as parties to celebrate Freddie’s birthday in September, and much more. The whole idea of the Queen International Fan Club is to create a family like club to share and discuss everything ‘Queen’.

Website Link : Official International Queen Fan Club

German Queen Fan Club

The Queen Fan Club Germany is the ideal place for german Queen fans to discuss everything Queen. Members get 3 fan club magazines with information about everything a Queen fan needs such as the latest Queen news, interviews, Queen photos as well as contacts with other Queen fans. Members also get an exclusive club id, discounts, plus the German Fan Club runs the largest German-language website on the subject of Queen. The fan club also organises a number of special Queen fan trips and local meetings annually.

German Queen Fan Club Website : German Queen Fan Club

Polish Queen Fan Club

The Polish Queen Fan Club was set up in 2003 by Queen fan Piotr Kaczmarek. He got a number of Queen enthusiasts in Warsaw and in May 2004 the Polish Queen Fan Club was created.  The aims of the Polish Queen Fan Club were to promote Queen’s music in Poland, helping Queen fans in Poland meet up, ensuring people knew about the illegality of copying and illegally sharing Queen’s music, setting up a number of Polish Queen events and contests.  The Polish Queen Fan Club was a patron of the Queen + Adam Lambert’s concert in Poland in 2012. So if you are based in Poland, take a look at their website below, but there is also an English version of the site which was very useful for English speaking Queen fans. 

Polish Queen Fan Club Website : Polish Queen Fan Club

Italian Queen Fan Club

The Italian Queen Fan Club has the name ‘We Will Rock You’ and is the only official Italian fan club which is recognized by Queen. The Italian Queen Fan Club was set up and founded in 1989 (pre-www internet). Since 1989 the fan club has been active in promoting the music of Queen in Italy. The website has a few areas which have either not been updated in a while (e.g. there is a mention of the 25th anniversary of the club … but that took place in 2014 and some links are not working 100%). There is also an Italian Queen Fan Club YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Italian Queen Fan Club Website : Italian Queen Fan Club

Czech Queen Fan Club

The Cxech Queen Fan Club or FC Tornado Queen as it is also known is a non-profit association designed to promote the music of Queen and bring together supporters and fans Queen in the Czech Republic. The fan club also wants to share and disseminate information about Queen and organize social and cultural Queen related events. The Czech Queen Fan Club is managed by six Queen enthusiasts. The fan club was founded in 1996 and there is a Queen News section of their website as well as having an offical Facebook page for Czech Queen fans. For more information on the Czech Queen Fan Club, please check out the website below.

Czech Queen Fan Club Website : Czech Queen Fan Club

Are there any Queen Fan Clubs not listed here?

The list of Queen Fan Clubs in this list have been manually checked. There were 4 links which I had which did not work so if you know of a Queen Fan Society / Club not listed here please do let me know and I will check it and if it is live, I will add it to the list of Fan Clubs on Shane’s Queen Site. If you are a member of any other fan clubs please let me know.

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