Queen Albums

This section has the Queen albums discography. This list of all albums released as Queen and excluding solo project albums. This amazing Queen album back catalogue and discography is arranged by release date order. Solo discography can be found below. 

Solo Projects and Other Albums

This section has the discography of all Queen related albums released as solo or other projects by Queen band members.


If there are any Queen albums or Queen related albums which you feel should be included in the Queen Albums / Discography timeline please send me a message and I will see if the album can be added to this music section.


About Queen

Queen are one of the most innovative bands to have hit the music scene. Queen combined a mixture of hard rock, live extravagance, with great songwriting and excellent musicianship. With Freddie Mercury as their lead singer, Queen had probably the best voice in rock. Also, with Brian Mayon lead guitar you had a rich orchestrated guitar sound with unmistakable sound. Read More…

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