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Queen Albums

This section has the complete Queen album discography. This is a list of all their albums in order of release date but only those albums released as Queen. Queen has to have one of the best back catalogues in music history. The Queen musical legacy has broken records worldwide. As of March 2021, Queens Greatest Hits 1 has spent over 940 weeks on the UK Albums Chart and it has also been certified 20 times platinum with sales of over 6 million copies, making it the best-selling album of all time in the United Kingdom.

This list of queen album releases in chronological order excludes solo project albums, if you wish to see Solo projects please scroll down on this page or click here.

Solo Projects and Other Albums

This section has the Queen discography of all Queen related albums released as solo or other projects by Queen band members. Brian, Freddie and Roger have all released solo albums and Queen have also collaborated with other artists such as Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert and these are listed in this section.

If there are any Queen projects or Queen related albums which you feel should be included in the Queen Discography timeline please send me a message and I will see if it can be added to this music section. There are many Queen records which may be imports, bootlegs or rare productions and I am not going to list ecery one of these here. My thoughts are that the section should be for releases that everyone can avail of and purchase, i.e. standard commercial releases.


About the Queen Discography

Queen are one of the most innovative bands to have hit the music scene. Queen combined a mixture of hard rock, live extravagance, with great songwriting and excellent musicianship. With Freddie Mercury as their lead singer, Queen had probably the best voice in rock. Also, with Brian May on lead guitar you had a rich orchestrated guitar sound with unmistakable sound. Read More About Queen (band)…


How Many Queen Albums are there?

Queen had the following number of albums ;

15 Studio albums
11 Live albums (including “Live around the World” with Queen + Adam Lambert which was released October 2020).
15 Compilation albums
7 EPs
72 Singles
2 Soundtrack albums
19 Box sets


What are the Top 10 Queen Albums?

This is always a discussion topic. Based on the polls on my site, the albums, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, A Night at the Opera,  A Day at the Races, Queen Greatest Hits 1 and Innuendo are always top of the board when it comes to poll results. The number of sales for these albums is hard to get right as with online downloads, streaming and historical sales the figure changes daily. The @QueenWillRock tag is listed on Spotify streaming results weekly and Queen are constitently in the Top 3 each week with on-average about 8 million streams per week. Queen are a phenominal band and they continue to entertain around the world.

I am currently running a series of polls to determine the Best Queen Songs on Each of their Studio Albums and these results are released on my YouTube channel every few weeks. 


Is there a list of all the Queen songs ever recorded?

Yes, I have a full List of Queen Songs A-Z  <- just click the link!


If you have any other questions about the Queen Back Catalogue / Discography which you would like to see answered on this page please let me know…


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