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XtremeQueen Tribute Band

Xtreme Queen – Queen Tribute Band from the USA

The Xtreme Queen Tribute band promise you a high-energy Queen experience. Xtreme Queen tribute are based in New York and they are seasoned musicians and talented singers. The experience is like a real Queen show with their front-man, S Thomas, as Freddie Mercury, he replicates all the signature moves, charisma, and energy of Freddie Mercury himself. The band thrill and excite the audience with the best guitar solos, amazing Queen riffs and the best music Queen has to offer. They even do the full 22 minutes of the Queen Live Aid set from July 1985.

Some of the songs which the band perform include We are the Champions, Radio Ga Ga, Bohemian Rhapsody, and many others.

The website link is below and is has been updated recently too – so ifyou have not seen the new site please check it out. The previous site was  hosted within the main site of the company who provides the tribute acts but they now have a brand new domain name for the Queen Tribute. There is a video of the band performing but in the first video you cannot hear them as the background is all ‘actual’ Queen studio based tracks, but if you scroll down you can see the band actually performing in the second video. There is also a photo gallery, extended of course, showing the band in all their glory. The Band section outlines the members of the band and there is some text detailing the band itself. They say that they are the only band to perform Live Aid as part of their set but I actually know of another band who does this but that’s just an aside. One the website you can also buy tickets to their shows – however at the time of this review, the shows were all 2021 and had been already performed. There is also a News section but because this is the brand new Xtreme Queen site, there isn’t too much there yet.
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XTreme Queen Promo Video 2021

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