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The Ultimate Queen Celebration featuring Marc Martel

After performing with Brian​ May and Roger Taylor in ‘The Queen Extravaganza’, Mark Martel created his own Queen Tribute Band called The Ultimate Queen Celebration. This new venture, The Ultimate Queen Celebration, is an explosive, high​-powered, attention-to-detail tribute to the music of Queen. They perform some of the most iconic Queen anthems with an authentic production. If you have heard Marc Martel sing then you will know that he can certainly perform the songs of Queen in a style very Freddies. As you know Mark has an incredible voice and he does sing very like Freddie. I have seen some of the concerts on YouTube and they are good, but in one concert he did Ave Maria and Nessun Doema … which is a bit weird for a Queen tribute performance and is somewhat just wanting to show what he can do rather than concentrating on doing a Queen show (just my view as a Queen fan)

Update July 2021 : I checked the website recently and the Ultimate Queen Celebration website is off line and is not functioning. If anyone knows what has happened to the website please do let me know.


If you have seen the Ultimate Queen Celebration featuring Mark Martel , then please drop me a line and I would be happy to add your testimonial to their profile page.

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