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The Ultimate Queen

The Ultimate Queen

Queen related Book

The Ultimate Queen by Nigel Goodall, Peter Lewry
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
ISBN: 0684868377

The Ultimate Queen is an encyclopaedia about the best every rock band, “Queen”. The Ultimate Queen book contains over 3,000 entries and has been designed in a way that that informaiton in the book is in an easy to read format. The book contains Queen Band biographies and a chronology of important dates in the career of Queen such as concerts, single and album releases and video shoots. There is also information of Queen managers, Concert promoters and Queen tour personnel. You can also find some discussion of Queen concert tours, radio and TV appearances. Finally, you can find a full Queen Discography to make this a complete Queen discography (of course up until 1998).

This is a book which is sometimes hard to find online, often sold out, as it may by now be out of print. Since this book was published, we have had Queen+ Paul Rodgers, Queen+ Adam Lambert, the We Will Rock You musical (which started in 2002) and of course the much discussed Bohemian Rhapsody Movie. So a lot has changed and perhaps a reprint may be in order. 

The Ultimate Queen is listed online as the biggest, and allegedly the most extensively researched enclyclopedia ever written about Queen. However there are quite a number of mistakes listed in the information within this book. It is understandable that mistakes may be printed, as research can be tricky to do, but in this case there are quite a few – perhaps there may be a second or revised edition of this Queen Encyclopedia Book.

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