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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Play Queen

Queen Video / CD

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Play Queen – Release Date: January 24, 2000
Starring: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London, UK
ASIN: B00004CN3M

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Play Queen is a Collection of Queen hits from a different viewpoint. The songs are played in a classical style while still retaining the essence of Queen. There are a few classical recordings around but this is quite good. I have listened to this a few times now and if you are a musician you will appreciate how they have taken modern tracks and made them classical.

This is one of my favourite non-official Queen albums, purely because you get to see what the musicians did with the music of Queen. There are very interesting intros to some of the songs, for example, the intro to Killer Queen, is slow and has a slight Russian vibe to it, and this Russian motif is repeated again around 2:50 into the song with a whirling dervish or Tzar like styling. Really interesting to listen to this album if you are a musician as it shows how a contemporary piece of music can be interpreted in a classical style.

This is a VHS release but I am not sure if this classical recording was released on DVD, it certainly was on CD and cassette (plus I think someone also uploaded this to YouTube). The album is available on audio and I have found it on streaming services such as Spotify. For me, the tracks like Killer Queen, You’re my Best Friend and We are the Champions are so well suited to being played in the classical style.

Unfortunately, having reviewed the options for purchasing the video, the VHS of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Queen seems to have been discontinued on Amazon. Perhaps there may be people on Ebay selling this great video. 

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