The Miracle

Released: Monday, 22nd May 1989
Highest UK Chart Position: 1
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Track Listing

1) Party
2) Khashoggi’s Ship
3) The Miracle
4) I Want It All
5) The Invisible Man
6) Breakthru
7) Rain Must Fall
8) Scandal
9) My Baby Does Me
10) Was It All Worth It
11) Hang On In There
12) Chinese Torture
13) The Invisible Man (12″version)

All tracks credited to Queen rather than individual band members

The Miracle

Queen Album

Produced by Queen and David Richards.
Engineered by Dave Richards.
Cover Concept by Queen.

All tracks written and performed exclusively by Queen.

Recommended Songs : The Miracle, I Want It All, Scandal

Queen wrote this album in a different way that all previous albums to date. They decided to write as Queen, a collective writing machine , rather than highlighting songs as being ‘written by…’. Songs started by one person were then finished by the group. This is reflected on the cover of ‘The Miracle’ – with all the heads combined into one. All members of the band agree that this decision bade the band stronger as a unit and also in terms of songwriting. Brian actually commented that its a pity they didn’t think of doing this earlier.

The album itself starts off with 2 tracks which I don’t like at all Party (apparently based partly on real events) and Khashoggi’s Ship , I have never been able to enjoy these two pieces as I think it just doesn’t fit well on the album. However, the rest of the album is excellent, some great tracks such as ‘ I Want it all’, ‘Breakthru’, ‘Was It All Worth It’ anbd ‘Scandal’. Apart from the 2 tracks at the start, this is an great album ; Partly because of the joint-writing credits and partly because they had extra energy following a brief break for solo comittments.

Did you know …. that the US Hollywood Records CD version has a slightly edited version of ‘I Want It All’. Some of the vocals on the first chorus are actually missing but Hollywood Records claim that its not a mistake & no corrections are pending.

  • Overall Rating 89% 89%
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